'Real Live': What the Harvey Weinstein scandal means for Hollywood

Will the revelation of alleged sexual misconducted by famed film executive Harvey Weinstein affect the culture of Hollywood?
11:10 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': What the Harvey Weinstein scandal means for Hollywood
Hey front hi David Caplan and this is a real live happy Friday the thirteenth everyone. Five here whip Mike muse Candice Frederick and ABC news radio reporter Brad milky hey guys yeah. I think you're being here Brad next to have you here today class thank you all right let's talk about what everyone is buzzing about this week Harvey Weinstein now. This is a very serious topic and so lets us get to the basics here now he is accused alleged advances alleged sexual harassment and in some cases even. Alleged assaults now just for the record a rep for Weinstein says that there was. No non consensual sex a rep for him also adds that. There where is no retaliation for any rebuffed advances and we should dose also add that Weinstein have been fired from the Weinstein Co. So with that in mind let's let's talk about sir the implications for this sort of you know greater society so first let's throw this out here is this really empower women at large really to come forward like seeing that the C you know what. This is that allow me now to speak out what do you think candid let's sort of brings to you first. Yeah I think yes but I think also there's been some repercussions of some women who have spoken out about it. You know is instantly you know an attack against their credibility and you know people are just like all you know why and why's it taken this long for them to. You know those questions are I'd rather than what you know the actual things that they're actually accusing him up. Which is problematic so it's yes and no it should but then there's that other. That other part that there actually just being. Almost attacked for things that are deeply personal and also Vieri. You know sensitive. The bigger picture is this still doing more good than harm though at least it's still raising some sort of consciousness though. I think is raising consciousness I think is raising awareness about how people are reacting to that. Is very telling. And are you do you feel though that the reaction though has been good there that's the left one positive nest of celebrity though aspect though it does helps. To the regular people are seeing all at least like a celebrity though brings. You know that they bring their lends her voice to it. Yeah I think because it's not something the is. And you know isolated strictly for Hollywood acting as some matters across industries I think it's something that is so indoctrinated in our society as women. That he can that be encouraging. For other women speak out so but also these are women who are of much higher power and profile towards the end people in other injuries. Accede. Might take opposite sides accepting this is a great thing for Hollywood unfortunate if the alleged allegations are true. I think it's a positive step for the highway because we are know that Hollywood has been so synonymous with the casting caps force and has been this unspoken it's known notion that in order to get cast into a major film that you may have to do some exhibit compromise something whatever that compromise it is. I think now that does it comes to forefront but overseeing is all these women that allegedly were coming forward. It ought happened in their early years when their 192021. At. When you moving from what I've Maine's no main city USA it's a Hollywood to really go for your big dreams. And then this powerful man you know says and if you want to get cast in if you ones that budget dreams. It backpack has which is compromising position it is so young right they wanna say gulf war. But now I think people renting twice now the powerful exacts to say. This is unacceptable this would no longer be secret in Hollywood at this it comes to forefront let me stay above board let me bring in my assistance as I do. The casting yeah and but. And will be I think if Hollywood is taking his accusation seriously. The 'cause it is the right thing to do. Well because they're afraid of getting enmeshed in a different scandal we've already seen this go out to places like Amazon studios in Rose McGowan immediately said that she told them about some of these. Improprieties by Harvey Weinstein the day did nothing about it. However I think the soul searching happening in Hollywood right now as to. Whether people actually considered this the wrong way to handle things during the careers or whether it is trying to protect their bottom what are. Here in terms of Reno can you can't write to stats you it was a some parent to women and Greg you know you've covered this at the same kind of there's been reports that you know some people that Miramax you know in the early days and Weinstein. Allegedly did know about this and that people in the media allegedly did know about this and didn't comforts of this. This sort of then maybe you know it doesn't empower women you know so this assertive baby goes back to initial point that this may be may scare off some women. And we're just really disenfranchises them to come in fort if they are allegedly assaulted a gas and David remember in The New Yorker article was published by running pharaoh that. He described an environments and it winds at the Weinstein Co. where you had dozens of assistants and interns and executives all. Helping him in their words to corner these young women they would come together in a meeting everyone would get up leaving just Weinstein and the young. A young actress to deal with each other one on one so. Yeah I think there is. That's this question of complicity that was McAllen brought up that a lot of people in Hollywood or bring up right now that even once he himself has admitted he out there worth it. Various things that I regret in the way that I treated people he denies that anything criminal took place but the minute we're going there acknowledges. This problem there. Do you think it's changed the tide in Hollywood in any way or just even in the short term or the long term I mean I got have to think. In the short term this house to change something it if this is goal line in any other movie studio and really other in any other industry but specifically in this industry it have to change some things. Cab initiated alibi you frame days short term vs long term and short termer agitating and we're getting advance the conversation and about all the alleged. You know encompasses things that take place in Hollywood when I see the ax is you have these major aid Lewis females. -- coming out of making these powerful statement didn't really empowering themselves. And apart and others for me icu for the next generation of young Hollywood women who began to audition who begin to start when Japanese big roles. That if this happens to them I don't think that 1920 Twain wrote girl. Would just take it I think she'll recognizes that issue is to be more comfortable to speak out. And to take action against it knowing this is in the environment and in the lexicon of American court. Or in a fabric of our comment here. And then you're going answer I think that they will be more empowered whether it be will actually act on it. I'm not sure like I'm not sure whether they are actually say OK you know this is what you know people like. Angelina Jolie in a lot of other celebrities who sit who have come forth but. It's still a very sensitive topic we're talking about their career retirements amendments still kind of on the cost anywhere from up very powerful man we talk about complicity. And when we talk about moving forward in Hollywood that's not something that is should just be an ownership of the women. That's something that the melt baton an awful also should have responsibility for as well and that's something that will also helped change the culture moving ramps up. If you're gonna complicity and then this is there's this issue here serve really what role men play in policing each other you know there was this notion we heard that there were men who allegedly didn't know that this going on so what do work rolled in men's play really in policing each other and is this something that we're gonna see in the the next generation of male executives in the next generation of male executives coming up you know of course there's the current generation here we don't know if they're gonna change clean up the next ones coming up you know summing of these men knew where they gonna speak up and he did they have a responsibility and a new Gregg you're seeing you know your reporting in The New Yorker article. There these culture of assistance he'll likely probably fi million new young females. Who were really a little bit you know complacent themselves and sort of you know being around harder being June this but what about these powerful executives who were largely male I mean how can men really counter this culture. Well there's going to be the individual questions of of the people who are in charge of actually not being predators and ends what does some people accused Weinstein. Of being and then there's other people who that the complaint is that they they were describing Harvey Weinstein is. He just you know has issues are like he has predilections he likes this type of thing not viewing that is simply a personality tick. That is viewing it as potential crime in his viewing it as something that's unacceptable unacceptable in the workplace and we're talking about. You know. People who. Whether they will come forward and we've heard from the Angelina Jolie's McCain back in sales but also many of those cases are saying. Yeah he did this and this thing to me and I was able to rebuff him we haven't heard as many women coming forward with their name attached to say. He did this to me and I was a victim of this of this. Physical actor we have an you know it's there's still little line drawn there with a lot of women who have been afraid to say anything like that and we haven't heard that much about. Other executives and you wonder if Hollywood and how that reckoning moment everyone's looking over their shoulder right now going on how to boss that was just like that I think. Risen from Vinson now is that that happened within a vacuum. Yet happened in this inside circles of Hollywood where they knew these things where Kerr rained. But it was never discussed on his large scale of the way that we're doing it now I think by. That's had a conversation and the way the media has covered it the way of west of money in their homes. I think a spotlight is now on Hollywood to do the right thing now into an outline has been shying an issue it. People kinda have to be mindful other actions when their mail weather fi now whether they are encouraging it or not speaking out against it when it's happening in front of them. I think the light has been signed now and there is no putting this into a box. There is no keep in the secret anymore right there is ability for beautiful comfortable to come forward and to speak out with something that this may occur and it. Who can CA I do think it is building a platform that wasn't previously there although but we've seen this with sexism seems that racism also in the industry. Though there and also not secrets in instrument is a very faint note that things that are very profound and very consistent industry yet. They are still have not been steps taken to actually. To alleviate those issues. Science industry where we retirement this house nobody is an actor especially female actors your body is on display your object to fight as part of your job for instance difficult sometimes ascertain a line of when somebody asking for too much when am I supposed to turn this thing down. Ends and you're dealing in an industry where it's very easy to get labeled a problem. Especially when imagine Tony is that they're afraid of getting animal is that person it's difficult to work Witten. I guess I I don't want to be this this glass is half full or this hopeless optimist but it is Hartman to believe that. That was to happen that the way things have been happening I think that all of these actors these conversations happening this can't be done in the vacuum this can't be done behind closed doors anymore and I think that is an executive says hate gonna get a massage from you sweetheart the senate is mr. demands. I don't think I think now the Whitaker is is going out of an executive will be very mindful of even make that type of statement Burrell in this area. That that dead and that makes it could be there. Our lord every office about this I think this story is going to be going on for a while long time I think it's going to be variance and see what happens.

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