Richard Sherman Tackles Controversial Comments at News Conference

Seattle Seahawks star explains post-game emotions following big play at NFC championship game.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Richard Sherman Tackles Controversial Comments at News Conference
This is a special. Hello I'm tired and is in New York with his ABC news digital special report it is these super sideshow. Who is trash talk in who's got all the trash -- news now Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Richard Sherman is back this time a little more relaxed and more philosophical. It is what it is and you know things like that happened in you you do you do with consequences W -- people's opinions -- me. You know off come from a place where it's all adversity so what's what's a little bit more you know what's a little bit more people talking Tony which can't do. Which not going do you know what you wore what which -- done in. You know it's always -- Or that but you know it's -- to me. Yeah I'm really surprised but I -- you know followed -- -- ordering owner was gonna blow up like that are probably would approach it differently. You know just just in terms the way to quit my teammates great games you know cam cancer played a fantastic football game. He had interception and you know huge plays in the game and played at an almost perfect ball game Marchand ran for. -- beast mode ran for a hundred yards plus you know had a great tours are run it. Bobby had fifteen tackles an awesome if you played some great games that you would think the swords would be about them and so that's the only thing upfield -- -- regretful -- Yeah the public about glass you know because I think the sport came after back -- Because everybody was surprised by you know ought to -- with little surprised by you know because it we're terrible football here and you know allowed few weeks ago for the global. And you know August guess some people something was sold you know how. How for we've really come and then -- and -- in his it was it was current it was kind of profound kind of what happened in in people's opinions and and things of that nature because. You know I was between -- -- football field you know storm -- -- you know maybe maybe it was misdirected maybe you know things may have been a sore you know appears to have been worded better. But do this on the football field you know wasn't I wasn't. Commit any crimes in -- -- anything -- legal while a storm passed after football game you know I didn't have time to sit and contemplate what am -- gonna say about it. You know but the people behind computer screens are -- and had all the time world -- everything they're gonna say and articulated exactly like -- wants. Chairman of course referring to those remarks made after the end of the NFC championship game in case you forgot here -- -- days. -- -- -- Sherman has since apologized -- in a lot more column when he spoke today at a news conference but for more on the story let's bring -- AB his legal analyst Ryan Smith. Friday's think contrite he admitted he took the focus on the team's big win but he's bitten by -- -- -- -- signed by the NFL for forty cents. Not quite yet and will we don't know that will -- it may be coming soon but at this point he's feeling in a position. Like well we caught some backlash that he didn't mean necessarily what he -- on the field and -- -- the point later in the press conference. That when I get on the field I put everything into it. After that. You know when I come off the field sometimes you catch some of that attitude and that's what you caught -- editor. I mean it clearly. This is a big win for the teams yet a lot of adrenaline going. How officials in this country -- did it. You know our our people really giving him a hard time -- were people in the media too quick to judge. Well -- the backlash he was referring to was really -- -- -- social media he was catching some racist comments he said and he said it surprised him. But you know what's interesting about all this is as coach responded by saying he talked to him afterwards. And that he was arms. Maybe a little over exuberant maybe did the wrong thing at the wrong time but he is -- that he's an emotional guy with a chip on his shoulder. Like the rest of the team as far as the social media backlash I think a lot of people have now come to support Richard -- and say this was a guy who was in the heat of the football game. He made -- comments afterwards and that doesn't necessarily reflect on his personality so taking it beyond football may be taking it too far he's also Stamford allowed by the way an interesting I can tell us more about his background. Yes he's a guy who came up from -- very rough and roughly double beginnings. A rough time growing up but then. Got to the point where he went to Stanford played football there and one of the reasons he has a chip on his shoulder is because even -- we had a great college career. He came out it was kind of -- drafted a lot lower than he expected so his entire career. He's played with a chip on his shoulder he's also -- nothing -- -- controversy he has for a long time challenge people like Darrelle Revis another top cornerback. On line on social media saying I'm the best quarterback in football you heard him say in the rant. And that's the personalities had the entire time in the NFL he believes in himself and his skills. -- and that's a -- always. What said that how you say it I think that gets people going and terror that social media. Exactly and that's the problem I think I think in this situation he felt like he was being passionate he put his feelings out there. Yes Kevin Michael Crabtree they had a little bit of an issue but that's all -- -- the -- but the flip side -- that is sportsmanship and that's why a lot of people got upset they thought hey. You have a big win maybe it's time to be a little bit more humble but that's what happens some times when you catch people coming right -- that football field. All right of course big big journey ahead for Sherman -- ever and also involves a ball coming up right. But more focus will be on that anti -- the last time as -- talk about a defensive back rather than Peyton Manning and it's a verbal about that but they -- -- they didn't talk about we always appreciate that. ABC news legal analyst Ryan Smith thank you so much for journey -- this is that an ABC news digital special reports. -- football now. For more.

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{"id":21630988,"title":"Richard Sherman Tackles Controversial Comments at News Conference","duration":"3:00","description":"Seattle Seahawks star explains post-game emotions following big play at NFC championship game.","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-sherman-tackles-controversial-comments-news-conference-21630988","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}