SAG preview

It’s the only awards show where actors vote for their peers.
1:21 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for SAG preview
I'm in it for the for ABC news life he are I sag awards press cocktail preview we're getting sneak peek before the Edwards camp on Sunday. The carpet hasn't ruled out ready for excellence to strut their stuff and then they'll make me. Here now Cooper's hockey's providing the line tonight is lovely ladies showcasing some of it in this contraption that captain. Drink early out of there is also custom cocktails for some of the movie nominees and then we're getting a glimpse at the people sat apt. Check this out all of the flowers will be composting of after the shopping season of the wine and some of the place settings already and all of the of the Maine is he in the year on the heels ethical influence and its choice we're all trying to come more sustainable and greener this still putting the stage. Together but on Sunday if his where the winners will meet their way up there and grab that twelve hound. Award statue that earlier this month we saw how it was me. They warn these hot melted Ron's into these molds and cracking me oxidized it. It's such a process to meet these award sculptures that it basically should get its own. Award and on Sunday to and I didn't on the needs DiCaprio thanking Robb acting out with a life achievement award. It's going to be a great show ticket out on TNT TBS Sunday I'm and yet but that you're watching in his life.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"It’s the only awards show where actors vote for their peers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68365531","title":"SAG preview","url":"/Entertainment/video/sag-preview-68365531"}