Is It Reverse Sexism for Women to Vote for Hillary Clinton?

"The View" co-hosts discusses the latest issues surrounding the 2016 presidential election.
3:41 | 12/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is It Reverse Sexism for Women to Vote for Hillary Clinton?
Many women determined to make Hillary Clinton the first female president but a lot of young women don't Willis and white. They say a female president what happened and now live time. So they're not gonna vote for Hillary just because of her Jan. I suppose but rice balls vote on policy not gender color yet civic she'd also like one as it is not like his voting for because she's a woman. You know I was like well might. Yeah but I wouldn't I mean I'm not gonna vote for college Purina she's a woman you know my name was Sarah Palin she's a woman well thank goodness. About this is don't assume because I'm a woman. That I'm going to vote for woman and my mind it's almost reverse sexism because when we wouldn't would you demanded that there's a man running for president to you expect. All the way Ol and then there's only been an asset on the ball hard but I'm just saying it's it becomes flies in the face it's a little rubber sex on my best to expect the vote from because it's always gently but in it quite an. I don't expect that because you're a white man not you but one round. Being a white man is not what it does volts what and want to vote for him because he's a white man might you vote for the month while my candidate I don't think there are many man out. No probably not gonna vote for Hillary because she's a woman I mean let's let's tell the truth and sexist guys out there plus you know this idea that it's always going to be. Another woman came down the pike is not necessarily turn up. Late night television let's take that for an example there always been men in late night television and there's still are there are no women at one time Joan Rivers got a shout. And she blow it didn't work and that. You haven't seen similar woman's Chelsea can't so it's almost like a whole well I'm tournament the networks really. Chelsea town. Suggesting chip right let me also stand I don't know but at the same time no you shouldn't vote gender or color but at least there's someone to look at to where we can say well. She's here she's starting to run. Be a woman in our lifetime. And we'll have we'll have maybe their maybe I mean it's a wonderful day I'm always been women who have wanted to Wyman some who have when Shirley Chisholm ran. You know there have been women planet since you know it's coming along but don't assume it's going to be that bad again maybe not. Soon but I like the confidence that our young. Ladies are having up like of course there's going to be a female president I can do anything and I think that's great for the younger detect generation that there seem that way yet they don't see an era anomaly if right Anglo yet they don't get us there. I know their history and saying this is history is important to now you know I mean I'd take my mom cried when Obama. Was elected because everybody told us when I was that yes you could be president. But it was never gonna happen now and then suddenly and we know this because people seem to be shot and he turned out to be black and complete. Or at. You know I was like are. Yeah. I didn't change overnight it was. I have I have somebody voted warm 'cause he's been elected twice so you know. Amazing things can happen when it really it is in our hands and regardless of what your party isn't what you believe. You must get out and vote this Lex. Are at stake. And so much at stake for minorities and and minorities are everybody these days embodies Menard so you your going to be affected. But whoever's in there you wants to get out and but you can't lay back on this one this one is in so important you can't even imagine.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discusses the latest issues surrounding the 2016 presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35759982","title":"Is It Reverse Sexism for Women to Vote for Hillary Clinton?","url":"/Entertainment/video/reverse-sexism-women-vote-hillary-clinton-35759982"}