'Scandal' actress talks end of series

Bellamy Young discusses the end of the hit show "Scandal," upcoming projects and more.
11:46 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for 'Scandal' actress talks end of series
I'm doing remake and the inner teammate right here at abcnews.com. And it showed no one wants and but scandal is indeed ending after season seven and I'm here with one of the stars of scandal Allan me and I you and so then thank you for having me to Clinton it's nice to see you again and I was just saying before we came on I can't believe this that the last time we're very talking in the wrong I know it's heartbreaking and I mean it's Becky sniffing death by a thousand paper cuts I mean every little thing as a sad goodbye every table reader we wrap the character we do a little press and and angrier when we read her for up fronts altogether New York like. Significant. Numbers so like if you like this season with an extra season. China to let the beginning of the year that she. We asked her if you can end like you thought I was gonna end what's and then she said not how I always assumed it would end at the an operation. But then the world changed and I had these other stories to tell what that's forums I feel like we get apartments are nice and you are only supposed to be on a few episodes of scandal. So it just to see your evolution on the show it's amazing Nellie is now president. That doesn't mean for you to sort of take this final. Final lap. You know. I'm so grateful mr. So great to work and fair elections looking as went carry particular one cost you. Set the tone for everything that's been I think the choice now. In addition to ending very first job in television and I think probably that you tell the same story every night. And this is captain pat to grow it for seven years in. Watch her dreams come true it's so moving to meet such affection for her even with her. Magnificent flaws and on the map as she gets up to. But particularly bright pacifists so lucky to be hard. Actual meaning. Our country to nationally and I think a lot of people are living through. And bellies. You know ascension to the presidency and we had a lot of electing our presidents on TV right now. Announcements mean is it an expert as president every week. Four. And to think there's little. Card. And it makes a difference that this makes a difference in care aide to make it just. And then the privilege of things that riders. Can now. That. Believe love to see you on hair but there's been tons of people who have been killed off but when it is another Channel Islands units if you keep in. Atlanta. Ursula Columbus short. Eileen talk to on the that I was in settlements such goodness. Changes its outnumber often Mike and I want you I like in his life. And I don't know I think an agreement on how it Manila. Congress called me how I got into the on CN. My yet intact saying Agassi here and it has the hand me down doing part of second act and that those movies is here Wednesday. Morgan on a nice movie. That he's okay aren't adding that we're yes my question is and she's making art now she's so happy she's in all other fields and I love being at general public art check it out. Of me think they'll plug yeah. Shadow and yet actors tend to steal stuff from the fat have you with Ari. I'd like him to take this. You. I haven't had a steady Donald reason didn't use fade like I didn't know this is a knife and hammer. Thank taken things from a show like Ed the hitters you know they've done everything about a props go to the warehouse and let and they need path. Up it is has made millions out of me fighting the dream that I I. They. Savannah yeah exactly and I had my island. We walked into the man and sensitive and completely redone from Bally name and and seem to Cary and I can barely look at her faced a second MRI's office rug its own beautiful mind's thinking and who do you like. Because I definitely think of it is stealing that the camp in your pocket my leg what you thought when they plan. You know like a roll right up like food you know indebted to your car now on the rug back. Ellen you rugs but I think it. I know. You know your art looking forward to what's next and a little birdie told me that you are in the very very highly anticipated film a wrinkle in time. He wants change and yes I watch it a couple of tiny. Unity you know and even a grenade directed by what's going to just you have anything I can tell us OK Brett Easton and the I can tag in the book meant the world to me happened here and a partner on. And limited view that thing you get. High abuse habit much darkness as it has light and it's just Mary. Human sperm and this script that they shootings. That's perfect distillation. Unit a visionary. Rule. Outlining how he know that I am not lying there I didn't get to just below analysts' buy it's I'm not the mangalore. But. You know magnanimous in cash and debt be there and directed at second. And I'm has renovating island. Do you. Hear from me you wanna see it on the screen like robbery on his appoints you and that we need to see me as well as two yen and the export up my. Tell me about working with eight and just thank you pay means she's envision gaming true at Phyllis and we. Exxon I feel like as a once in a generation storyteller she just has a sense of humanity in people on fairy clear and insightful way and she can teach you things using the high crashing below rabbit she always picture heartened you're always like. On the story weather and it on the journey with her and I feel like if that is is is married similar because. As particularly she can take on. You know what things that are issues and makes them so human and it moves are evolution as a species forwards and. Either one of them in this soldier in the army has gotten on an available anytime we ask your age or at. But you opt out you're also working you know trying to spread the light and a common problem that every went ahead on dry eyes tell me about you're partnership with the seasons since something because I don't know if you have this problem. I think you don't -- might have me here. You know what that. And all the time booming years locked in the opposite and say you know I thought maybe his new we're under these flights all the time mark are. Matt but I just fat around. That's what happens again older. Work seventeen hours that it may now. I think going through and bottles and models of artificial tears and switching out contact with the thought maybe that was the issue and I finally hadn't the most simple conversation with Patrick had to she me. And Syria Lebanon and let's go back to act as I was thinking about knights of change and contacts again since I left talk about let's have my symptoms. And I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye which is. Infinitely treatable and I am I now take a six as multi dose twice today. And I just figured that so many other people are in the same situation that I was and we just think. House inevitable on this is just what my life has. It is extent and it treatment options and and so I'm here to encourage animated talk to their doctors and analysts face of thought time. Take the track where is find out more and see if the supplies to. Nice name and your eyes are beautiful. Nice girl here and didn't think think that's up and I have to say this disclaimer that. Did ECB is ACC and ABC network are all owned by this man attic at that disclaimer OK god that they got that. A lot of people in our industry there are really. You know sounding the alarm on sexual harassment sexual yeah. And you spoke about just the matriarch on humans and then but has this conversation pictures that. I reached you're sort of circle in in Hollywood I'm so grateful that I. Feel like there's an opponent the world that as in having this conversation now. And out of the darkness that this conversation with the subject matter as bad as the great light you know that had. Now we know and are saying everyone knows it's wrong we've known it's wrong for a long time but. He's in the language you know she was raped her she was victim and now it's he raped her or. He was he was a predator or you know its subsequent points Shia thing. Because. It buckled as victims we've lived and shame and so kept these secrets and now in now it's all in the light. And we can only move forward from here I'm so deeply grateful we can't absolutely that's all anybody is talking about our pain but calculate its on nobody's talking about anywhere and that. Gives me great hope nine's. To take a really hard left turn. You you know stars. You look like the act indications together. They. Say that hearing Washington's supplements. Because. One leaked picture. Washington. Oh sure and many hints at what they did I hear 100 everybody. And you wouldn't I am just all Rosenberg. Protective of care if that's all we she's so in. Conscious about how she lands and she makes sense mindful choices. That I think the rest of the bumble along sometimes and and learn we now as we go but she isn't been doing this from and it and so she. She's very issue has chosen to be very circumspect. And so we support her and that and we protect missed her daughter looked like her or her that's been. Not a man an picks and they. And let everybody you know mistaken who made those children yet yemenite and that's. And not hand out one day it will be a little ginger baby ran and I. You know does return tonight and that Italy look back. Said. I haven't seen and that's nightclubs and I'm so excited about Matt it is the wedding we've all been like a rabbit out for Clinton Charlotte to get married. And I don't mean the spoils of them up that users out there. Who windows mythic. Okay. So it's Iraq it's a lot these next episodes are a lot. Times the winner the what's happening tonight we words but. Thanks for good TV. In seeing life he had the course series finale at and show find out about you know. Were shot in the balloon Reid tonight. Ways around route but also but also a great read. Alone infinitely I mean. They inhabit and make good TV. Oh victory. At. So my teachers haven't really big organization time to see you actually and yet so. That's it for us guys here I'm Julie Marie McKenzie and bits that ABC news.

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{"id":51042372,"title":"'Scandal' actress talks end of series ","duration":"11:46","description":"Bellamy Young discusses the end of the hit show \"Scandal,\" upcoming projects and more.","url":"/Entertainment/video/scandal-actress-talks-end-series-51042372","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}