Rent the Runway reveals its top Oscar Sunday looks

ABC News' Charli James tries on Rent the Runway's top Oscar looks.
6:51 | 02/24/17

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Transcript for Rent the Runway reveals its top Oscar Sunday looks
What had no I think. I feel like what just being in this first kind of feelings about it. IAE non that I was a little wary about all the beating everything it looked a little kind of maybe wedding to meet. But once he put it on I mean it's just so elegant and I think it's really a lot of this sheer paneling that keeps it from looking too has the the lease both we saw this'll kind of illusion that climber it's a plunging deep V but he still has the netting in ballots meant. On Haley Steinfeld and keep back in south so it's really nice way to kind of gap that sexiness of a plunging neckline but you still feel secure our concede do you have straps and you still have an opportunity to have more embellishment throughout the rest of the count. And is also incorporates the rifle trend that we are discussing and sapphire Leo so there's a lot of really modern things happening here. And like you said on the on the hanger and may not be the most exciting to us that when you put it on you see how flattering him beautifully says. It really has a wow factor to an absolutely definite wow factor. And a dress like that than you at such an array of styles here or run the runway. If you have a woman who comes and looking for. Kind of illusion down. What oh what type of person what you can cushion mr. action towards this down. Well I think it's definitely a very special drive so which I think is. Hey one of the reasons you come to rent the runway if you bought a comic this. You really were at one time and it would hang in her closet for years afterward. However. For something like Oscars where like too much is never enough on the red carpet this is. Amazing or for a like a super special occasion like one of my Pickering York city dollars and happens at a museum or. I'm a family member's wedding that you're part. It really kind of is an super special down that kind of translates to women of all agents also. I was surprised I would've thought that adding awful it added weight and means you look bigger on the bottom. But I think it does the opposite and how how that magic work well please see that that rifle start and airwaves and in extending all the way down to the floor. So this is very along eight saying it's almost kind of like wearing high waisted because that's me you're like look like they go on for days so mrs. Clinton you think about those vertical T telling when you're picking. So another great luck here we're going to move on to look number three at that speed change in the back. House. And also like to add to that market and no to address such really missed asked and it retails for twelve kind jet but haven't the runaway you can rent it for just 190 which has incredible. Due kind of people are very surprised when they find out what their retell cost and the rental costs of that dresses are. Well I feel like that is the fun in Renton and his. Of obviously it's time to us to kind of save money and netware something great for a fraction of the cost but once you kind of realize. I mean it's the same thing as when you go shopping when you go to of the department store and you're trying on designer dresses and you know it and you say you know like this is out of my budget but you have been two in right. I see why it's not a moment feels like it's out of my budget but that's the fun of renting as it's no longer out of your budget wearing something super fabulous that's currencies and on trend. And non operative bank. Yeah I hear truly renting the run Meister you can complete your whole luck here and the runway and so in gallons. Clutch is necklace says a ratings accessories everything even outerwear. What kind of clutches you think we'll see Sunday on the record. I think again kind of play on. Like femininity and also like agreement on VA so electric fat Greek markets are down that was being worn. Beating it wasn't like that somehow hollow out beating without being over the top feminine but for an Stan. I rate CA I has slammed into Christopher's really beautiful all or even if he wanted to kind of you something a little more feminine like this pre chuck person. For elect a great. Mike touch of love Erin pearl's this is really a beautiful piece. Let's try and that it would the lock that Charlie has on now. All the whole look here the sun is very comfortable and months and now and again we're seeing that cold shoulder luck. Cold shoulder leaks also is another Tenet we've been seeing so this is an Alexis down. I'm what's fun about this down is that it has little tiny extends to about mid thigh and then the wrath is this year released so even though it's floor length and it's definitely black tire group react he could also Wear this to a cocktail party. Because it does happen but a dual link in the and anything about it does have as high neckline to its conserve as. But with the colts older those kind of sexy to the tricks here with keeping leafs like this Phillies down like this looking fresh and not sometimes -- can look. A little too Graham mom are a little too heavy but this really feels like you could Wear it at an LA party. So what are the tricks on dresses and things to watch for if you want something that looks a little younger pressure. I think a lot since the Brent Brandon distrust of spy is especially good at this but just. Mike tricks of keeping it younger army insurance commissioner paneling is really knives you America adds there's abilities aren't kind of right. Your typical like it did it doesn't look like a Doyle you like it looks. Very outdated and mob Aaron. We're kind of like the Korean edging here it news that like shortness of aligning its super flattering and fun and sexy. And I think what just a Nightline in general wrong kind of is keeping it. Young and fresh. An attitude and have a good attitude NN as well so what celebrities have we seen incorporating these trends on the red carpet so far so this is can have an updated or modern take a black and black has me to come back on the red carpet but its and I can very relevant very fresh right to its black but with interest so we've seen late lightly and black we've seen. A lot of different celebrities that have so many meet Nicole Kidman wore black. I'm to the Baptist. And but it's just finding. Modern mates you'd do that trends that this has really mater and my intent with the cutouts with a cold shoulder and at the least. But other ways to where it may be at this black dress hat meeting metallic. Or if it had a high no hi lo hemlines is that a lot of ways to where that matter black need something with tech share. I'm suit definitely doing black but doing back in a modern way. Is a way to take backs which might feel like kind of stale at black for evening after one's done it but you know bringing into tiny seventeen by adding interest in other ways you can are black on the red carpets they'll just make sure that there are some interesting details and pops back.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"ABC News' Charli James tries on Rent the Runway's top Oscar looks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45712581","title":"Rent the Runway reveals its top Oscar Sunday looks","url":"/Entertainment/video/rent-runway-reveals-top-oscar-sunday-45712581"}