'Real Live': Can you name the lyric?

"Real Live" guests attempt to "name that tune" from lyrics by members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
8:24 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Can you name the lyric?
Moving. We are from movies to music. The a new class of song writers were just announced as nominees for the songwriters hall of fame. We have a fun little game we're gonna play using photos of all things that and yeah. But I'm going to go ahead and reits and lyrics. In my most. Hurt us all that Ernest away. You guys are gonna have your phones tend to have real live on it you know the figure that the logo for the show have had a hand. If you want keep you know the song or the artists immediately. Raise it up facts and then on the net to make a judgment call on who is first cocaine which is really going to be challenging again I'm. Lewis yeah. Yeah. Did you get killed brutally kind of snack alone. You are currently and I didn't really get plenty wants US. The quake I'm of the Vietnam as soon as possible ala Alastair back and feel we can do here I got. Man what what what song is that. Interpreting the deal with new lieutenant there will be yeah you know ordinary. Benefits of the with the district it. I'm that the Brooklyn. Nauman TriBeCa that. You delete an art date eight yes with the bonus question with the song. And and pets at mood day. It's learning that. And so I bet that one if it. Welcome to play the song afterwards. I'm saying here. And I. His camps open. Put out those who know. I put AG netted Atlanta it's in the debt I think that's not just like javy by the way in the Sinai and kind of let it be an excellent look classic artists. Please allow mediators myself. It's easy. New. Boo boo hoo hoo but the police never back to back. Hey Hart yeah. I'm a man of wealth and taste. I've been around for a long long year stole many a man's soul and Faye. I love that that's a great there exists great lie behind it sun it can't get designed I'll keep going I know it actually thought about down here I will go up memory. Pleased to meet you hope he gets my name and because why puzzling you. I'm gonna hurt. Pay the rolling down. Mic to Yasser reject directly asked. Who Emma and you wanna feel bad for our. At an and it and activity for the double. The middle Eric of this. I'm. Don't you. Money it was my summer. Oh yeah. That's what I kid ever gonna tear Jerker up next stint on a soulful kind of guy. No no no. The takers. That you're raising up at least I'll. Already missed that he's intake and and get limited funds not that please don't know that that's a good gust up and no no no. Don't it always seemed to go. That you don't know what you got. Fillets gardens I like singing follow. That was a somewhat apartments you. Well oh now this is also remade years later this is that the original but is in that got big Ellis act think yes. Good the original singer. There's the ripples. Out loud and a. That. It's exactly did this yeah. I was kind of things and act now and Counting Crows scanning had a hand that's I'm Diana got I got. We're gonna do look at a lady wrote to questions in the last few lines for you if you get this is and there are things. KC a little silhouettes of a man. The next line he was fired from the White House. And fired back that scare mood scare into its cat and you do defending I can sing and my mind and you're terrific karaoke. I'm out of your root your voice sounds like Angel and I had influence on this. Can you read billion. I think in the net mama. I just killed a man. A bubble Roth who couldn't cook but he added it is it clean Bahamian yeah. I don't want and I read that that doesn't yeah. Play. Should you do and they'll know that Canada and I don't do everything yeah. Yeah I got the title. Sitting in don't worry about a thing. 'cause every little thing. Going to be all right Bob highlight gas Dilbert thing. We'll let. Everything. Padilla. And that's a great idea I hate the fit on that question but that was a lot of fun if that. Is that I'm not this say. None mining town and not hearing that yeah it's so let's check in it's really Clinton played there. Really funny thing like that the Pentagon most of that commitment. So that the 2008. And the nominees. We have amongst them the we have we had with John Cougar Mellencamp Bruce and not Mellencamp black hair in there. Does anybody that you believe I mean obviously we don't have this memorize as far as inducted as an everything was snubbed that that's do you meet today we had a lot Anemia is that we had. They're Taylor Swift drop an album we had and then jump with song is there anybody that you're expecting in the future -- they afford to kind of for there earlier accident for there them to be one day inducted in a down. Bill yeah. Yeah I just it to see panacea I think she's creative very interesting landscape I think this growth stargate I think they creatively and using landscape. I'm also mantra boom in as creative very interesting landscape topped charts across the billboards. As well as Mike will made it Mike will main Islamist allied armed guards beats us on that we've heard such as formation by beyoncé. Some curious to see the types of songs and song writers that would see going for in the future. Welcome to the dynamic of music Redding has changed in the long lot of days one writer writing bright ones on now it's it's a collaborative process. Some songs you have up to seven writers some even tendon in his right as I'm curious is seen as we move forward with this new stop ranting and collaboration because. Art is now want a piece that publishing. Right because art is not a not making money off albums for SA friends they want to make sure they have more revenue sources and streams are to get that. Recognizing what artists themselves involved in the writing apps out there to see much more collaborators with its about the changes in this see how does this songwriters hall of fame. The and then to select and choose and as a criteria it's. Ani union an interesting point about you know some writers hit you right there won't hold that card and yeah you know Max mine that I was that it activity. And you know he was. Have righter for it in sync Backstreet Boys Britney Spears and he's also elevated and some mines and nations he's got people lake. Taylor Swift Katy Perry blocked weren't there and be a good and I hadn't at night and but now we got here point it's really cool to see. That there are a lot of song writers being recognized act that they can right across multiple. You know another. You have admitted Hagan didn't Jesse do with that at that time writer before she hit it Whitner. Song which goes don't need the money money money that went your money money money data nestled along and again. And yeah and I.

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{"id":51072951,"title":"'Real Live': Can you name the lyric?","duration":"8:24","description":"\"Real Live\" guests attempt to \"name that tune\" from lyrics by members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-lyric-51072951","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}