'Real Live': Justin Bieber cancels tour

"Real Live" guests talk Bieber, television and film hits, and the hottest summer songs.
28:02 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Justin Bieber cancels tour
Hi Brian I'm David Caplan and thanks for tuning in to realize BBC news is live digital talk show were we thinking deep dive into mean both but about. Pop culture stories are here at me if filming TV critic can't it's Patrick. Pop culture and politics expert Mike muse and city very special guest coming up are we are talking about Justin Bieber today the hottest summer songs but first. Let's talk movies. Are so that we thought that jeopardized his unexpected sort of back. Actors of color and story lines also involving minorities so brick again we have girls' trip incredible movie is huge success of the box office thirty point four million dollars opening weekend. Biggest amount for points and and so far a lot comedy field. Tiffany houses in the Queen Latifah Jada Pinkett Smith incredible and Tiffany's veto is sort of his breakout star ray Yeltsin but insecure on HBO a pair must show about her African American winning. We mean you know girlfriends the usual drama that goes with it I'm sure can't you can relate. May again be this season premiere the second season heights rating ever for the show that there would be bought the big sick and that's about Muslim dying dating all that goes with that again. 435000. Dollars of the box office which sound small but it only opened in five heaters it's about the Fed up and again here is discussing before. That you know in the sort of in the nineties the two thousands there was sort of do we had in living color we had no fresh prince we saw Martin there was is being with sort of characters and story lines involving that that we could well now there's why do you think we have this wall and he goes ebbs and flows. I think everybody had that this law and as the flows is. We're focused on what's in front of the screen and what's happening with the story line definitely taking consideration what's happening behind the scenes Simon ninety's early 2003 his hat front tally right that where a diverse characters cats ensembles. But now for the first time ever seen that there is black director as black writers and black cats Asians might show runners. And so that really makes a difference in terms of what is able to be sustainable in ways it was at longevity. And of that previous conversation that some of these people and never had experienced opportunities even get these tightly (%expletive) visited a rejuvenated with clean sugar. Every episode she highly different female director wise they can have directorial experience and resume soon after in get more jobs are really think interesting note with difference is is people who are behind it seems it was the biggest do you agree with scissors kick them. Yeah I mean I think that there is a lot and is now on people look of color and women of course. Who army behind the scenes you know writing and directing doing Nina our experience and capacity. So that always. Really because that's driving you think this story lines that people read about their experiences track history. I'm also treating more authentic story in time lesions and in turn often turning around with really great audience and that your story and you're cuteness and Democrats. No let me talk to statistic yes so if in fact half the ticket buyers in the US are people of color now that's a huge number obviously do you think given that statistic we're seeing it represented it in bill. I. I mean honestly. It's always a surprise when. Prime yeah. The fat. You need customers like it takes me on the screen and it's successful where I feel like this. For decades. My you know we used my you know. Gonna stick around learn saying you know orange and so me. They are vocal when it comes what privacy and so it's just high. I think keepers had an industry though it always goes to the same players like for example Tyler Perry decided use fueled by cop. To producing like eight years something episodes rate for BT do you think we're seeing though even that we're seeing misrepresentation that it's always are the same group that you know we're not asking studios are TV networks really. Sort of you know expanding outside the box and being a little bit more experimenting with. You know newcomers are people less experienced. No I think it is big plays but Tyler Perry. I think that is that then we had a review Rene we have shows like Atlanta we have the Easter raisins I think what's interesting is. Well about gross trip is that for the first time ever. The lack films are being categorized as American story line that right I think sometimes in the social conversations we lose back the blacks or is the American story right so you haven't these four dynamic black women who on this girl's trip to New Orleans. They're having a ball they're laughing their partying or drinking or talking about boys guess wet. And I go to Las Vegas and I go to Miami when I'm your New York what do I see. Groups of white women doing the exact same thing not equipped bachelorette parties which he's seen males and it's your parts wrapped around and met. But what about you know often distraught like they're having a raucous time too as well and that is what the American story. But Hollywood needs to accede change in turn the marketing as a black down it is marketing as a fantastic story line it speaks the American story as the American condition went into markets that than others and inclusive awesome too hard Whitney's YouTube as well. It's open up in more theaters right when I get frustrated about is a slew activities that the eaters limited releases. Black films as they films that have diverse cats les. Limited to amount of screen time that they get like that near fort it decreases they're opening weekend so let's open up that that allows individuals in suburban America too injured girls strip just well they did bridesmaids is the same American story. It's like getting enough perhaps realizing it as the black woman just your point about their limited release says they know I think we thought actually like in the big sick again the Nuvi you know about a Muslim guy is dating trials and tribulations basically. Five theater you know it's huge and wide that opened in only five figures because it means that the that we thought we did incredible but maybe that's because here's the tough on. He'll likely that we needed it or sort of audience at the airport owners. Hopefully we don't know I mean there's a lot of times if he's unsuccessful and nothing really we don't really think. Let me ask I don't know we're talking here very you know actress is in movies deprecating you know African American at what they talked about other minorities in Nazi. For the Latino community it's a huge issue for the Asian community for LG BT do you think in general you know across the border in terms of you know my ignoring the large. How Hollywood and you notice the small screen TV networks or do. You think there's a bit of a describe. I think it is but the discrepancy is what the differences from now burst where it was indicted in 2000. Those individuals just weren't in the writing room and so now that you have all these diverse talent now look at Atlanta Atlanta's right room is majority black individual is ready by the lack experience and not declining the opportunity now to brought her rise and Salinas and ever and if you're good I don't know that it doesn't in the righted chooses to vote on the Republicans are right other story lines ever losing perspective. I think American I was seeing with the diversity of insecure with the gross trip. With queen shirt with green leaf with all the top appears platforms and a lack there community is monolithic. Disavowed it began to see the Latino community just isn't basement of his time in Mexico but it's a wide range of us and Latino Black Sea chairperson act and that's where two as well. They'll begin to understand that the Muslim community just as it Shiite ensued right at guys and burst into I think what's happening associate media. Has allowed for that right is allowed where clots action. It's allowed for a segmented demographics really began to talk about what they want this scene when it when it's reflected through activist. Elected in I think also we're seeing is linked to focus here on the actors and actresses that we're seeing that. Look for example look at Tiffany breakout star you know everyone else that film that we're seeing it's like also showing the versatility of factors that they're not just. Being black actors a black actor mean they're really playing roles with the these women in this film that Seth Rogen would play you know it's very you know it's very much you know the bachelor you know those. It easy these sort of thing but I. There isn't it. Yeah on and I think our magnetic directly here to Newbury go here from the box office to the Bill Buckner talking music birth. We've very special guest I would like to bring in Spotify chanting. Come on making a certainly. Look very yeah. Committee. The hottest summer song very shortly but first we gotta talk about. Justin Bieber and all the antics lately it had three major things lately that's reached a lot of eyebrows first evolving canceled the rest of his remaining tour to quote. Unseen. And pristine circumstance. Then a couple nights ago we thought we got into a car collision of sorts in Los Angeles wary. Bumped into a paparazzi again. A little district been currently. Business news in everywhere he's speaking with he leader of the church he goes to you. They're sitting McCaffrey much like you I'm and I hope that it had ripped that it chief present their expressions to you which is a little bit macular. Rick. I. I think the little bringing because you know that we're interview without at the time of the. Your personal hygiene and I don't you know how do you think this is affecting the perception. Of him by his the people large such peculiar behavior. Has the cure their ideas into the behavior one but I think we have dignitaries and adds Justin is younger and right leg doesn't has grown up in the spotlight and we don't Justin's in his early teens. And Justin has worked hard this tour has been for eighteen months as I think sometimes you have to allow celebrity the opportunities. TV in front of us in to have issues and to talk about issues and act out and to be vulnerable and to sometimes take time off. But let me say to throw I mean I can't understand if you know he has gone but I always about celebrities it's like dog years Wright did if he's early twenties for the rest of that's what you're in your thirties or forties you know. You look at some a look at Lindsay Lohan she may be her late twentieth but what she's lived in what she's done you know it's like her thirties or forties but I think it would Justin Bieber at the end of the day you know he's accountable to think that's what I believe so. Do you think he really owed us an explanation of war goes on pristine circumstances. I mean I I'm I'm we've you I think that it. The decision to end a two abruptly is not a decision that's made lightly and there you know at Dell. Canceled her to announce that she didn't do the last can't tell the pilot stage. Yeah and some. United she would have agonized that and I I'm sure that Justin's people were also agonizing this decision they don't want to upset fans and it would disappoint people. But I think you have to trust that the decision was made. For good reason we do need you know why I mean we're about these updated of course he did expert agrees hopefully didn't wake up but. Outlook performing because the old man an explanation with the accountable. His name and Sonia. They don't have gone with it if it can't. In an out the fact that they want to use and you know I think everyone had humble about it that the crop like that you look at miniature replicas and if that there's a connection right that you are correct but in the same time it does discipline a lot of things that they know why. And it puts them at their beer yeah. You know at 101112. Year old young girl like debating know what on fourteen certain if it hadn't freedom but hey what it brilliantly the exact reason though when your day because both of the state congress read you think that's par for the course. For musicians that you know why. If the rock Rolex you know it's not the politics that Adele diamond on a lot of other musicians they've stopped but he hit a reason they don't release date hey. I'm on voice rest you know with beepers that when he. I'm thinking it's mean he did make the suggestion that he's exhausted I was in the nation and you can't stand to dance continues to his grueling that is that is really top. I think. He's just might feel little appeased by the fact that it's not like he's disappeared he's still on his degree and you know check in with you that's been showing up I'm brushing it is it pathetic that you. He's music is still being streamed in the opinions on the spot of the S and and he's featured on about three's top ten songs and it's not like them we need leaving this day. Let me cicadas have do you think though that we're expecting too much for him I mean just in general to fans do we just put too much pressure do we expect too much of a remote you know what he's humanity if any would have that sort of schedule. We put these unrealistic demands on celebrities. Mr. answers assessment tests in this contacts with Justin Bieber is and nieces small mean. Young it maybe that physically threaten. I exactly. Back I mean that for them. Baird and hands are extremely high storm is expected to be met five times and they want that someone pay money out that this is there with me debit. You know for Aaron. My Democrat. Are devastated right. I am devastated but not to the plight hours of what I thought my bat the first thing I think like bugs around the weight. This out of ports achievements write to which are things in life. Could have been relatively hideous came of the Mormon you know thoughtful explanation of inducing an exhaustive. Possibility. That please. It is Justin Bieber. But he said he's not going anywhere right like confidence game but what you believe that it monitors. With that you would have to conduct or talk to whether that. Granted Edith concert spot that we lived on for giving them a little bit of a pass right he's thought to be expected but again. Refused to enter you don't Sandra definitely don't want to go and though how about addressing that team right are identical song a couple of times Bryant and so when you go to hill's song goes on this very youthful we've always very isolated Ericsson that he goes through based in Australia they have a satellite church here in New York City. And when you go it is very youthful energies very youthful spirit pastor Carl in this addicts are and a member of the church visited. But pastor problem this rock and roll right he's very right anti preacher which would normally think of a preacher is. This as we have disrupting right in Australia at there he'll song conference of youth that where there. And press the Karl making kick their program on time as it was lovely cool credit see. It ought as hadn't really date time. I don't know Russian entities signals that he's pointing some psychological rape about it let's add that is until I got aren't any idea if you're back there and ran it until break that he. I ensure you guys here sort of. Evolved bottom line is that peculiar grader knows the Levy to build in every breath is there too right. Second of all day you have a fender Bender this is all in the week there's clearly something going on there rate so I think. Do you think that exacerbate this whole like what them like Justin Bieber that he really does both an explanation of some sort for all this because I think. It's fine the Contra look adult confident that Adele cancels concert spot but beside tell all of them like homer her persecuting interview getting to a fender Bender we elect and what's up and down. Doesn't have always been a frat boy antics and tactics because nobody answered here is doesn't regarded as altar boy. And heads up at his altar boy you're expected hit. Yeah. The valedictorian Margaret and I that in the Rhodes scholars agree that doing the frat boy Atlantic's I think it is not outside the new form of existing disease duration all of the evidence and it. The baseline and I think that includes I think that's. Really think there were I don't think it's frightening frat boy BB you know antics are like you know you have a Jon Bon Jovi increases that I mean that's really peculiar behavior you know deferred. Fender Bender involves breaking the law right here nearly running over something your. CB. It is that video how argument over that pop rock and the the paparazzi was surrounding the vehicle without a doubt I think they thought of the Philadelphia Brennan. It's instantly major right and you went over the at this same time in the evenings you would have stopped that in part got out and make that humans okay I'm not. Don't yet and that is except amassing its okay also don't want to blow that portion that means let's have surrounded our cars by fifty paparazzi flashing that Barbara trying to put our car. Let you know this is nothing new to birth calling with no way to or baseline and knowing that he wasn't ready supply company went to her letter what they haven't been Levy says she LA you're going to be places there's always people around you should know better that if you're seeing knows that you've been that they're gonna come right up to an alternate this notion that I'm not the thought of a car. Of course yet publicly he knows the optic there's no way to meet with the genuine but oh my gosh guardiola -- if the optic not a. Paparazzi also back up your car began to drive it begins to move forward with more progression. I think it aphorism that questions too as well by having there had to be some kind instantly. And as those that aren't just as is never a good candidate for valedictorian Rhodes scholar ought to boy pads and all right so whatever degree murder about that aren't aren't let's keep talking yet it is at the moment first and December are trying out. Our favorite summer song first of all might victory what's your favorite the office on Stanton and you guide us through this onslaught of I had Amazon. Kinney add up for me express my. Or could. Get a vote what's Mali that song is unforgettable rattled by the general. OK if it's any good deeds pilot kind of five right Afro pop Pulitzer. Kind of dividends and buys as well without windows in my car. A political party in this Kansas wave of the sun hit. That's something nice sorry that I certainly. Those systems saw him. Ahead of them are looking over the coming on loser and I get comfortable everyone's benefit. Moment here at the barn units. It. And you the food is minding the food and Miami. On the Bates and line summertime packed press yeah yeah yeah. Ernie yeah. Com every. Very Eritrea. Are my favorite song if I know that the hog wild thought to eject out in Rihanna. It that I thought you wanna listen to your drugs are obviously you're new York and the fighting back. Right in that car I think it's great I love that in regards me every summer is like always breed bombers honestly. Starting with them grow just everything will probably always have something I think maybe it's that like perky and sort of by. If he's up what you're saying that the tropical five. Do you want I think not like yours. Right okay now we're planning the effect. Mere mortal with opinions about news I really can't get where she and it takes away Janet Janet is all about Spotify the tell us. You know better what I'd I'd brought my analyst. Full of songs that urges kicking that the on Spotify without listens and you could call them the biggest songs of the summer. Definitely the linemen profess when I'm gonna mention nine naive and at least a thousand times. Dense that seat yeah. You mix it's this is the undisputed songs I'm sorry if anybody wants to disagreeable. This song was if it's been on the top of our outlook levels since April and it hasn't much. It's during its street hoodlums 660 what kind of popular weather that the body. Well. Could a little bit back to a friend just talking Justin beaver street to Amazon has an interesting. It was originally. Might do see these days at pottery can. It's based in Miami. And the original version of the song was doing very very well in Spanish speaking countries and Bieber got wind of it and this is a cool song of the involves. And so they did this nation where he's actually sing in Spanish underage and so I think that has definitely helped it ridiculous rate to bring this song. To the masses which is lovely because it does it is and Latinos. And it some. It's the fast song that we've had do so well the top are what with he's coming again. Okay. Younger than. I'm not notice any not. I'm thinking Neil I wanna hear me otherwise. This is pizza about mine and I elements Eric violence and. This song interestingly is also a Spanish language song in this company's dealings and want them and it's not second my stream zone in the world meet me can take. It's by a Colombian oddest thing Jane Feldman who's kind wrapped singing and songwriting DJ time. Doing really really really well that's the number two song it's streamed toward meeting in Whiting got the public for summer. But I'm wondering if this the seats kind of tightening dole. For that song and Evelyn now embracing these lovely reggae it's on its kind of operate it's on my aggregate area's hungry summer break up highway. It's like you move Randy. IDs at the top is cognizant is now they're moving up I don't carry out these bad history's latest tropical place. And there are few goods and even made and what their sentences after. Another song is your favorite wild bullet saddest news I've all. Currently. Now I can even. DJ Khaled featuring Leon and human rights until this is stream 170. While and it has at last. Easy coming up song. I'm the one which has an old. Basically featuring one just didn't. These bond yeah do you worry about it. And those who. The grateful and I that it samples to act and both. Is it. Marine area. My favorite song. This comments and mrs. Feel. It's beautiful song he's released on his new album but it's the best ones. You ask me as if each is Katie Mary. Speeches and it's ugly it's very fresh. And that's why I'm Calvin airs nine. That we can you. I mean. Level this out like some are always needs. I. He had these fees the song. Some I have been video download now aren't I bitter part of the show real talk. And taken away. Yes. Bouts. The new documentary coming like these on its board watch Baywatch should the opposite one. We've black on hello my black magic I'm now and I like. A Florida. Take it away. Our. Want it and record as a documentary that followed a Baltimore charter school cuts in majors that competition goes into their lives an goes into. Challenges there also. Not just you know. Focus on its competition but now the personal struggles that that they talk about and that bear. Just bury emotionally naked at Wednesday. On camera and so we don't feel a lot of patents on so glad that this means I think they're out there advanced. Ticket. Like what her real. Margo talk today is on it ever want to go to Google right now immediately just go do it. Google is honoring these silent for re at a time protest rate acting on today. A hundred years ago in 1917. Assigned parade was asked Americans marched down Fifth Avenue and protests really the modeling since lynchings in the mountain town that was happening at that time period. I am particularly responding to the Saint Louis massacre where mobs of individuals and Iran and lynched and murdered just at will because he had black skin. Anywhere from warrior to heart and fifty people while at the same time displacing 6000 black residents from that space. And they marched in silence and one is in painting to know about the slogan that they had at least it out to me it is said. Will make America safe for democracy was it sound like red catalyst. And I right now. It's going on terms Bettany abstinence other replicating this marks today by the kings and arts organization and so the market is happening five team down your seed ousted avenue. She really marked about some things that was happening Mac and another slogan back in exactly the context. Was America has plants without trial. 2800 negroes and 31 years and at a single murderer has suffered. Again be Abrams and reflect about today so it is ethical to Google do go. Learn more finished about it and it is in Britain is happening it. All right we know we're at 5 o'clock being my eight RH in taking away in my district fluffy at the Harrison Atlantis is well as well real. Real time real real yeah. I really into. Arrested and you music you just came out the British musician Charlie XE XE as a great sunk always. It's a very cheeky fun song and the music video she directed by yourself a lot of people talking about it because it features Oldman. And nice mayoral famous. And they are basically playing up to the camera in the ways that women normally do women perhaps expected to do nightmare. They're cuddly puppies. There Yankee riding unicorn. I think and now wearing pink and doing this kind of Delhi's stuff and it's just ninth and it's nice. Flip of the scripts anyways if you like perhaps highlighting it paid goes wider use time why and we expected to do this is have been. It looks kinda silly when guys are doing. So there's been of a map is behind it there seems ray. Are my real talking if I love this show has no affiliation with it added. Daytime divas on VH one it's based on start jones' book you thought yourselves while at. I out we're both Friday and mean yeah. What an inspector for black I think after yet. It can be I love it just because it's fine if that's great that that can't show Vanessa Williams if he is just amazing. Vanessa Williams basically put Dmitry Mercury nature of this statement opt out. It's just so over the top and I always love shows and movies but didn't show that take place in New York as an acting. You know New Yorkers literally able to and you get he goes to the third if that's so funny it's a one hour show with Alec thirty minutes for the launches are you like your wanting more and it's. Because it's a funny show with a really beings were the show is that if you know it's it's it's really spot and I think if you know star jones' behind you see bits and pieces ever in the show I think it's fun when something these. Media on reality is because he you know your scratching your head wondering. Then thought what's. And that was like so. That's my real talk we are revered musical note to listen to what to watch in the theater weird a march and what to watch we have a varied is currently not super sensitive. What a perfect to find I totally change right if any believer and outrage that's bodily if you like half your thoughts right tiger. He's fine right I think anxious re I don't know much about her work we have made so we don't fugitive candlelight vigil at the job. Pray that it had not yet found will be updated let me get one or pander better and there are NAFTA like I think reassess their opinions. Ray yeah all right guys we're out of time great show anything you so much for lending us your music knowledge that if things the way you walk in here really like to change everything and it. Your model and gave them our biggest sell my aunt thank you for watching it. Back in about three and if you're gonna have another real life and people for union.

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