'Real Live': Free-agent and free speech

Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, remains a free agent after controversy on the field.
7:47 | 06/30/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Free-agent and free speech
Colin cap or neck still unsigned. He's. The meat and look at the stats he's 29 years old which some would say the prime of your career here about peaking or you're about to fall off but you're still let me Tom Brady's forty and his dominant NFL. His career completion percent is around 60%. His career quarterback ratings on 90% may Revver about 500 yards last year and only twelve games. Why is he still unsigned we obviously know his his on the field slash off the fields of about you know setting up what he believes then. Is this another case of the NFL and its owners basically pushing a man out because he's sitting up. Believes that absolutely. Unequivocally yes everything is proven I mean there is there's and the reason why he hasn't been selected and the free agency is because that metrics was talked about. But likely it is perfectly ran up the stats he still has. That came as qualified when that backup quarterback with San Francisco blame got are got traded and went to the cardinals who had a much. Worse record than he had in the same season with him in comic happening each year the starting position of quarterback. And then what other thing the Kmart received lists of Kelly dispel the other notion. That owners of San rising cost distraction chip Kelly's it was fantastic to work with he was in a locked room leading the team his team members actually gave him a leadership award so we and the last month I've seen every notion of why owners wanted to come up. That's so once that gets excluded you have to this is simply go to social issues and justice and race and what he was choosing to stand up for. Sadly that's where we are right now as a nation that we actively rests with that on comfortable conversation. This uncomfortable difficult topic conversation that we're entering because now we're talking about the American flag. Now we're talking about patriotism. Now we're talking about military what are chronically and the department defense. And the National Guard spends hundreds of millions of dollars it or to have those monitors ceremonies performed on the field in order for recruiting to happen. But now America choose its present this as authentic patriotism what as it wears a patriotism. It will be free. Right in the words of patriotism when black military vets went overseas to fight award it came back to so it's a segregated country. Where is your patriotism when gays weren't able to beat authentic south. Where is it patriotism where women are being such assault and the military to spend and where was all this commentary coming up with this black managers this and that. For issues affecting Black America but the owners and consumers want to say stay in your place. What message are we sending because military Betts died that right to neo. Right into that patriot patriotic and there's been defied at your own way. I mean it almost. It was like there's a classes and with in the NFL in addition to rates so if you want to look at a counterpoint. Michael Vick is one that comes the minds and in it he went to jail yankees give him. It's numerous opportunities afterwards planned and obviously look he's he's the upper Echelon it seems like in lesser in that. 1%. Who 1% of the 1% of any NFL war or anywhere for that matter. If your role player you kind of have to do your role right you can't be outspoken which is almost like what do we do with some them like that. As it translates into that society because blink and you beer authentic self. When it's not allowed almost new profession. We're an act you know it's interesting because now I'm thinking about it I feel like celebrities that are not sports censored. Our whole lot more outspoken does not have much. Like they don't get much flak in return and exports particularly dairy. Dave day. Keeping himself like there's not a whole lot obviously it's and they need to take this stand 19 dollars again on I'm not likely. We're talking also about. As a sport that is the Pentagon team that togetherness and pictures his nominee if you're against that at all in their view. But I think that there's there's yet and I think I think he if you can. But you guys are both bringing have really using points the same thing is all about metrics and with the benchmark because you brought up Ray Rice but that is Ray Rice. And has been office Burke and as Michael. Nick Reilly who are these criminal implications what's wrong is earth a perfect no because of that that involves race as well yeah Paul something that almost is. He's accused of sexual assault so yeah sexual assault verses kneeling for National Anthem. But Ben Roethlisberger again 34 time NFL yet and DP in the Super Bowl civil champion yet led league in passing yards. If you're up there I guess they can handle this this you know these extracurricular activities I don't. We forget though that happen it techies teams admirable yeah right Tuesday that. He was on the betting that caught in essence he's introducing this Ruble took his team to a championship game right he did these things. Also that lasts for years he's at three different coaches right. He sat two different offices thousand play. They really try to make him go from the very athletic quarterback which is another sub limit over her face him and I'm so glad I'm back at criticism and want to be more pocket passers more traditional quarterback's right where you stand a package dropped back and you asked. Then when it changed this guy solid play. All within three years in Houston expect him to get this approval with that's mental. Write your change is that mentality he changed his style of play right and they don't give him credit for sitting on the rise of the case and be better than his co star quarterback. Who Dave gets traded to the card the week Evers change and it's not the same in the NBA but. Remember the the dress code issues that we had a hands ago that. That thing was David Stern didn't want people wearing the jumpsuits that whenever when a student Thailand and it feels like again like a cultural thing because. ID. If I'm coming to warm up for gain what does it matter what I awareness and markers that look out in the ended if you want to sign a but I'll Wear whatever you have this I play. If you want to walk in from the bus. A hundred yards to the locker room yet wearing you know a T shirt and whatever why's that problem. And then. Conversely. Talking about that upper Echelon again yet LeBron James last year two years ago wearing the shirt I you know like angry. A yankees that 1% he's the top five players and that's there. He's not on it again it just feels like there's like a weird economy now sports. And all sports but it is cool so what you cans missing class and upper Assam on this talk about the NFL owners let's talk about the political system and climate that living in the president's wrong. You head Bob Johnson. Who was from the owners of jets. Who is a big fan. Present drop who's now going to be the ambassador. The country has been appointed by was partly ownership where trop was in Kentucky or cans the camp program that state and with decayed content your candidate did a rally and we talk about I got commentary and NFL owners' meetings. That they're gonna say that we take a comic cabinet we don't want you to tweet from trot. Right and so is that when politics not come into play. Because you can look at mister Kraft the owner of the patriots right to get a look at the money guys Wright who definitely tend to lean more conservative Republican gains right. Where the athletes on the court basketball LeBron who bought your leads and leave more democratic. Please see class issue at play here with owners and the players AZ partisanship at play with the owners and the players. And has been defined now by president trump was validated in it now validated at an apple owner now being an ambassador. While common property still sits on the side. Is saying is when physical bears president. Starting. That's that's.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, remains a free agent after controversy on the field. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48382354","title":"'Real Live': Free-agent and free speech","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-free-agent-free-speech-48382354"}