Running the 'Rocky Steps' Ahead of DNC Day 3

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce talk politics and run the 'Rocky Step' in Philadelphia.
15:43 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Running the 'Rocky Steps' Ahead of DNC Day 3
Well hey everybody I'm in the here is that as patriots in the end. And is pretty bad idea that we now at the period. Definitively. Really stupid idea. Let's just at the scene it's ninety. Degree it's crazy. Don't wanna right now. Really. And I'm meet me. Sticky sweaty bet on that day it we're not saying it's day that MP. Here that the DNC and kinda creepy. That C. And faculty that way. That's why not explaining Bentley. We do you had to get out there haven't been doing much worse stuff we pretty much been in the convention hall for what two straight days yet. So we thought last night. Did this would be very bright fun day. To spend the time I don't work out in. Particular cell. Though our best thinking it did not come when we are ride and it's 1 in the morning. Not not an I think that the verdict. That happens do people in the eighth inning. Again we're gonna animal tap it were and a job and then. Flat spot and we'll talk I'll speak up Sweeney the record tonight when it brings you back at Yankee admit tonight that you. Coming up some later date re at the end the I think. And don't forget it's there. As beach these inner brat. Not act now not I'm not. I can't go against your yes I did today I actually went to school and Billy that you hadn't played sports there and eat. C needs to do it and Atlanta. We used to run east areas as part of our training action at this morning and it literally at my. Last terrible flashbacks to the bottom panic attack us I remember all these stairs. And the. Don't we are in good company. Yes there are a lot of other people look far more athletic and well rested and this has to be doing is trying to make the this couple things get anything out honestly I looked out. You know contact die. Far better meet the media but it. I've never been born yet that the be of the stairs there these things statute is interred them and show you guys and well. There's an online print. You know wearing the. The a group. That didn't smiling at that lets a group. And I'm solid brick and health act. Grant if there ever people. Finishing their work yet here may be connected hanging in. After round. And I can have. Okay just a quick shot here the stairs from the bottom is. I got back. And on the that they continue its ago. I'm not up. Able to go up when. You know this is really when the night. States news. Have you any event that stretched out. Greatly needs it. Get better. Is it right and I save them. Posted another area. He did not follow Gemma that I had him at not happy with me. That they would get moving again with the. Every now. Hi we're okay camera would not be and stuffed them. A. Given the track have lay out. You guys picked up at around while the fat. Obama ticket to India Korea India. Then there. But then. I mean I yeah. Not alive. Yeah not bad week saying that made them have every right but Hamas and. Thank you can't go. He eat up some time we run the next night. I'm going did I think everybody's talking about a dozen media today. I'm that this didn't get what. Think he did not. Yeah great thought and it's not what you say they you don't say ten starts he outlined that the love story and bill and Hillary Clinton trying to end. Personalize their history of bed mate Hillary Clinton mean more relatable. It's great that's his job the first bursts out the first man yeah. Quality he lays everything out in any. Of that 1990. The net and beat junk but it worked up to be a big chunk. With a lot of controversy. And not address the massive L. There this is that they are on the man found I think it is that he needed to make it personalities and acknowledge the and here is what happened. In order tonight at the opening of the perfect credit overcome that feeling of what happened to him. IN. He didn't do it I think hopefully we'll be in effect have people. Having talked today but at the big take it. Hundred obviously knows about that the hardships in their marriage and people wanna hear about that they want to hear. You know how they got through that yet though but he did it ever keep it definitely isn't long at the top of the stairs that let me turn the camera. Beautiful view but we'll be talking to put that image for the camera around. Okay. Running them meaning anything about it. 181000 people all of sudden. Flooding the city early and it's pretty well it is pretty and they have been so welcoming you don't need more healthy than me. These events that could. Happen. Not because he's running at any sense that these are the rocky gap and he. Britain's iconic that. Then that I teach them that the Iraqis preparing for the big title fight against the quality and he read that and that's why we've been training. Saying we need it that's he's into the topic does. He says today it is averaging against then yeah that's got them. The videos it continues this morning walking around with the balance in. Luckily today the man. Here again. Factor at last that it aired here at an average what do you look like tonight at me. You know the convention headliner this evening probably one the biggest. He left he. And at the beginning you know. In these candidates. Hillary Clinton at anything. At all yeah and he's been ramping up his. Not so subtle jabs at Donald Trump yet it'll be interesting got to talk probably a little bit about it legged robot like. Com and how he thinks Hillary Clinton is the best person to him to continue. You think this stage of life and there right. It's not about mr. wood he's gonna do. It's about what's next for the country with next to sort of continue on the ground are acutely that it'll be interesting and really interesting and also I think really what it. Twelve years to this day because he gave that famous convention speech that launched him on to the next day. Now. OK last then there's Al your ego come along with it. And how. About the fact that particular area. Back that they're pretty tell us airline will you help but I'd like incompetent. Posit that. Yeah. Still. Alive. Double live online today and even a nicer here. Your eyes. Maybe even if he can make it he's feeling any event. It then it's like you're right. It's a little high. It walked back down and whether the written. I do find it very funny that halfway up you. Tortures deaths didn't. Burger. Actually I'm not yeah. We can't get that was not that it up speed again. In back. And the warm out and make sure that knowing get her. There. Fingers crossed. And we can actually accomplish them. It's like you know at high noon but not all of them the best buy it telling you didn't making. I'm a little rain we gonna come up with tonight to do tomorrow. I don't know but hey if you guys are tuning in tonight. My face not. Defended an idea. They American things good good good. I think. Forty miles an important thing. I was seeing how people. Aren't that. On the national stage. Sort of start to build their they're thinking yeah tonight that that night. You're gonna be hearing. Of course creme and it kaine of Virginia. Spinning it isn't this first big national address yes being named. Treatments and he thanks so I'm curious to see how he starts to tell people. Things that he feels are less worried about himself. It's a big introduction. A hit restarted the vast ran up gonna turn around. We're just gonna run at this time last time your chorus here. Yeah ninety's look at that there's got. Yeah. It's got to laugh it off. Totally lacked. But he's showing altitude and time sensitive to that. The bottom of the barrel. The standard. Not feel different. We'll Morton. Little more respect and you do. Yeah. I can look at that they're seventy stepped into a real I'm counting each and every one. We. Months. You're not Smart people. Not a good idea of running out an analyst today. Uncomfortable recovery. We're overpaying him so do kids today. Holding on an ice packs on anything. I'm not. I'm not in very chick. That's my final about it. Yes sailor and no new ideas. No 1 o'clock in the morning. He got you guys here is the final view looking out over Philadelphia we're gonna sign off for now hey there will be. Tonight 5 o'clock we're going to be live thing you like coming inside the arena. They're hidden CNV a lot of it's bigger than this isn't on the base and bye guys back again.

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{"duration":"15:43","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Mary Bruce talk politics and run the 'Rocky Step' in Philadelphia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40929934","title":"Running the 'Rocky Steps' Ahead of DNC Day 3 ","url":"/Entertainment/video/running-rocky-steps-ahead-dnc-day-40929934"}