'Real Live': Justin Bieber rumored to reconnect with the Lord

Bieber denies claims that he canceled his tour for "rededicate his life to the Lord," but his recent behavior still raises questions.
8:39 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Justin Bieber rumored to reconnect with the Lord
I got it directly here who we're gonna go here from the box office to the new Butler talks that he's experts. We've very special guest I would like to bring in Spotify chanting. Come on making a certainly. But grant and a half. Entity. The hottest Summers on very shortly but first we gotta talk about. Justin Bieber and all the antics lately three major things lately that's reached a lot of eyebrows first evolving canceled the rest of his remaining tour to quote. Unseen. On pristine circumstances. Then a couple nights ago we thought we got into a car collision of sorts in Los Angeles wary. Bumped into a paparazzi again. A little but street and currently. Business news in everywhere he's speaking with he leader of the church he goes to you. They're sitting McCaffrey much like you. And Rick that it chief present their expressions to which is a little bit macular. Griffin. And I had I known as an. The little brain because that we're interview without at the time and your personal hygiene. Though I think it's affecting the perception. Of him by it people Mars that's peculiar behavior. Does the cure their ideas into the behavior one but I think we into consideration that Justin is younger and right leg doesn't has grown up in the spotlight and we don't Justin's in his early teens. And Justin has worked hard this tour has been for eighteen months is I think sometimes you have to allow celebrity the opportunities. TV in front of us in to have issues and to talk about issues and act out and to be vulnerable and to sometimes take time off. But lately authority I think everything at -- he has gone but I always that's about the -- it's like dog years Wright did if he's early twenties for the rest of us that's what you're in your thirties or forties you know you look at some a look at Lindsay Lohan she may be her late twentieth but what she's lived in what she's done you know it's like her thirties or forties but. Thing is the Justin Bieber at the end of the day you know he's accountable to with stand back and I believe so. Do you think he really owed us an explanation of war goes on pristine circumstances. I mean I I'm I'm we've you I think that it. The decision to end a two abruptly is not a decision it's made lightly there you know Adele. Canceled her to announce that she didn't do the Alaska took the night at state. Yet and dumb. United she would have agonized that and I I'm sure that Justin's people were also agonizing this decision they don't want to upset fans and it would disappoint people. But I think you have to trust that the decision was made. For good reason we do we need to know why I mean we're about these updated of course he did it for good reason hopefully didn't wake up but. Outlook performing because the old man an explanation with a comfortable. About his age and Sonia. They don't care about with Smith if it can't. In and out the fact that they want to use and you know I think wanted to come out that the crop that if you look at the nature look at if that there's a connection right that you are friends I think the same time it does discipline a lot of things that they know why. And it puts them at their beer yeah. You know at 101112. Year old young girl to like debating know what on fourteen certificate of academic freedom but hey we're familiar with the exact reason though but Tokyo today because both of these they progress read you think that's part of the course. For musicians that you know what if the rock relies you know it's not that. Politics that Adele diamond on a lot of other musicians they've stopped for the kids a reason they don't release date hey. I'm on voice rest you know with beavers that. I think it's and he didn't make this suggestion that he's exhausted I was the implication and you can't stand to dance continues to his grueling that is that is really top. I think. He's just might be appeased by the fact that it's not like he's disappear he's still on its degree means. You know check in with you that's been showing up I'm brushing it is protect them. He's music is still being streamed in the opinions on the spot of the S and and he's featured on about three's top ten songs it's not like them we he's leaving this play. Let me cicadas that do you think though that we're expecting too much from him I mean just in general to fans. Do we just put too much pressure do we expect too much of a remote you know what he's human and if anyone had that sort of schedule. We put these unrealistic demands on celebrities. Mr. spitzer's assessment tests in this contacts Wayne Justin Bieber has Andy so small mean. Young and maybe that does it with the rest. I exactly. Back I mean that for them. Baird and hands are extremely high and sort of expected to be met at times and they want that up any money off that this is with me the identities. You know for Aaron. My Democrat. I knew devastated right. I am devastated but not to the -- hours of what I thought my bat the first but I think it's like bugs around the weight. An eyewitness out of ports achievements write to which are things and it might. Could have been relatively hideous came of the Mormon you know thoughtful explanation of inducing an exhaustive. Possibilities right there please. It is Justin Bieber. But he's at he's not going anywhere right like continents but what you believe that it monitors. With with the Bermuda that the congress are talking to a big. Granted Edith concert spot that we did on we're giving them a little bit of a pass right these are thought to be expected but again. Russian UT. Mr. Sandra definitely don't want to go and though I talk about the president's team right aren't identical song a couple of times Bryant and so when you go to hill's song goes on this very youthful we've always very isolated Ericsson that he goes through based in Australia they have a satellite church here in New York City. And when you go it is very youthful energies very youthful spirit pastor Carl I think this addicts are and a member of the church had visited. But pastor problem does rock and roll right he's very right anti preacher which would normally think of a preacher is. Those as we at disrupting right in Australia at there he'll song conference of youth now where there. In Paris a karate and kick their program on time as a Muslim Mosley cool credit see. They were ought as having a really good time. I don't Russian entities signals that he's going to some psychological brightly that I might add that if I don't I don't have any idea if you're back there and ran it until break that he. I ensure you guys here for a. Evolved bottom line is that peculiar grader knows the Levy civility in every breath is there too right. Second of all they have the spender better this is all in the week there's clearly something going on there rate so I think. Do you think that exacerbate this whole like what the largest and Bieber that he really does both an explanation of some sort for all this because I think. It's fine the Contra look adult contradicted Adele cancels concert spot but we thought I'd tell all of them like a regular person to be interviewed getting to a standard that we elect and what happened that doesn't always a frat boy antics and tactics. And urban areas doesn't it organist altar boy. Ahead heads up at the altar boy. Your expect. The valedictorian Margaret and I thought as a Rhodes scholar usually don't do any frat boy Atlantic's I think it is not outside the new form of existing disease duration all the evidence and the baseline and I think that includes I think that's reality there were I don't think it's frightening frak what BB you know antics are like you know you have a Jon Bon Jovi increases that. I me that's really peculiar behavior you know expert. Fender Bender involves breaking the law right here nearly running over something your. CB and it is it that you how he ran over that Iraq ending the paparazzi was surrounding the vehicle that that I think they thought in the film and camera. It's instantly me to write anyone or they'll at this same time in the evenings you would have stopped it in part got out and make the judgment was OK I don't know. Don't yet and that is its problem I think it's OK also the ones both are important not me but that's surrounded our cars by fifty paparazzi flashing that Barbara trying to put our car but you know this is nothing new to personally with no way to or baseline and knowing that. He wasn't ready supply company what are they are what they haven't heard that Levy says she LA you're go to these places there's always people aren't you should know better that if you're seeing knows that you've been that there of the emirate Upton an alternate this notion that America are. Of course yet publicly he knows the optic there's no weekly. Meet with the January oh my gosh guardiola argued if the optic as the paparazzi also back up your car began to drive it begins to move forward with more progression. I didn't ask because of that question too as well Matt having there had to be some kind against Atlantic. And it's those that aren't just as is never a good idea valedictorian Rhodes scholar altar boy pads into.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"Bieber denies claims that he canceled his tour for \"rededicate his life to the Lord,\" but his recent behavior still raises questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48917785","title":"'Real Live': Justin Bieber rumored to reconnect with the Lord","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-justin-bieber-rumored-reconnect-lord-48917785"}