Sam Branson Breaks The Taboo

Son of Sir Richard Branson makes documentary on the war on drugs.
5:15 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Sam Branson Breaks The Taboo
Source first foray into the world of film Sam Branson in pulling punches his new documentary is called breaking the taboo it takes a critical look. At the war on drugs and its impact on countries like Colombia Russia and even right here in the US. If all you do is try to find police -- military solution to the problem. A lot of people -- So the problem. And that's make a blow against drugs without making unwise things people. Familiar voice of Morgan Freeman there and a familiar man soon to be to many people out there -- brands and joining us -- talk for the stock very extreme with us today. I found first -- what got you interest in the. Topic. What a somewhat production company -- pitches today to bring you would insist important subjects and -- really believe -- -- failed city. As a -- to educate the spot people it's it's nine days will and the -- they live and has the abilities. Complex. By big subjects across the way that people can -- the -- and the war on drugs is an issue that screaming for attention. The more -- going to the facts around -- she -- I realize that. Did they just speak for themselves facts and -- you've just got cities. All current policies on one thing we have to come up with some alternatives. Then you've got some of the administrators from the current policies President Clinton president Carter's world leaders. That you -- their participation in the making this document are some big heavy hitters how long was a production on -- I am well the -- worry about -- is nonsense until and ended the great thing about tackling such a big issue which affects millions of people -- -- the while Democrats may think it. What affects every single one of us in terms of the way affect society's -- Is these big powerful influential people be willing to give us time to -- that point of view on on this is like have about it. It down might ask you this because you you distribute it on YouTube. Easier access for more people to get a hold that Tyson I think having that even the best documentaries makes tens of thousands -- needs some something. Sort of programs -- -- Trace. Obviously -- amazing Randi raise millions of people but. Day about a -- -- line is you come potentially reach millions of times that was the film now is available to the -- of the talks about tonight's. Winning sites in the no cited. And in the -- when they can start a conversation and then start debates about what they think -- -- -- real worried about any kind of retribution either from the drug industry itself or from governments just based on the recent you've been here because I mean. You uncover some pretty amazing statistics. Well I mean and fast people who are not one. That -- -- Chinese jumped in his right not so this tells you exactly. That what the problem -- and obviously we -- take going to pound for Matt -- I think. You know and -- governments and politicians. Don't really feel the political power on the political will to come out -- be -- about this because it's deemed as politically and sound for the -- but the point the -- to educate the public. So they understand why this changes need to happen and -- politicians will. -- -- come -- and and -- bright enough to explored -- that sitcom policies now you're dancer Richard Branson he helped along with this production right did you guys worked closely when this a regular sometimes family businesses can be a little. Bit of a strain on relationships. No notes so luckily we got them very well -- He he was not involved in the conduct societies upon the global -- on drugs policy. Two abortive acts -- -- isn't like father if you haven't really high level influential people. And their aim is to educate the public on this specific issue site it was brilliance had access says so those people and old amazingly such they've done. To estimate -- how to fight -- in the film it's this that we felt confidence. Pro costs of the -- to the world the his son -- is an interviewer crushing company -- else do you have. I own -- sun dog we -- -- the price it was tucked Savoy which had to -- -- and telephone the tag. This is -- second big projects we've. Got a few things in the -- not probably went Cecile let -- well as an evening that's. Let's say -- I think we're breaking -- there and I think -- -- to be -- -- that on its fastening and it really is like he says something that has been. Decades probably in need of being told and it's obviously narrated by Morgan Freeman -- -- any kind of hesitations from him we're getting other people to sign on board. I'm not -- I think I think you know this is an an issue that's affecting millions of people -- mostly around the world times the best -- story was. When we send little -- in the -- mosque in -- rates. He -- a one line response which isn't lost voices of reason. Count me and relay and now and I'm rice not Sony said in any did -- -- -- does he really believes in the subjects and and I think what. It's so easy to get coop in the fight to Stotts this -- really. Ruining lives around the -- and and and the point the film is that we need -- came up it was helpful. Ends the negative in -- as what was happening. And so if you tell gold painted -- that aren't Sam Branson's called breaking the taboo it's on YouTube now go -- definitely check it out. -- success thank you very much.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Son of Sir Richard Branson makes documentary on the war on drugs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17907482","title":"Sam Branson Breaks The Taboo ","url":"/Entertainment/video/sam-branson-breaks-taboo-17907482"}