'The Sapphires' Chris O'Dowd Battles the Pressures of Fame

From "Bridesmaids" to "Girls," the newlywed actor explains how he juggles his many projects.
9:31 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for 'The Sapphires' Chris O'Dowd Battles the Pressures of Fame
-- -- Just for fun let's say that you do go to Vietnam. What would you sing because this may have escaped your notice but your black. Anderson and country western music. Is just wrong. Public -- think -- should -- What 90% of all recorded music -- be. The other 10%. -- Soul music. Otis Redding Sam Cooke a kind of self financing that top staff would like China -- no not clinch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- that we thought you act made them. Did you do that got. Ole miss hug and -- -- kind of thing. If you wanna perform for the Brothers in Vietnam and you've got to give them -- his dopey like violent that -- music a. Popular opinion on the outside but my blog -- negro woman. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and -- -- that is happening in every movie right now. It's the -- fires but now. I hear that he's replacing that -- -- the war. But he'll tell us all that -- the second -- paid well concocted. -- -- that's great Chris O'Dowd it's dead of Chris Hemsworth just makes sense is -- just -- push him and the. The last thing people looked at me and go on I wanna see that guy in an action movie yet who. Because I wanna feel like I could be in an action and -- ago. People who are muscular. On the Atlantic -- thing it's hard to aspire to about and that would be used to -- you -- I don't either of those things I've. It's great I'm lying anyway you're lying to yet not re -- in -- do I have very reflect but -- pretty thing via. Just to come in just a -- -- has yet to speak really quickly. Weeks -- it's over admit that -- I'm gonna start while I can still have some control where we're going to keep up with the -- lives grade. Because there it is there's a picture of it behind us that those there I've met your unit that proves -- -- that the fire code that's. It's there it what the hell you plane who is this the laced guy that you're. Good question. Dave Lovelace is remember the it was a -- now. He's an aboriginal guy I don't think he has he's -- play. He's a piano player cut -- down on his look he was -- entertainment's officer and a cruise ship. Probably came over from England or something in but thrown off this is at the box during -- -- of myself. Nobody else was well -- and he -- got thrown off the cruise ship for some indiscretions but the captain's wife. Ends up living in his car in the outback and Australia. And running very downbeat talent show. These amazing girls come in and -- some country and western. And they've got great voices. But they are somewhat. On the outskirts of the community there because there indigenous. He's evil to them and there really are hateful. -- just tell them they saw. -- well I tell that their music that they're playing. I'm not a big country western fun in the movie but it if you -- -- -- -- just Merle Haggard from morning noon and night. But in the movie I'm on the big soul guy. I can see that they've got a lot of full -- so like I kind of introduced into that. -- music. They take it with full gusto and and and -- bring the practicing for the American troops in Vietnam. And it's based on the true story. What we always hear that it's true story out -- character ever exist my -- -- kind of amalgamation of two retreated from people. Like and I feel that's what Diane. A cook every and a -- -- -- have many people thought the took a candidate if it's okay this. Would you never met the amalgamation. That people that your plan. No I didn't and and -- an athletic -- it takes a lot of pressure off -- budget the girl this puts a fountain like a coveted actual stop fires there on Robinson. Whose son. -- -- the film. Can to set a few times and -- muscular -- For if you plan dot com but playing somebody who we're essentially making off. From bunch of different people it was kind of OK in addition to doing this and being funny which you can be. Sure have a lot of scenes in this movie that -- Real gravity to. -- -- -- The up -- of everything in this one there is a minute did I think that was. The biggest challenge I think in this -- Is trying to. To walk the line of you know all of there's a lot this subject matter at times is very dark in all we are dealing with oppression of of an indigenous community in the stolen generation which is the -- the story -- was reasonably ignorant about going into it. They basically. Could kidnap somebody he could pass for white as one of these girls exactly it would mean it was -- that -- at the -- Wednesday you know. And and -- was not long ago and it's it's it's tragic and I think -- movies. Where there is oppression and suppression sometimes -- can feel kind of to our preaching here -- some things and what I liked about -- is that. The women are celebrated it -- it's not. You don't how to behave like the victim when you've been victim to behave like -- hero I think that that's what these -- You know it's joy so it's it's a little bit of sugar with the medicine -- -- And I'm the -- -- repaid the. It's -- that's -- -- a little bit him. I think there's something about this movie that's just all exuberant yeah there's just something about it that took up. I think -- like that history that they thought they fought past the you know despite U. You know -- didn't say anything at all that he -- -- they -- supporting them and have this relationship with one of the members of the group in the that it's irritating -- We think bridesmaids and now this sure. I tell people that -- stone where I work that I'm coming to talk to you bring them home com and love him borrow. Sunday induce them in the and -- -- them together. But I'm fit he had once said that from that is that changing your life especially now that you're basically newlywed. He it's. -- -- what jealous -- she loves it I think in some way vindicated her decision. I think before it bridesmaids and stealth. I think she was kind of taken I don't know you know I feel like Sacramento better for myself -- will talk about getting married -- -- nixed the idea that kind of but he that in -- things goal and you can keep the ways off but opponents -- that it's -- a little bit of Steve got attention I find it all a bit of Kosovo like I I think. My initial response to any of that when prices came out was all about better -- get married because you know manor -- terrifying and exhausting. And that's what I did it so you walking on the street. People recognized what -- they recognized for. What -- they said. Is it is it bridesmaids the you know it's interesting it's being its move with mortar -- than I thought it would be. I guess what our New York does this -- -- a huge amount of girls funds and all but that. -- complete did yes which is a lot of fun. Yeah that's the completely opposite -- anything inside -- -- and I think -- was good and also lose more is almost like an antithesis of the bridesmaids care to more than anything that was what I kinda fun fun about it. I bet there's there's a little bit of him and meet somewhere. You don't there is there's moments where. Frustration gets the best of assault I don't know if I'd ever be it's not influence the unions but. I -- a fight and -- -- kind of frustrating. I'm feeling on the outskirts hitting already like I'm too old to start about world. Is frustrating to -- and I got book but part of him. And correlate to -- but. Working on girls and with Lena Dunham and with jet at the -- who -- -- -- that this is. Generation defining show. Keep -- remember how that came about it and I know that I was student this is fourteen with with -- and and lean and I had some scenes together. She civil what do you come into an episode of this show and I see your film actually and so a city and then it kind of we have a lot of fun on a -- she asked me to come back and do some more. And the -- -- character exited like the one episode where he tries of the threesome with these girls I decide I don't know how you can bring that -- Bok. She's like are are gonna marry -- One of the growth outlook nuts but the thing and but it kind of work -- but she -- the -- -- the cause they're right and so good it does the job. Fight -- I was watching myself on camera none that I looked on realistically what. Ways that we passed in India because I high a lot of the release of -- living human being I don't want people. Hey. Just show.

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{"id":18942862,"title":"'The Sapphires' Chris O'Dowd Battles the Pressures of Fame","duration":"9:31","description":"From \"Bridesmaids\" to \"Girls,\" the newlywed actor explains how he juggles his many projects.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sapphires-chris-odowd-battles-pressures-fame-18942862","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}