'Modern Family' Star Teams Up with Swiffer to Promote Pet Adoption

Sarah Hyland discusses her road to stardom and how her new partnership is helping future pet owners.
5:44 | 10/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Modern Family' Star Teams Up with Swiffer to Promote Pet Adoption
A lot of I miss. It's kind of money hundreds. That flash back almost twenty years. Since that you're about Howard Stern's private parts of course being the big screen and with the young star board. She's now we're fighting at the TV screen and ABC's megahit sitcom modern family and we're delighted to have any award winner Sarah high with us in the studio today Emmy award when it sounds great doesn't it. You warning shout yeah I'll. I know it's the collective effort I mean Emmy award winner I think he can safely say. Outfit I maybe much that. But you also brought in from. Barkley picks me today as well about that Anderson at a fund which would you look at packed with do you do you go back to that date you remember those lines remember what was going on his first big game. I until Aaron turner everything about it ideally like to have a daddy daddy. Bet it's free no small parts knows he hoped pocket as well lactic. And the very well actor I was badly beaten tally of days he talks. But. Eight since I remember everything Howard was lovely until all of lesson. I it was my first. Act old. Gate did you get you get hooked right away imagine that's exactly what you wanted to do I did. So he didn't very often you try everything else that mean you're going through school elect mathematics is far and yelled go into science anything of it you were just totally dead set on active and. Dead set on acting incensed that ended the day we was just working consistently throughout my life. FI had gone to college and probably would have majored in psychology mannered and map their business. But jest because they feel like for me personally. Invest acting class that you can take is on Staten. They're experience in observing people sell. So I wouldn't have wanted to go to college for that that the fastest and I am that person will. If the experience is clearly paid off when you look at your resume spangler slime order of one life to live Lipstick Jungle ninth grade ninja I mean it goes on and on an economy. And at the same time though. You. I think are somewhat in that rarity in that minority that you avoid a lot of the pitfalls. Childhood actors I mean you worry you know for the large part being able to kind of avoid this the extravaganzas and kind of the exits that comes along with that. Yeah I think is able to do that because I wasn't in a public guy I wasn't dinning. Roles like Dakota Fanning once I I was flat beds chill rain. And things seem to seizing a little larger than it was about the were about roles and it wasn't about to become a conscious decision other bite viewed your family friends I. We're conscious decision by my family but I think kids follows our lord Tiki and seriously and then people love to watch them. When it's in the public guy I've been consistently working for her own post when he years now it's just weird. At this same time I didn't really get. I am not notoriety. But I must say it's really in the public guy. Until modern family sell and at that time I was eighteen when it but the roles so. I had learned a lot and then it climbing the ladder and been working at every single day while going to school and you know I just did. Doing the tour heads to its. He can't do it strategy yes I think that that saying I think listen he's had a long day is well. Markets analog days vote what does life look like that after modern famine now that I want to go away any time so not that anyone wants to go away anytime soon no but. Do you would you like continuing television do you want to expand war in movies on stage. I am that had the press into that what ever falls in my lap and whatever feels frank that's what I go ahead. Eight until I want to do more films yes I would love to do I want to go back to. Be doing Broadway I would love to go back see that the air and ten cents musical Peter person I love it what I want to do a movie musical. Andrea Day but it's it's what ever thousands not the whatever fix for you at that specific time I don't think you can. And make a goal first something. And it super follow up there with it because everything is about. Timing. What they're the right place right time. And you can't I what I have learned that you can't control everything is tied it one analyst in the spotlight away from from you but Barton's here obviously. You've you've brought him for a good reason yes I teamed up what's left for our. Because I actually use what for products on a dated a basis to help clean after Barkley. 88 kids it's fast and efficient. And it means and it can spend more time with him sell I've teamed up with silver slipper who is an affiliation AS PC and I now. And because the main concern for future pet owners and sound is the cleanup and then mask other animals whether they able cats are Dodson. But needs to whatever it may be. That in that is a major concern for them so. Having us with our products in your home. Makes everything easier and I kind of takes that fear away from future pet owners so we want to be able to get large dogs and cats and these pets adopting into letting homes consented. In shelters. It's agree it's a great organization he's a great guy great companion as well modern family of course which is part of ABC owned by Disney and Sarah I'm we can't thank you for stopping by continued success thank you so much for having me.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Sarah Hyland discusses her road to stardom and how her new partnership is helping future pet owners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"26426164","title":"'Modern Family' Star Teams Up with Swiffer to Promote Pet Adoption","url":"/Entertainment/video/sarah-hyland-interview-2014-modern-family-star-teams-26426164"}