'Review': Comedy Central's Latest Smash Hit

Andy Daly takes "reviewing" to the next level.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for 'Review': Comedy Central's Latest Smash Hit
Few shows have been around forever and overtime and they've -- bit of abort that's like Comedy Central -- shaking things up with their new show review. Let's take a look. Today I'm going to review kicking down a door. All. All kidding. Me got a pretty big Charlotte lodged in my cap but overall it was fun five's jobs. And joining us today of the star and negative producer of review Andy Daly thank you very much for joining. Us. -- he saw this isn't your every day review shows so as some idea you describes for a. Okay -- while the character that I play in the show -- -- is a reviewer. But he doesn't review boring things like film food. Arch he feels like that stuff is it is not the vital stuff of life he reviews life itself. So his viewers can write -- to him -- tweet it to him -- whatever. Like experiences that they themselves are too scared to do or for some of the reason cannot do themselves. And they'll send him out into the world to do them and to rate them all on his patented five star scale. And you know we -- we have another clip of this show this is not your typical review show and as you mentioned you're doing all sorts of reviews -- And not so much the politically correct one -- this is about race -- And -- -- -- that's right -- ethic is no matter what his viewers asking to review he will review it doesn't matter what it is it doesn't matter if it's dangerous and it doesn't matter that hurts anybody's feelings. It doesn't matter he will do it and he will do it full out with total commitment because he believes that what he's doing is for the good of humanity ultimately so in this segment somebody asked him what's it like. To be a racist and he professes to have no idea what that even means -- -- he goes -- into the world to try to figure out. How to be -- racist and I think that this we're about to see sort of a compilation clip of don't worst hit so what happens if it affected racism. Dislike of others just because there's different. Well because I'm gonna have to change my outlook -- become. A racist. Should. For you my black friends. With this one is the color copiers and now this is the color copies that -- as the color. So this is a look at wake up here -- white -- look -- just need to make a color copies will go ahead and you just don't use the color copies. White copiers very. It -- color copies. Sharon. What race are you. You're not supposed to ask people that. If you don't tell me -- assume the worst you're like me. What are we haven't -- we have a lot of where she -- up being a racist. Pappas us. For its biggest -- -- stacks. While we don't do zero -- it's racism. Yes but half -- star is our lowest rate we have a long meeting about it is not the first. Of course and the -- -- system or lack of no star system right. An idea how you come up with this to market topic of tackling. Race well. You know this -- based on an Australian series and they did for two years down an Australian they did a whole bunch of topics among the ones that they did was racism their take -- it was very different was very specific to Australia and so when our room got together. We've made -- a list of everything they reviewed and Australians it can we do that -- we have a fresh original take on that racism was one of the ones we really wanted to crack because we really felt like. -- forest is going to review important topics like really let's throw big things -- and watch him squirm and watch him ultimately screw everything up. And so we talked for a long time about how an idiot if the -- of course the topic of racism. -- it just sort of bumble through this then yeah I -- that's finally. -- right the scene at the color copiers one of my favorite things that was written by Carol -- of the -- -- She was the head writer for awhile and I feel like it's like. A dark. Wrong Abbott & Costello routine just think -- think it's as if it. Confusing words Andy what other sort of reviews have you had fun -- and have put forest in the middle. There have been so many fun ones he had he got to review what's it like to quit your job in a blaze of glory and that was that's an amazing one that's in a season finale probably the on this one we did was what's it like to have road rage. We're forest tells us right up front I find driving very relaxing nobody can reach that. If you. Find a way to go out in the world -- -- And he does he realizes that road rage is in his big revelations road -- is just like regular raids just happens behind our. And spoke he has the confrontation. With the hilarious Jason -- it is his guest starring in that episode in the two of them just smash. Out of a couple of cars. Which is the honest that's the funniest thing maybe I've ever done certainly -- think the honest they have done you -- -- baseball bat and just demolished car. Fantastic. I don't like good now yet now I think we all have come across the forest now a force and we -- -- might possibly be a force. How did you come up with your -- care. Well that most essential thing to us about -- is trying to figure out what it is about him that makes him never back down from any of these challenges that he's given. And the only think the only thing you could possibly be. It just an incredible accomplishments that he believes that on the other end of this war meant that he's going through -- that he's putting his family through is something. Bigger than all of -- that he has unique insights into life that will help people know how to live their lives. And that that's the main ingredient -- -- you know he's here he's here to help and that's the pride that covered before the fall in every one thing -- So give me an idea there's got to be an endless list of things to review has there been something that you have gone to Comedy Central at them like -- I gotta tell you Comedy Central put. That -- all it's amazing the only limited all we have segment where -- goes to an orgy. And it do we spent a long time going back and forth on what exactly had to be colored and is -- -- my favorite emails and never received. With the very specific depreciation of what we can see in motion and what we can't. And what we can hear that that was a remarkable chain emails. But no I don't think there's ever been a segment that they -- guys you've gone too far which means that for season two week ago and even farther. And you're getting ready of course to kick off season 11 last question in idea how special it's been for you obviously you've been on several different. Comedic journey is writing -- well starring. What is this like Rea. This is incredible for me I've always played through side characters and support characters and -- main characters and stuff like that and so. When Comedy Central gave me the chance to be at the center of my own show I couldn't believe it and I I still kind of don't entirely believe. -- we'll see there's still 24 hours for this not come together. Area Andy -- thank you so much and be sure to check out review on Comedy Central Thursday nights at 10 PM. Thank you again for -- thank you so much mr.

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{"id":22789451,"title":"'Review': Comedy Central's Latest Smash Hit ","duration":"3:00","description":"Andy Daly takes \"reviewing\" to the next level.","url":"/Entertainment/video/review-comedy-centrals-latest-smash-hit-22789451","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}