Rihanna Steps in on Wale's Remix for 'Bad' and Makes Spotify's Top 5

Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Lorde all topping the viral chart this week.
6:14 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Rihanna Steps in on Wale's Remix for 'Bad' and Makes Spotify's Top 5
They're the most Barbara songs of the weak spot -- top five list and we've got Emporia every week in joining me today Shannon cook Spotify is trend expert Shannen. I always -- -- -- Mike cultural level is elevated every time in the same room -- even with my -- accident. That's what I think that's it doesn't actually that's -- its own thrill a hold the level of prestige. With number five we've got a little bit of us a little bit of a sex appeal this week starting with number -- While -- with a remixed a bad. -- I'm curious to know why you say would bringing. Is in the hands. Leon. Voices dissect the CIA I just thought this -- -- from interior -- anytime anytime you put Rihanna and anything in the sex appeal to a definitely you have to shined brightly -- diamond. And if I should. Of Wellington regional -- -- something to happen becoming cynical -- Thomas. So he obviously wanted to brains. And real stuff -- it's raining it's. Is very nice smooth it's that I think it's good it's good sex it is -- -- sex appeal. It's smooth stranded. I guess I was reading some reviews of freon is showing last night she's in the UK drying and just nine days of them into his looks astounding and sexy and she's doing well crops daring thing I think. It's -- the cry yeah. Well I have been for awhile but for different reasons and yeah I agree I think it's consistent theme in pop music for the last three and -- -- -- and it's time to -- down would be crops reveals. I'm currently have a little bit of mystery out there -- -- you wait for those 4 AM drunken stumbling out of -- he's. -- -- that's what those crotch shot answer for anything that. -- -- -- You follow me far too closely in -- week -- number four on the list bio written Miley Cyrus and we can't stop. This company getting a lot of attention this is less pain songs she's she's -- -- that to happen hand. And it's -- we do love him he is -- me Lena Dunham and she's really. She's really -- the -- in this in this and there are some veiled and not so veiled references to drugs specifically Ecstasy and -- -- however. For the producer of the solid guy named Mike -- stressed and TV that. That doesn't mean Miley -- takes in these drugs. But terror today it's more planet you sound like she's at the series of -- and mrs. bush is his as the saints is tanking and yet as he -- Jones. Right well what more -- her evolution of growing up because we've seen her beaver kind of like go from like those tween heartthrob now everyone's always -- cynical all grown up -- that. People have a tendency to do that and CD and she's used Winnie and that's when the growing really kicks -- -- well it's different here it's still dance party in the USA for me look. But number three on the list of Christopher I love this on and -- -- is even better blurred lines by rob them. I'm still loving this I'm sick of it yet and now. I mentioned last week has been announced for quite some time. It's it's the fastest selling. Song in the UK and interestingly they didn't name the brits to remain in Brooklyn that was -- focus -- him and he's been a lot of interest and dividends. The sun newspaper in making him -- -- often. Why -- you making to his -- his. Question that that the American Media has and he said unlikely said he and integrate with my clients when the lights are extremely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I always look best when I'm alone in the door is closed in the law that generally there there would -- on -- unit rate -- -- and yes exactly. You're only paid to say that number two on the list with a great repeat from last week yes because I mean fans has blew this thing bubble but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cannot -- -- up Bruno Mars -- chains tiger and mystic. Bubble bubble -- -- Bubble bubble he really together. -- The full of botanist on -- being examined. It's inspired a lot of really funny behind it and it's. One of my favorite one is this thing sent what looks -- in the Cuba and stealing and -- quickly. To -- young woman and it's actually have found. I didn't really ever -- Having that thing and it is -- -- -- revealing its inspirational. Right maybe -- if unless we get inspired me to -- -- That's used to have did have a double we're going for you last week not -- science and number one we can hope that work for the next time because number one and it's also that this girl is just gangbusters -- with royals. Young singer from New Zealand has been on this -- Eight. And I mean that in thing. It's time Daniel and I sitting here with national accounts are talking about. Its Internet sensation she's she's doing great fight we're having -- announcement I think. This segment needs to be now as -- of Spotify top five viral songs. It's royals with -- -- the other floor and and the rest of them right there. If we could Wear crowns the -- -- well listen and get paid for the same time shedding -- with Spotify maximize the agency. -- -- --

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{"id":19376158,"title":"Rihanna Steps in on Wale's Remix for 'Bad' and Makes Spotify's Top 5","duration":"6:14","description":"Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Lorde all topping the viral chart this week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rihanna-steps-wales-remix-bad-makes-spotifys-top-19376158","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}