Behind the Scenes of the SAG Awards

ABC News' Lesley Messer talks to the folks responsible for bringing you the glamor of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
17:32 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes of the SAG Awards
Hi this is pleasantly master digital entertainment editor for EVE news I am downtown in Los Angeles. But we're getting ready for the sag awards and take place this weekend they want to show you a little bit around if he's teaching people behind the show I'm going to flip the cap ramble. Learn what to expect on Sunday. Still sees a little bit about who you are and what we're doing is OK finds out that Williams. But I am Holland says. Chairman of the sag awards show it's because I'm like yeah. On news stories. And I'm wearing another hat I. This attack after foundation. From. Accent and Johnson & Johnson. The amount seized items like. Yeah primarily in available for actors wearing jeans. Everything from emergency assistance medical. Either rent. Scholarship programs. We also have a whole variety. We're happy. Only eight minutes you know during actors and jury awards season winning actress and again to our cities Los Angeles. Let me just reading. Cheney's win had a 129 acting. Think green ever yeah. So we take his memorabilia along with the money didn't receive some comparisons show host candy she. That it Jack Yost Kathy Cox. We put them online incident in the hands can help support the act itself. That's why we're here again CNV. One of the time. The only place in the high. He has eight. Final event. From Florence positive. Narrow streets. Okay. Yeah. Paying your neck and find. Happening Jack. And comments. Sign my entire. You won't find any guidance. County posters. On this year's biggest movie moonlight. Rival fans is fantastic and all of signs finding. Now Downton Abbey he's done it's finished last we have eight collectors. Addition. Look about them and he signed by the vote. This is seen do it now. Yeah. They used to ring for this service sit down demanding. This is that tee time. It really matter what your interest in every you know we have paid pilots groups from modern family the first. Yeah. And all the proceeds for this option will go to the one. Yeah. Catastrophic tells me. Our hearts and the program's career actors. Good earnings. The writer and the Cleveland this year the ranch its path toward the I'd be RT CNN center visit that's Netflix. 33. Serious. Sam Elliott. There we have. In his system and the I ask Los Angeles. Seven visit to leave. This is an opportunity this really kind of like have an opportunity for her feet hands to participate in. And if one is your favorite shows is stranger things via this whacked back from Netflix. Sweater. Among other things. One thing that can point out time and again it. Sag awards are special to do not meet the actors because they are voted on by their community so obviously it makes sense that. That the actors and directors and treat these films would want to support. Back after a in this way. They ask. That not all actors. Despite what the general public it's we have a 160000. Members and setting up its hands. The rest have comedians were thinking very successful in one year it's not. As an act. I think I'm. The way for people who are watching this obviously might not have taken to the show this weekend to get involved yeah. They can go online at San yeah. Sag awards dot org slash pots. When on the winners each. I'm the auction closes on February 6. You know this tomorrow when he 7 January. Even after we know that awards are going to you guys we'll tell me and it says the items would go up. Exactly how lucky I guess he should be rooting against the ones you most law. Cavs can't lower. Well thank you so much is there anything out they didn't ask you about the auction care what you're excited about this weekend. Austin really during the season and it happened here personally differently show. From the beginning. Our dad and dad dad the actors here are voting on here favorite actor. Better giving him great but it's especially hard. Some of the prisoners. Its auction come back. The actor. Still he. To way to support the movie. In addition to going entering any kind of goes on wine and I think. Having memorabilia. But they're also card pizzas here are your supporting part. You back to him how your check in your time in your bedroom every every week I'm Nancy. We'll update you so much and and in turn the camera really angry amber. We just learned about the fact auction that we'll be taking place from tomorrow through the beginning of February you can go online and did on items that appeal to you. We're that you just think her for the certainly do you think of the accident last year. I'm we're gonna walk a little bit around so that we can get a better sense of what's gonna happen after the awards show on Sunday and going to turn camera and the next personally begins right believe it. I actually you know I'm. Leading to the cocktail action and then we'll go after the florist I'm going to turn the cameras you can learn all about the past cocktails though he's served. This weekend at that point. I am really the easy. This is such an exciting it's exciting weekend and you guys are going to meet story that all of the actors. I'm the cocktail in hand at this country. He tells little bit about what's it. We're. Making team featured cocktails. Making any children and by the Pentagon tell him ever making it. Classes to its police and was dermatologist. Other cocktails are made. We expect today. Especially. What we hired these particular. Was pretty interesting because I think. Alerts. That's. So we had. Juice manufacturer can come and make us all fresh. Would you entities those first. Everything news. All fresh I'm making anything you know. Notice. We bring juices. We'll party and we. Ever let us tonight it's one of those he absolutely happy. Just look at every OK look everything else I'm sure they hear us at least it will make him. The cocktails messaging yeah. I sure which which went instantly be starting. I that he should. Process. He definitely I'm a Cecil. Into politics. Yeah. Q when you think about these things evening to you really are you thinking about what obviously you're thinking of the food pairings. What is the difference. Just a lot of to hear. There's no one knows. We just aren't. Fresh and we use this news. Okay. Season. How will mother. Very very. Credit. Slice the Ab workout she's at a news. It had to add armored. Army. She gave me. Color isn't too. 230 glass candle. I was so quick to add more color yeah. Florence yeah. She is time. Death didn't like what would you. Recommend what would each be served with his obviously you talk to what would you recommend the summon drinking particular treatment treating him. There's two different card so party coming in and people are just drinking because they are. So maybe more. Classes were. Right so we'll price. It's. The after parties. Sags. There yeah. There members. Or at the beginning. North to a CNN today the divorce rate. More they want. We'll show handing them. We had these three. Blue cheese olives are really. Cool again stuff please don't you put this special election. I'm sick actors would be so appreciative that there anyone you're really hoping that he had when you're hot and. I love that question. You know it's funny isn't it sag members. But I think I had a choice. To pick one. All it. Not not a bad not about answer every. Every. Whether they would there's. When you grow. I think is. There are. I'm excited to see and we and they three I think it's a very strong year for movies and medium Rollins. Greatly. I think you guys so much and it with the camera. At a press preview for the fact awards this weekend were sort of walking around giving less than what to expect from the show. Wandered into the rough flight here. That we party talked with members of sag after he told us about an option of taking pleas to support actors. And we just met with them acknowledges she told us a little bit about the specialty. Cocktails to expect this weekend. But what is an award show without beautiful flowers so I have had. With me the florist could and Chris Potts notes I'm gonna turn the camera and learn a little bit about. What will be on the table. Having technical. Barak chatting with us this morning thank you tell us a little bit about what inspired you. Here we'll this year we're inspired by the garden is always like to landscape and feeling for the card itself this year's alone the world war world. With the elements of the Texas in the garden attic to it because we are delighted element. In this news death for the entire show. So is this an example behind you of what we'll have continental. Breakfasts and going to show yeah. But what's really. Why can't we. I show you. Like okay. Scary crash and certainly yeah Phillips press and its camera friendly. Because it's changed colors. Like. It's an agreement staging its. As the team hall and obviously California had a lot of flowers has greatly. Did you get from other places. Well we get from Europe we can all. Howard. We're able. And so how long in advance. You start getting hit in pinning their packs and can't seats aren't though the entire process. Weeks and weeks and weeks ahead civil order for your picture that often are just right and you can't get the lines as. Hi there Allen isn't anything like that how many out of here TV logging. Earlier this we have denies them. Twelve to find its. Capital group. So it's all harmonious blend everywhere like yeah the next four days but I'm certain that every parent. Different. If they're in recent. Throughout here. That this person thinking about it you're looking at past years things like that in trying to. Within minutes framework but. Three to sing anyway so that the matter right back. Well if anything and didn't ask you about the overall look here what are expected to be happy note that the overall look at the clintons. People we work will. Together creatively and prepare this whole. Links we were attacked their 200 people here excited about anything and so much. They are meaningless.

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{"duration":"17:32","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer talks to the folks responsible for bringing you the glamor of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45068938","title":"Behind the Scenes of the SAG Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-sag-awards-45068938"}