'Real Live': Harvey Weinstein scandal and future of Hollywood

"Real Live" guests discuss the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, Eminem's rap freestyle taking on Donald Trump and more.
25:51 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Harvey Weinstein scandal and future of Hollywood
Hey Brian I'm David Caplan and this is a real live happy Friday the thirteenth everyone. Five here whipped Mike mused can't a spreader and ABC news radio reporter Brad milky hey guys yeah. I think you're being here Brad nice to have you here today class thank you all right let's talk about what everyone is buzzing about this week Harvey Weinstein now. This is a very serious topic and so lets us get to the basics here now he is accused alleged advances alleged sexual harassment and in some cases even. Alleged assaults now just for the record a rep for Weinstein says that there was. No non consensual sex a rep for him also adds that. There where is no retaliation for any rebuffed advances and we should dose also add that Weinstein have been fired from the Weinstein Co. So with that in mind let's let's talk about sir the implications for this sort of you know greater society so first let's throw this out here is this really empower women at large really to come forward like seeing that this thing you know what. This is that allow me now to speak out what do you think Kenneth what sort of brings to you first. Yeah I think yes but I think also there's been some repercussions of some women who have spoken out about it. You know is instantly you know an attack against the credibility and you know people are just like all you know why and why's it taken this long for them to. You know those questions are I'd rather than what you know the actual things that they're actually accusing him up. Which is problematic so it's yes and no it should but then there's that other. That other part that there actually just being. Almost attacked for things that are deeply personal and also Vieri you know sensitive. The bigger picture is this still doing more good than harm though at least it's still raising some sort of consciousness though. I think is raising consciousness I think is raising awareness about how people are reacting to that. Is very telling. And are you do you feel though that the reaction though has been for the that's the lesson one positive nest of celebrity though aspect though it does helps. To the regular people are seeing all at least like a celebrity though brings. You know that they bring their lends her voice to a. Yeah I think because it's not something the is. The node isolated strictly for Hollywood acting as some matters across industries I think it's something that is so indoctrinated in our society as women. That he can that be encouraging. For other women speak out so but also these are women who are of much higher power and profile towards the end people in other injuries. Accede. Might take opposite side as it brings a great thing for Hollywood unfortunate if the alleged allegations are true. I think it's a positive step for for a Hollywood because we are know that Hollywood has been so synonymous with the casting couch tours and has been this unspoken it's known notion that in order to get cast into a major film that you may have to do some exhibit compromise something whatever that compromised it is. I think now that this is come to forefront because what we're seeing is all these women that allegedly were coming forward. There are happy and in their early years when their 192021. And that. When you moving from what I've Maine's no main city USA it's a Hollywood to really go for your big dreams. And then this powerful man you know assess and if you want to get cast in if you ones that budget dreams. It backpack has bridges compromising position and it is so young right they want as they go thwart. But now I think people renting twice now been a powerful leagues experiences say. This is unacceptable this would no longer be secret in Hollywood at this it comes to forefront let me stay above board let me bring in my assistance as I do the cast. Yeah and the question will be I think if Hollywood is taking his accusation seriously. Because it is the right thing to do. Well because they're afraid of getting enmeshed in a different scandal we've already seen this go out to places like Amazon studios bros McAllen. Immediately said that she told them about some of these improprieties by Harvey Weinstein the day did nothing about it. However I think the soul searching happening in Hollywood right now as to. Whether people actually considered this the wrong way to handle things during the careers or whether it is trying to protect their bottom wanted to. Here in terms of you know it can't write your stats you it was a some parent to women and Greg you know you've covered this at the same kind of there's been reports that you know some people that Miramax you know in the early days and Weinstein. Allegedly did know about this and that people in the media allegedly did know about this and didn't covers of this this sort of then maybe you know it doesn't empower women. You know so this assertive baby goes back to initial point that this may be may scare off some women. And we're just really disenfranchises them to come in fort if they are allegedly assaulted a gas and given remembering in The New Yorker article was published by running pharaoh that. He described an environments and it winds at the Weinstein Co. where you had dozens of assistants and interns and executives all. Helping him in their words to corner these young women they would come together in a meeting everyone would get up leaving just Weinstein and the young. Young actress to deal with each other one on one so. Yeah I think there is this this question of complicity that was McAllen brought up that a lot of people in Hollywood or bring up right now that even once he himself has admitted he out there worth of various things that I regret in the way that I treated people he denies that anything criminal took place but that everyone there acknowledges. This problem there. Do you think this change the tide in Hollywood in any way or just even in the short term or the long term I mean I got have to think. In the short term this house to change something in if this is goal line in any other movie studio and really other in any other industry but specifically in this industry it. Have to change some things. Cab initiated alibi you frame days short term vs long term and short termer agitating in regaining advance the conversation and about all the alleged. You know encompasses things that take place in Hollywood when I see the taxi is you have these major aid list females. Bruck coming out of making these powerful statement didn't really empowering themselves and empowering others for me I seem to the next generation of young Hollywood women at. Who began to audition who begin to start whenever these big roles fit if this happens to them I don't think that 1920 Twain wrote girl. Would just take it I think she'll recognizes issue is to be more comfortable to speak out. And to take action against it knowing now this is in the environment and in the lexicon of American courts. Or in a fabric of our comment here. And then you're blitzer I think that they will be more empowered whether they will actually act on it. I'm not shore like I'm not sure whether they are actually say okay. You know this is what you know people like. Angelina Jolie in a lot of other celebrities who sit who have come forth but. It's still a very sensitive topic we're talking about their career return with amendments still kind of on the cost anywhere from a very powerful man we talk welcome the city. And when we talk about moving forward in Hollywood that's not something that is should just be an ownership of the women. That's something that the mail Benton an awful also should have responsibility for as well and that's something that will also helped change the culture we're living ramps up. If you're gonna complicity and then this is there's this issue here serve really what role men play in policing each other you know there was this notion we heard that there were men who allegedly didn't know that this going on so what do were rolled to men play really in policing each other and is this something that we're gonna see in the the next generation of male executives into the next generation. Of male executives coming up you know of course there's the current generation here we don't know if they're gonna change clean up the next ones coming up you know summing of these men knew where they gonna speak up and he did they have a responsibility and you'll break you were saying you know you're reporting in The New Yorker article. There are these culture of assistance he'll likely probably female your young females. Who were really a little bit you know complacent themselves and sort of you know being around harder being June this but what about these powerful executives who were largely male I mean how can men and really counter this culture. Well there's going to be individual questions of of the people who are in charge of actually not being predators and ends what does some people accused Weinstein. Of being and then there's other people who the complaint is that they they were describing Harvey Weinstein as. He just you know has issues are like he has predilections he likes this type of thing not viewing is simply a personality tick. That is viewing it as potential crime and is viewing it as something that's unacceptable unacceptable in the workplace and we're talking about. You know. People who. Whether they will come forward we've heard from the Angelina Jolie's McCain neck and sales but with so many of those cases are saying. Yeah he did this and this thing to me and I was able to rebuff him we haven't heard as many women coming forward with their name attached to say. He did this to me and I was a victim of this of this. Physical actor we haven't you know it's there's still little line drawn there with a lot of women who have been afraid to say anything like that and we haven't heard that much about. Other executives and you wonder if published and how that reckoning moment everyone's looking over their shoulder right now going on how to Boston was just like that I think. It isn't firm Vinson now is that that happen it would in a vacuum. Yet happened in this inside circles of Hollywood where they knew these things where Kerr rained. But it was never discussed on his large scale of the way that we're doing it now I think by. That's had a conversation and the way the media has covered it the way of west of money in their homes. I think a spotlight is now on Hollywood to do the right thing now into an alliance has been signed an issue it. People kinda have to be mindful other actions whether mail weather fi now. Whether they are encouraging it or not speaking out against it when it's happening in front of them I think they'll light has been signed now and there is no putting this into a box. There is no keep in the secret anymore right there is ability for beautiful comfortable to come forward and to speak out with something that this may occur and it. Balkans yeah I do think that they is building a platform that wasn't previously there although but we've seen this with sexism seems that racism also in the industry. Though there and also not secrets in into the hands of very thing about the things that are very profound and very consisting in the industry yet. They are still have not been steps taken to actually. To alleviate those issues. Science industry where we retirement this house nobody is an actor especially female actors your body is on display your object to fight as part of your job fluorescence difficult sometimes ascertain the line of one somebody asking for too much when am I supposed to turn this thing down. Ends and you're dealing in an industry where it's very easy to get labeled a problem. Especially when you mention Tony is that they're afraid of getting animals that person it's difficult to work Witten. I guess I I don't want to be this this glass is half full of this hopeful optimist but it is Hartman to believe that. That was to happen that the way things have been happening I think that all of these actors. These conversations happening this can't be done in the vacuum this can't be done behind closed doors anymore even if. An executive says hate gonna get a massage from you sweetheart the sums mr. demands. I don't think now the with the congress is going out and an executive will be very mindful and to even make that type of statement Burrell in this era. That that did an amazing could be there. Our lord of the office about this I think this story is going to be gone for a while long time I think it's going to be variants and see what happens but. Our ring onto another controversial figure here the president of the United States Donald Trump and Eminem we're gonna change here's a look at that Eminem. He may have known he released a for a half minute freestyle rap here slamming the president with a lot of profanity so there's a lot of beeps if were gonna play this here. And it got a lot of controversy in president trump was not very happy about it. And you guys heard entry was released in the BET on the pop awards not continued icy to reapply clip of the little bit I believe. Not every for them a little bit but I'm what is it get better service center Seattle. Palin didn't even demagogue and so we don't what did you guys. It I it was interesting moments it for the BET the black entertainment network to show Eminem this person from the hip hop scene but a white man taking on president trump in this. Visceral way it would need whether it was fully freestyle the weather was something that was slightly scripted. He went after him on everything from Colin copper neck and black lives matter movement to even taxes that he said flying Donald Trump run in his personal jet. The talk about the wall at one point. Use the sort of southern accents to imitate some of Donald Thompson mortars at the end drew what he called a line in the sand. Saying you're either with me or if you with president trump you're not allowed to be my fan and to like that man. Com. This is pretty into. Beneath an air of a crime put. Are if the candidate Eric trump music and it's always been very music that always obviously been very socially aware Mino that he dig in the air trump it's just taken it is like. Completely new high that it's just. An artist perhaps who were each I think Eminem of always sort of been there by this air of trunk it's just you go no holds bar. Everything's fair game and it's really gone to. A whole new level yeah. I mean yes but also we're time of bloodshed or capital people's lives are talking about human rights to turn my human equality and I think. That has all com I'm dire threat. I'm their hands they receive a little clip of in India and under hands. What is that they legislation so I think people are more. Yes they are kind of condemning haze that alleged armed what seems to be his complacency in the manner. Comment how he enables some of these things but also they're really mostly Sofia on. The fact that. Human equality human rights is actually under threat that's really the problem and then you know obviously economy Elvis on the something right up and it's now. And make a refugee think artists like this in any way shape or foreign. We don't risk just you know Elie needing any of their fans are that they're fans you know. The error there obviously very loyal to there you know to the musicians daylight dean that that all. In if you. No I think that what we're seeing it is. Celebrities and actors entertainers actually being celebrated and be rewarded for taking a stance. I think that fans and consumers. Really want to know more about the artists they want to know about. Dave accompany their Christmas and regret from now we are more curious about what is your mission statement more cure is always a constitution. I think is more or some other artists who aren't saying anything of that remark curious about my apple why aren't you saying anything you're silence is actually speaking volumes to me by you not saying anything. We see that happen with some lines in particular like some lines as real that's I think she's a perfect case study for this. Some lines was really trying to figure out who she was in the light of her sister beyoncé but there was a moment wins she got on Twitter and she became on filter it he said her voice just go and she became authentic self. Not afraid to speak her truth. And they see the success that she has one of the most amazing albums you know at an army pop charts are right now and it's our bobbing her authentic self. Sandy within four buckeye cabinet he has the number one selling book bought jerseys and the playing anymore. But just on the flip side the Lenovo the the soldier on the Pittsburgh Steelers. His Jersey is now also 21 atop the Rangers went he went against this team to stand out to salute and the flak for NASA as an and so. I think that she would actually be rewarded and you'll find support for speaking huge. They can teach and you see that people now they they really do you wanna know who their artists. What side are they think in these times as Donald Trump it is more polarizing than now even than before with Barack Obama mean people really want to know. Are you pro prompt are you anti Trevor and I think that's the reality in which we are now that just the bottom like. So I think the guy I think before people they weren't as Louie would be just we just were like that before we just where is divided so I think it's true meaning. I think people they'll do want to scroll sometime an artist Twitter via their like oh you know I think we stickers like cool let's clear take on the you know. Trump's taken Puerto Rico what's their take on her pain relief to lumber and yet. What we'll say that he at the end of president Obama's term if you looked at polls a lot of Americans have that the country is more divided at the end of president Obama's. Presidency than before but President Obama clearly was. He he. Was on record as saying that he wanted to tone down those differences presidents cup is always been someone who's looked to highlight differences between himself and his detractors. And he's someone who's gone to great lengths to do it whether it be swearing whether d.s personal insults whether B Twitter bonds really on censoring himself and anything about people that are clones censored. Eminem. Is a perfect example of that's I think it was this cathartic experience for lot of Eminem fans in hip hop fans to see someone go with that. Visceral of the freestyle. The regardless of Eminem's on past history in what you think about him and his controversies he was cathartic for a lot of fantasy. If you want to caught fire with fire that's fine that the question is is whether you see the country getting even more divided is that becomes the comfortable place to be but the cause. Saying that happened the President Obama when that pull you suggesting when he came out. It had a morsel bipartisanship. Wright and race was possibly undertone within that bit of definite Republican vs Democrat. Not want to close rewards right now this divided into politics right is that when you took cultural wars. He gets identity politics of polarization takes on a whole new meaning write in terms of what's happening. The reason why I would like for people to stop you there argument I was wanna watch the wanna watch for the wanna watch the movie to watch a movie in and a place on the play a song that has got to stop. Because a reason why Kaplan is because president truck has now inserted himself. Present drug tweets about the Oscars presence on tweets about the golden glow he tweets about the end. Enemies he tweets about actors he tweets about music he tweets about ratings he himself has insert himself into pop culture. So because he's in his arms of the pop closer he now has the office of the presidency some pilots exhibit inserted. So we can no longer use are mind I'd just soon want to be entertained no. This is unfortunately. Part is that this now abandoned aardwolf bear market one thing happen insert himself into yet county yet. Is Star Wars luster that I. Oh yeah. OK. Where he and you learn exactly. Perfect tune brags that he's now in my career yeah. Yeah I'm. Yeah did I. I was released undermine gay we all watched dead. I'm a Star Wars fan I'm a little school like kind of like the original ones it was great mother you know great craft fair to the whole thing special thanks I would like to what did you guys think of it. I love the previous one it came out but this new cast about the direct they took was great. I bring a frets you know spin on it was fantastic I am a fan your resume once it was bad you let this fresh take that are having with it is still so current it is what it takes until a huge important franchise. And bring into current time to make it built rash. The look at this trailer I am so curious about all the surprises I think they're gonna take that his movie I don't know what to expect watch in this. Right let's think easy service feel like I have thing before we see Michelle that's like you see like the Luke Skywalker esque character like they're always like the characters are sort of like being in you don't really know like are they like related like yeah they're always want the original but it's still to be interesting to see dislike. Howard they connected through dollars in the connection but. Yes it's always fun to see but I think any always opens it up to new generation and it's crazy to think how old. Do you regional ones are yeah knots but anyways dance which it would. Today right in the special effects of that light does Powell how the film at age. Whether good or bad but I think the special effects have always been kind of the biggest drop for me I think the fact that John Blake. We were front office the edited zombie eight by eight is almost being groomed as a next I Connolly generally support. I love that. We see Carrie Fisher and people who have missed her regular NFL means it's like I'll you know I think this is one of if not her final on screen or film appearance. Om and said that's going to be just really special for a lot of some. Yes. And at the age of Wonder Woman whose seat carries pitcher sort of go out as that vanguard of signed by here to see this new young woman grabbed hold of that light Saber and see her own powers Canada and its infancy. As we talk about women in Hollywood has items. Passing the torch it's like ninety resident that's yeah. It also showed it's funny because even look at the original one but even then the special effects were actually pretty good even back then and he can now look like public Apple's forty years old county man. Good that's so well he's still in it better than a lot of the CNN. Is done now absolutely. But this that's amazing that's also cares about its trailer Affleck and have so much like care to development brain in ways that we haven't seen in previous wars. At that it is alive tension between these characters and actors and Mike their mentors in the sound walkers and so they're gonna see a lot more narrative. And this one in ways that we haven't seen before and. That they talked also about even in the trailer destiny and not let this feeling of destiny and that's something Ellington near comic con over the weekend and that's something that dominate it was talking a lot about me that. Even he was talking at a particularly for Pacific rim uprising that. But also how. Four. For this towers down. This same type of thing it's fairly the this suck John is really kind of approaching these characters and more and in fact gigantic personal. And cool images there on the screen actually looks pretty intense over there. Rent them for that those are some critical images did you go dressed up as anything to comment Connor and you just an idea. That was found. It you need to hide behind an. I think he. That was the hearts and I'm dying to see traditionally treated batters. New ones started to try and anything. Our guys different job revenue followed part of the show at the end called real tough but we're that you for the ones of their excellence right and we might. Days so I am excited. Some morrow I have opportunities are being Los Angeles, California. To present. My third annual. Cruise and film summit with the academy with the Oscars. With my friend Tina Fisher who was with the academy it would create this three years ago. It's really bring students from Los Angeles united school district together to be exposed on that -- aspects but in the film industry into learn about how to get into the business just as actor but jets and has yet mastered this it is very unfair edge of the thought that the book I was very -- -- but I'm really excited that aren't that can't I was that we have coming out is a highlight of the government tell we have Haifa almond sewer from Watson as she is a thirsty now directed in Saudi Arabia. Such as and coming up some excited incomes he's in her we have even Longoria. We have ABC favorite windy McClendon Covey from the little birds from bridesmaids we have John Ridley does not Oscar winning from twelve years of slave it is as American crimes it was up and unplugging. I'm right now and it's not a me thing the next day yeah. The average as a rig and a from the 33 we have neither Yang may go via was I'm really excited for the producer from those they send. Her and her bruising partner gonna do I have as a Davis are coming up for the season. We have just Hurwitz and mama landlord and it's around that we have Vanessa Morrison whose presidents Windsor a fox animation and comic time behind candidate had tied at odds again that sounds super excited. For its expose the youth of Los angeles' aren't good toth who brought the things that we're that tomorrow tomorrow at 8 AM at the academy parent company you're jetting off to LA right after this re glad to hear everything. Are you can't just. On top. Yeah I do applaud the seeming advocate doing applied to cut rates near comic con over the weekend attendance Canton. Progress on Morrison and the wonder when written and directed by Angela Robinson. A black clear woman filmmakers so super excited about it is back from what I gather from what I gather from the conversations with the radicals of the feminist super important. So definitely see it. Superdome did this number real. Take lit rats and it's Friday yes. Feel like we've worked so hard to get you that I just wanted to pay an all mines to people who. Make their job something new love the guy I don't know if we had a video of this but ice fall and yesterday queens Borough applause you guys who I found this dance. Traffic cops. We want this lady get in her job right here she is moon wanting. Just shot him that always. Words I don't look like yeah. Plug for life and he like is still alive. And and is making the job something you like. That hasn't really associate seriously that's a good. Brad that's a god my god I'm glad you brought that in math and I really wanted to the most superficial ones not. Now yeah talk is Riverdale the show that that the real fat. Think the real on the CW feels like an anti ABC club that's there indefinitely after this week season to you it's the best show if you grew up there with big look at its dark look at it if you grow what I love read our economy and he was the best this is not like the Archie comics who want seriously it's dark involved like murder. Intrigue it's really I'd. I love it seriously I love and our got to go like yeah what are you guys think you so much Brad think for being our will be coming back again. Expected really great real I network and its army by the way he enters next time around like the Internet for like fund traffic and at a I'll tell me now. I'm luckier than nothing of looking far decent against the environment in. They draw to realize who you think you know I think. Happy Friday the certainty but if the.

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