The Reverend Shawn on Keeping the Blues Alive

Richard Bacon talks to The Reverend Shawn Amos on how he keeps the blues alive.
6:14 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for The Reverend Shawn on Keeping the Blues Alive
Philadelphia has slightly uses it she's keeping their canoes and life long gig and at times it won't be at a time how. How often or how easy or hard as it full bruise to pick up in new young followed. Let the UN to don't let them beginning. Uncomfortable among my there. John Minko. It. I. Can I tell what the case broke what have you thought about it didn't it's like when he two. 65 and beyond. And that's the music and they went on with last night as does not. A lot of genres of music that hounds are so all wide appeal and if you are in your six U seven as you probably didn't have popped. And if you were you in your twenty injured probably violence and didn't classical music yet but blues cuts across. Every. Aged line every economic line every gender every. Region that to me is your worst few genres that. Everyone just innately responds to watch what unit consists elemental things elemental in that it might be free of the brings fuel all the I think the theme was elemental. I think the music is suggests. It's sort of like you can't help but so. Oh yeah half half its public. And and then there's a sincerity to and purity that this thread gets right. It does this not a lot get in the way between. What's being played and how it's being received there in the mean that is that it makes it is sometimes it's very sincere in its commitment to halt these loans written off that was run the music of sometimes it's just pew yeah there's this isn't it if you over think it anymore. Yes it's a music that just. It is asked to welcome mostly first intellectually such things I would say only listened to bruise if your fun chewing Nevada. Hewitt the capped off with their. No sadness yuck. Yeah that it's it's I'm grateful for. I'm we've evolved audiences again. That showed Obama onslaught last song we're gonna plant evidence. Make a brief reappearance of with a pool of well he now hugging you or maybe he didn't DeLeon with listen. He would. My god awful. Mostly at Lewis W Brothers keeper. Post your services this is a solid support reaction wrote the song in response to question its quest love and posted the sky mr. Graham. Post about. How use he was bombed out the people are writing songs of unity anymore and serve. You're great protest songs were not like down with the man songs like up with people whose. South listen to that hadn't been rise to the challenge since it is a so called brother's keeper which is about all of us get along. And no Bossone teed it perfectly. He from the album does keep you mobile ethics and the real problems shall name off without you. All right it's Brothers Cuba they committed the ruthless reckless. And. Lord faith it would love at the world who often wolf. And being my world with people being mopped all those people. Indeed we're involved all bold remark beautiful looks. And these moms brawl with people. Seeing the world people. Group all share in the startling blue stuff we've got out of my good listeners and we all. Bob how golden bearden the whole group. All ship only a starting. Rules now they won't act we all would prove. While I wait all do more fact we're order group. And I'm lord face hate wouldn't get the wood won't open. MV. Up well with people being not blow if people call it would halt or remark throw lifts the home. Being hot and people do you how well people. Weren't. Walsh now room the following rule this morning got out of my good if there's an all. Not how we ordered her them all went. All sit out in the garden and new. Wounds now. We don't move. One we don't you. I'm glad we all group. Yeah. And now all yeah current moon. We got a much good this isn't all that but how we born again in the home win. All of sit there and look standing room only. Now but we're going to prove what wait don't do what that we're all that group. And cruel how mullah phase Hayward. And get the word on the book. And read up well with Putin won't do all it all the people don't. Hall you can open a hand former golf and these are popular with people do you all those people who got beat all old people commute. All we welcome people. You all remove with people who commute all regardless people. The uproar this people who do you operate over some people got to be all wheel the people do you hope almost keep. Boom mean. God yeah. Lot of this you live on income.

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{"id":37198693,"title":"The Reverend Shawn on Keeping the Blues Alive","duration":"6:14","description":"Richard Bacon talks to The Reverend Shawn Amos on how he keeps the blues alive. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/reverend-shawn-keeping-blues-alive-37198693","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}