A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of the Grinch in Broadway Musical

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos gives us a behind scenes look at "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical."
9:43 | 12/20/16

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Transcript for A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of the Grinch in Broadway Musical
Sandy rob Lucio Whitney BC news thanks for joining us and who live here who builds times. We're behind the scenes at this how the average storm Chris is here in Washington DC at the national theater. Really get a little behind this he's long been talk to some of the characters are going to talk to they still are. The grants looks old Johnny. Bill why didn't please the grange is getting it done right now. Area is. The beginning. Though after. Shell is coming up so keep your day. I heard from New York. Now you're hearing he's here Torre when the snow right all of disease. There you. North Carolina. And and yet again. So obvious stuff and of course is they holiday touches that make sense it runs through. The ever aired my four and thirty for thirty. And older all night December 13 and industrial. During earth. You're. Now it's my name and ranks business. So let's vote liberals that. Will not have bonds. We've IPE you've spent a lot of. So Jason little bit of time life to get your name on 2 morning. Get into care terror. It was really out. Is on. Assistant. Evil ones you. I don't believe that it looks secret you know retrenching. As a new term is an agency kicked things she. Now the show you have Michael of the modern twist you're at you mentioned hash tag what was it. Hash tag grants lives and I I was there are a lot of moments in the show that really made the audience and supple and and it's. It was isn't the Portland with the movie the book Wimbledon we'll keep. So he. Improper. Frontlines. When they relate to be. Message overall. Is currently from. It's more about. Different doesn't. And that's really. Hopefully that's what. So. And they talk a little bit about that storyline and bring back stories to life Coxe for those that maybe haven't. That story and what place. Different lines. So that was a branch. I spent the majority of us like some alone on mouth dropped it by himself. And this story of the grinch who he is just east doesn't communicate with people. I've become six million. So scary creatures in the his story gets passed on from generation to generation. Saturated. Throughout the gently. He becomes monsters. He's not a monster he's actually. Like he says at the end of show he is one of she's just like them. It's just through isolation and feeling like you're not part of community can be found something. That. Parties wild stories. But there are scenes in the show when he's down and the market that was an air and they don't really notice bags. Is seen as a tourist from another place and they all except for me at that moment. Soon does not see him as someone different ones stealing Christmas. Means taking presence. She's she's really is its heart. I think that he's. The innocence of us basically the innocence it was in all of us I think slam. We don't want you don't want to have anyone really let down. And so the story really does. Differences. Turned. His understanding that it only takes one person to change. It's beautiful story. Hope we're doing a very good job. For train that story. For the feedback from the audience as it was and really. Positives. And I saw that is I'm. This is the first time. Done he's more differences pops. Your background when he started acting singing and. When I was nineteen. Toward. Ask you about it and I had. A really good opportunities study was. Company at a Chicago Cubs staff and and I had just. Second seed in the western world hopeful Peter out in Australia. End. Simpson where. So I've been in and out conservatory is in. Training programs throughout my entire career in the news for eleven years thanks to it anyway. And that's expenditure excellent it was learned so much pictures of them can help us and how volatile and drowsy chaperone. Now those musicals or is that Islam. These musical everybody wants everybody that's right smiling. The last these pledges to to a couple friends mine room. Perry's. It's layer. Again just getting picked up so I think it's been really hopefully. Next year. Just because it's really fun show. Undated it isn't he doesn't have a lot of fun out there and what I really. Siemens. Why don't back east. Where can you come out its. Yeah Christmas. Yeah. It's a great story and hundreds Brinker is for. You wanna see you succeed they can see him. Women and those numbers. Jump great how meal layers of make it via flying out late. Talk is about that's he. You want to know about snow late inning. I had that step primer on there way. Ryan. Let me see. Shake it on ticket on. Down. I feel like Sunday. We were doing. Make it doesn't come often chose. Later. That's what I do look really Garcia to worship was. For the last well can't you see anything that you're paying union get ready for the ship's night for anti. Peek at the cost him here I have to ask is it hot under the care here here where his appointments and it's getting more. Yeah. Its unprofitable. Yeah since it was a little warning does. And young girl all those lights. Three close. That's Burr thank you Michelle was. That's one thing if you got. Me on the back. They felt weak ought to applaud. Basically. You know. For news. Yeah write letters OK also that's not for you that's one of the guys are vehicle that's reason. You are who you are who live in the dollar an artist and had a pain. That's right aren't predicting quick look on her way home.

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{"duration":"9:43","description":"ABC News' Stephanie Ramos gives us a behind scenes look at \"Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44303486","title":"A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of the Grinch in Broadway Musical ","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-making-grinch-broadway-musical-44303486"}