On the Red Carpet With Will Arnett

ABC News' Michael Rothman speaks to Will Arnett, star of "The Lego Batman Movie."
3:08 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for On the Red Carpet With Will Arnett
What ethnicity that Heyman is my my partner gravel making it Gloria. The oh yeah nice guys do this together and has great keep him off camera right government. They and annoying the you know we tried to I think that one of the things went down really worked in the first movie was. Reid had his bad man who is potentially a little bit cock your little more bold than other Batman and who have come before maybe a little bit funny here. You know he doesn't really know it but that. We also got a sort of a glimpse. Maybe. Maybe he's a little more insecure me there he's covering up for something. And we want cutting gains you. What makes that may answer why we knows the Dark Knight we know he's got all these. No he's. Billionaire Playboy him. But lying is he so lonely. Analyzing soil angry. And that was kind of the angle that we wanted to get in suit. And it was no it felt very organic and that's a viable you know question that hadn't been answered we've sort of found our own little. Little corner of the Batman world. As the word. It's kind of success an invoice work PA again but of course me. It's a solitary pursuit done a lot of ways how as an anti tank inside this guy's head Dee Dee Dee dress up. And now right idea. I used what I would call my imagination. And it is Miami no idea. I glanced at him when I'm when I'm in the Booth. Recording is just me in this Chris mutated director. But when I mean there are just working with them with a microphone on where he was my favorite actor. Meet the puck. To to be honest you know it does doing animation for the most or you during alone in that kind of solitary experience does lend itself. So this particular character and inevitable object as well. Because you are on your own for a lot of it Zach and I did reported a bunch of big chunk of them together. Especially the supper we kind of really. Figured out the relationship. The big scene where. You know it is almost over to break up in Iran come when I say I don't need you or not immunity body in. You know you're not my greatest enemy and I like to quite a read all that stuff came out of assertion that Chris put together where you wanna messages. Get on our feet he might this up and we just in a way like were like. Numbers like shot like it is seen on its feet which is unusual for admission. You galileo's ago you have other pressed octave Lego Batman vs Batman or Superman. Lago bad man. Verses. Lot of notes up for me to be objective and guys it's tough for me I'll let other people decide those guys are doing such great thing over there are so. I I you know. You know I I wish them all the best and I think they view us and we all live in the same universe. I'm Melissa of the film's serious things about. They.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman speaks to Will Arnett, star of \"The Lego Batman Movie.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45391758","title":"On the Red Carpet With Will Arnett","url":"/Entertainment/video/red-carpet-arnett-45391758"}