Rolling Stones Keep Rockin'

Keyboardist Chuck Leavell talks anniversary tour, 12-12-12 concert
3:30 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Rolling Stones Keep Rockin'
They are one of the the most iconic bands in music history Rolling Stones have been -- in for fifteen years. And they're celebrating their golden anniversary with a few very special shows in London and right here in New York. And joining us now Rolling Stones keyboardist -- About talk well and is going to be nothing new here have so much so you -- music director for this anniversary tour how to. She would this song about a fifty years worth of master. It is not easy you know. They that's kind of a moniker -- been thrown my way in through the years you know I've -- with the band thirty of those fifty years now which is. Kind of weird to hear me say that. But has been -- incredible thirty years and you know we we were in Paris rehearsing and preparing for these shows and we must have gone through -- -- operating songs. To me that's the most enjoyable time because you're doing a lot of songs it won't make it to the states -- wonderful pieces. But then you have to Whittle it down and yet put a program together and so we've done that we feel really great about it then so for so good at that tapping into the field to be on the red performing with the -- again. This wonderful it's been five years since the last two of the bigger bang tour and. I thought in Atlantic City the fascinating. Well we've we had fun then we're having fun now I'll -- -- and we're excited about this show tonight at 121212. Benefits for the sending recovery. And wow what a lineup -- absolutely this is going to be quite a night I mean just. Tell us a few of the luminaries -- Bruce Springsteen. -- you have Billy -- you have Eric Clapton. I think Jay-Z. Paul McCartney incredibly discos and on and on his Croatian had a lot of force to raise money for the victims of hurricane sandy here in New York absolutely you know I've been telling people that New York has been really really good to all of these -- not just The Rolling Stones through the decades. And so it's a real honor to be able to give back a little is absolutely -- and. Honor for New York to have you guys here. And partly a huge bad so this -- so wonderful now if you have a special honor yesterday as well you rang the closing bell. And tell a little bit about that. Well in my other life I'm tree farmer and an environmentalist and I have a company called the mother nature network which is a web site. -- -- -- And we are now the most visited environmental web -- in the world we just merged with some on discovery properties we we're getting now. Well over four million unique visits a month and and so we've been very successful in less than a lot of funds and while we were here in new York -- they put up the mother nature network logo and let us come -- the bill and it was just tremendous. Fantastic and so on the scene there yesterday and looking forward you've got to show is coming up in -- tell us about that. Yes the last two shows of this little run here. And we played Thursday and Saturday of the thirteenth in the -- The fifteenth as the paper view of men and have already announced the guess who that lady got up he gaga. There Bruce Springsteen's going to be there the black keys so we're looking for that fantastic talked about what a pleasure having you here on the show with us today thanks so much to our -- -- OK let's go rock N -- about their. It banking and like you.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Keyboardist Chuck Leavell talks anniversary tour, 12-12-12 concert ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17944014","title":"Rolling Stones Keep Rockin'","url":"/Entertainment/video/rolling-stones-rockin-17944014"}