Riff Raff's Records Take Over the Internet

Rumors claim that the rapper is dating Katy Perry.
8:27 | 04/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Riff Raff's Records Take Over the Internet
-- -- -- I am about how bad you have no felt I was -- about how well your opinion can hold out. Now -- brands brands yeah. -- -- -- -- is rapper extraordinaire. Riff -- Set to soon release a much anticipated new alum neon I kind of -- -- stop by today AK -- high roller in the house today. Riff -- -- -- high roller witches for. Former -- right now. But -- -- you know I'm living our -- October death that that the -- Puberty at a planned out. It's not like a plan to fly this is the way things go. But its -- or -- the progression. See you you've gotten millions of hits on YouTube yet nearly a million Twitter followers. But you don't -- you tell us that -- talked up plans next year it's -- security high roller. So what would you move your role in obedience to media have a schedule it is like I'm a wake up feeling generous friend -- And otherwise. -- -- My arm when this when I'm rob creatively -- Do would have -- outward through but now with this new album common Bradley on Iraq out of my first album debut album. -- -- -- Do some bigger and better what can -- -- bigger better this year in the last year. You know remain Brett. -- to -- this album and worked for years and we. Every -- we've dropped will be real. Plea in doubt -- -- -- bush it is like -- -- You know 3040000 -- video -- preferred thirteen videos so thirteenth. There the it is. -- -- -- and a decade farmers. You -- -- -- video alone in a year makes that -- -- videos. The -- that the thing. We're me is -- -- do everything bigger better than everybody. Well because he kept you kept fans waiting him for this album for awhile now. But you've also got some other collaborations on this album right and who us design. With of the American -- the -- -- -- you know me you know four on a dip low core. -- -- -- -- -- To me is if you if you hero kind of schedule in your own plant -- he would rule things -- they've got their unscheduled plant oh yeah I mean that -- -- I mean mumble something will be the now blitz over the busy through I mean by -- in the -- I think writer producer rapper and we -- into one of those is apt to be I -- -- -- -- I don't even know everything -- -- -- largest colonel day by day you know so. I mean I'm writing. Are from writing you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things. You huge drop -- the after -- now I'm just kind of focused on. Just being in. Everything with a -- on the -- in the past so evolution -- on MTV's strategies against right and that from the house to episodes that you -- that often to riff -- -- And complex TV. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most of those numbers rather work we were -- it just -- -- totally separate efforts -- what I mean it's just like if one day I wake up and take the trash onion like. Hey you refer government yesterday to the ranch that that you AP. But to me though have -- those -- think you mentioned have nothing to do with those -- -- -- -- -- Those -- would you know on the -- have cut back on credit -- Is that a new one one -- color does it take to make those vote labarga -- -- TV two of the top. -- live in -- the -- world right and it is premium grade. Tacoma but that that the kind of freaked out that you're gonna maybe swallow whatever that was. -- -- They -- -- and his hands that -- and world with those you know. What the money they filming grew of them mean that would have put them in the in the heated -- important -- -- -- the price you -- the proper head of covered over like ten group made -- I know the process of how to get done. The thing about this -- with those lessons that nobody ever had -- -- in the short grill. So. When you deal with my dad's that first. You know -- mean it's like -- Rome and the reason that. So if -- trade more. Emblem so people can comp. UC's trademarked. -- home are copyrighted yeah. On trophies goes over our lives and -- home the -- foundation that we have them go for a. Now merely that that he college -- The pretty specific demographic you're hitting. He said the media like you think. -- -- -- -- that you're going to -- one rout out right pretty mean that's how we can't field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Through -- -- think of anything. Fool me his phone like our next hour next round next phone is going to radio is going to -- was that the lava rock stations though. You're you're in Europe tour here in New York tonight yeah -- what -- -- schedule back to back over so. -- -- We want it more charges -- making videos out of right now or on tour. Present a different art I could read that thing accurate it is the I think. I was so -- a move -- every day. You you write and direct the same ones as the same time. In the did it differs. Could you -- somewhat of an objective viewpoint -- and at some point. If you're if you're pulling all the levers and and something isn't working mean who's gonna tell you now because if you if you -- the Byron -- -- part of this Al moment more the myth of -- home. Mean it's all meet -- putting it together and play. Now it has forums for realization through so that does mean drop from videos like -- war for radio and everything with this. Mid -- about it what's -- -- Katy Perry. -- -- -- yesterday there was yet more than about it and relay proceed beautiful girl on that issue she she's right the right -- anything. When you throw it over but you can be you can he called a -- trifecta which had never has forced call it that are used to lifted. -- -- sushi -- in drinks I didn't know that I know that over the that I Ida civic moment. Get a straight -- now. But yesterday's and we bowling night night -- on -- and spoke but we've but we put all these rumors to rest that. -- -- Yeah because because of the people that toppled they want I -- the friends. She's nothing if there -- -- was I think OK but if you -- the caller you could just color opens today through. I would the -- -- -- it through much of our home. Number if they've been in the upon how do you have for number -- in your phone with their with the but what's with the contact -- -- that -- I -- -- you -- and -- -- and you could say whatever. Ya -- -- some things that don't like them. Revealed. To people say it -- that bucket then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't believe it than the other like we're gonna look forward to rip -- we appreciate topic is thank you so much thank you appreciate -- --

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{"id":23428462,"title":"Riff Raff's Records Take Over the Internet","duration":"8:27","description":"Rumors claim that the rapper is dating Katy Perry.","url":"/Entertainment/video/riff-raff-interview-2014-rappers-records-internet-23428462","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}