A-Rod Appeals Suspension, Files Federal Lawsuit

Yankees' third baseman resumes fighting year-long MLB suspension for alleged doping.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for A-Rod Appeals Suspension, Files Federal Lawsuit
This is a special room. I'm Dan tougher New York where this ABC news digital special report he's making a federal case about it. Alex Rodriguez is appealing his yearlong suspension -- Major League Baseball in federal court today. And ABC's Ron Bradley extra and is now with the latest -- a big uphill battle for A-Rod. -- -- looks like it Dan it's no secret that Alex Rodriguez would like to get back on the field because he wants to break Barry Bonds' all time home run record. He'd also like to keep the 25 million dollars at the Yankees on here. If Alex Rodriguez must go down. He wants to go down swinging. Today lawyers for the New York Yankees third baseman are taking their fight to federal court challenging the 162. Game suspension just handed down by Ann -- -- Rodriguez's lawyers say Major League Baseball -- on a quest to destroy the superstar. Last night on sixty minutes Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Defended his decision to ban A-Rod for using performance enhancing drugs in my judgment his actions. Word. And comprehension. Tony bosh MLB's key witness in its case against a three time MVP who ran the Florida clinic bio Genesis. Says he gave Rodriguez an assortment of drugs including HGH and testosterone. Rodriguez denies doping and his attorney Joseph -- -- Pina says that 38 year old passed every MLB drug test is twelve and help. Okay he is not once failed a drug test but bosh who also appeared on sixty minutes says he designed his doping program to help Rodriguez beat baseball's drug tests. It was almost -- actually. If the suspension sticks Rodriguez would lose his 25 million dollar salary this season with the Yankees still owing it 61 million dollars through 27 -- But -- would be almost forty when he returns next year that -- with multiple hip surgeries will make his comeback typical. He will be very motivated to come back whether his body that -- allows -- to do so is anybody's casts. -- spokesman says the slugger has every intention of showing up for spring training this year but with -- suspended the Yankees could force him to train with. Minor leaguers that. What -- has risen what are we hear about the possibility that this federal lawsuit in fact will be a success. Well it's very unlikely that it's going to be successful according to legal experts because federal judges hesitate to overturn when an independent arbiter has already ruled it's very rare we saw. The case like this fifteen years ago were -- baseball player tried to get a federal court. To reverse what an arbitrator ruled it didn't happen. And -- -- obviously has been headlines for this. It was it -- usual though for Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and Arby's chief operating officer Bob -- two after a player I mean so specifically. With such -- high profile venue emulate at sixty minutes. Oh that's exactly right it was very unusual -- and Alex Rodriguez feels like Major League Baseball is ganging up on him. He says that they had been out on -- -- -- and they've been out to get him so it was very unusual to see the Commissioner of Baseball yet keep in mind dad. That Alex Rodriguez has been very critical of baseball's investigation. Saying that they've been out to get -- making all kinds of some personal attacks against commissioner Selig -- -- baseball. When -- to present its case to actually have bosh eight to. Show that they have some hard evidence against -- yes well and at which it then if we play this out. He's out for the next season but does he have any baseball left -- he's 38 you pointed I was he's got some hip problems is their team out there that would be. Salivating. To put him in the lineup I mean considering. All of this headline. Would then you've got to imagine no team wants to deal with the distractions and -- a big question about. How productive he can be we've seen him struggle in the last few post seasons that he. Took part and and and so there's major questions about whether he can continue to play third base with all of those injury. Those injuries that he's had he certainly would like to get back on the field. -- but it would seem unusual to see him. Wearing anything other than pinstripes but in order to claim the money that he is -- around sixty million dollars he's got to get back on the baseball rights say is that 29. -- for 2014 but then I was just on the payroll. -- hall of fame vote we saw Barry Bonds Roger Clemens -- -- Romero others of the steroid -- essentially sinking further and further. Into obscurity what are the chances that Iran it's gonna follow that same day. He's probably going to follow that exact same fate -- -- to keep in mind that A-Rod has admitted to. Using performance enhancing drugs in the past now he denies all of the allegations of floating around now. But he did say that he took steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers because he wanted to prove the 252 million dollar contract. That he signed in that he was worth every single. A penny of it. In baseball writers have punish people. Not only who have admitted to using steroid but even if there are any whispers in these allegations and NAFTA have -- -- just -- This has to be. Sort of the suggestion that you may have been involved. And Alex Rodriguez will probably go that fate the fate of Raphael Palmeiro Sammy Sosa and and many others and one of the criticisms that it eight A-Rod and his -- have -- -- fact that Bud Selig obviously on his way out retiring. Was using him as a scapegoat to sort of preserve his legacy. Well there's no question Dan that -- -- Did want to make. An example out of the people who were tied -- them to the Balco. Clinic commissioner Selig presided over baseball. When you had. People using steroids when you had these guys getting bigger and hitting a bunch of home runs and was very exciting and attendance shot up during the late ninety's. But the commissioner presided over that atmosphere. Where some of these substances that are now -- were not bad they were allowed it was part of the culture. -- baseball nobody talked about it so Selig wants on his legacy. To be able to say that he implement it. The toughest. Drug testing. Measures in all of professional sports and -- very important to him so he he wants to for sake of his legacy to crack down. On people who used performance enhancing drugs and so we shall see how this would shake out ABC's my -- it's my thanks so much appreciated. This has been an ABC news digital special report Fredricka is -- -- a federal court for his long season long man. From baseball for now I'm Dan Butler New York.

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{"id":21518104,"title":"A-Rod Appeals Suspension, Files Federal Lawsuit","duration":"3:00","description":"Yankees' third baseman resumes fighting year-long MLB suspension for alleged doping.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rod-accuser-levels-charges-prime-time-interview-21518104","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}