On Screen 'Roseanne' Siblings Reveal Roseanne Played Mom to Kids on and Off Set

Barr wanted to make sure none of the kids in the cast "spun out"
8:22 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for On Screen 'Roseanne' Siblings Reveal Roseanne Played Mom to Kids on and Off Set
When I do -- -- street the tests get. Think he's yes and white is now. -- -- -- She -- TJ it's not like -- -- them. It is one of TV's legendary sitcom Roseanne. The daily lives up everyone's favorite all American working class family the Connors. It was a -- push boundaries and believe united is spent 25. Years since it made history we're lucky to have two of the stars. Michael Fishman who played deejay and we -- gourds and who played Becky here with us to talk about this. I can't tell you. We get a lot of people coming through here. For interviews that I haven't really looking forward this interview because I have watched this show not only rerun but growing up with this show so thank investors -- great -- of too much thanks for having. A 125 years is it like mind blowing. That the time has passed. Yeah I don't. I don't think it feels like that long yeah because there's been no gap in as far as being on I think the shows you still relevant and so I think they. Chronologically you know you know it's been that long in the time passes you -- -- are aware of that doesn't feel like it's 25 years. The you know you talk about relevancy. And some issues that were brought up on the show really taboo at the time they were brought up. Gay marriage abortion pregnancy. When you guys were going through the scripts and -- -- going to wish -- was -- was ever a point where yours did you hear did you understand the time kind of the groundbreaking that was happening. Well I think that. There's a level of humanitarian as and that exists in individuals that if you. Sees something that you know for me say something like gay marriage -- for. You know homosexuality. Or our sexual issues or what have you -- that and it wasn't an issue for me. So from my point of view it didn't -- kind of like a big deal all. We as -- -- guys grew up. In front of audiences for nine seasons and you know you're going through such -- appointed time in your life in your former your own identity here forming your own opinions. And this show was such a phenomenal success that I wonder. Was -- ever -- point. That you know what we saw was this great family unit that there was a lot of cohesiveness did you ever get that sense that you know off screen. You know when -- rehearse whoever did -- have that same kind of feel that kind of -- what we saw. Yeah I think it was. It's a fine line I think in general when you're in that dramatic arts so a lot of times you find yourself in very familiar situations -- In that case I think that there with such a common goal artistically. It's you'd be a real family and present that and I think. Everyone involved was just. Just there's something unique and special and loving. My -- and really talented about everyone but also very with a lot of humility and dignity and. And driven in wanting to be terrific want to do something that's outstanding but at the same time. Pushing -- -- pushing each other put in a supportive way. What I think for all of us I mean this is a new experience for us all and having this overnight success. I mean even though -- You know was in movies and Roseanne that are stand -- stuff I mean even so that the phenomenon of the show. With some think that brought us all into a foreign place -- so I think we really needed each other. In order to get through that as well because no one really it also understanding what we are going through at the top -- -- that which is a great question how do you survive this you know so many stories of childhood actors that don't. Navigate the pitfalls as as gracefully. I think a big part of it comes from having good support structure. -- mean we all came from really supportive families. And then we created kind of a supportive family on the set -- so this dynamic of having the second family. Where you kind of you know that you are working you know that this is something that people really light and that you're doing good work at the same time it's not the only thing that the -- you. And you don't necessarily buying into maybe glamour of it you kind of stay humble and go for the work go for equality as opposed to just attention. When I think from the topped -- I mean when you think of -- -- -- as producers and they go there track record doing kospi in a different world you know they really issues actors. That are more Saturday I would say in general I don't know -- sounds bias or strange but I think that. That's you know they want people who have some kind of continuity. And I know for -- and I was coming from outside of Chicago I wasn't some Hollywood kids so I really had. But very very strong background in identity then my former life. That could help me navigate some of those difficult times -- is that you know I'm I don't -- in here I'm not a red carpet person or. I don't want -- -- 8000 dollar issues that's just not who I am and I think that just being an outsider. I ended up helping me in that regard to maintain an outsider. Qualities. -- -- -- mess that -- as a strong character which I think would probably all agree is probably an understatement right. Did you ever get the sense than that she actually did take -- the very maternal role. -- I absolutely yeah yeah I think both on screen and off I think she took a very big interest in everybody and she took that. Really supportive and impact -- role she wanted to make sure that none of us really spun out that we that we weren't the every -- Story and I think there's a lot of good stories that exist we just don't hear him as much there's a lot of other actors who have done well afterwards there. Blood it's funny -- is my favorite story is when I want to get my hair cut and the producers wouldn't let me and I met with them multiple times. Just to kind of give them a heads up you know -- like the ninety's I want acute here -- And they said you know sixteen year old girls from Illinois don't have cute short hair cuts and -- that we'll that's funny because I am a sixteen year -- But he didn't tell you worry five that AFL I wonder who knows what but I am sitting in the hearings make up -- I was four -- learn and you know what life hates me you know -- -- high school. And Roseanne's at least see what's wrong and -- that you know the producers -- let me cut my hair and she has reached over taped it this scissors and are not -- is that shot my hair -- but the base. And Shiite turned around and you did not want to see that woman with a pair of scissors. I think and let's see there I -- quality. Keep the sharp objects that way for. -- problem solved you know I mean like her dad when I wasn't sure whether it be. Proud of her that you know she called -- -- are mortified for the rest of my life I'm. Still tightening there -- -- yeah. -- -- How do you do you still keep in touch with and with prose -- -- with John with anyone else from the show. Well Michael such -- say they didn't call me borrow my house I check -- check with everybody and I can't live here in New York oh yeah he's leaving town -- tells him. Four left town he was -- -- nanny took an early flight this morning. A doctor -- and I I try to be the guy who kind of keeps track of everybody but everybody work so much to try hard to kind of get together. So you catch that moment when you can and it's always good because they're doing something positive -- -- being successful Nancy -- like why don't see you. But it's for good reason -- and then when we do we kind of pick up right where we left. Michael we see continued success to both of you thank you so much for stopping by -- of course you can catch present. On we TV check we TV dot com for local times and you can find out. Obviously where all of that word where the favorites are. Thanks guys.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"Barr wanted to make sure none of the kids in the cast \"spun out\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19986118","title":"On Screen 'Roseanne' Siblings Reveal Roseanne Played Mom to Kids on and Off Set","url":"/Entertainment/video/screen-roseanne-siblings-reveal-roseanne-played-mom-kids-19986118"}