Sean Penn Reportedly Seen Kissing 24-Year-Old

"The View" co-hosts discuss dating and relationships with younger people.
4:22 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Sean Penn Reportedly Seen Kissing 24-Year-Old
So I shorn Penn was just photographed with him. Which is my camera and as this one yet. Yet there's nothing written them all appeared on camera I got so so what ten was just photographed kissing actor Vincent and not free hours. 24 year old daughter now okay now shark ten. It's 56. Let me put in perspective. When he was in dead man war Dead Man Walking she was learning to walk. Now what 32 years now what do you think of that age can't eat too much exactly I love a good spread of beach. I have is now we hope it's. And I would be indicted eighteen years older than thirty something is like a 32 years as well lives lining I don't need you don't share any references. What you talk about. Well Don what are they talk about what I'm bit they're not doing much talking. Could stay here earlier I'm. I think that there was talk I don't see anything wrong with it the only real thing is that every article I read about it they never mentioned his aides are like our. He goes on then yeah 24 year old hadn't that's a little bit sex with him and I say yeah ask you something do you go both ways I mean oh and yeah. Yeah personal quest to end. I'll I didn't say I am usually date younger but I'm not an agent's I have to say that once I was dating someone. Who is a lot younger than me and I went to his mother's fiftieth birthday Carter wasn't far behind and one of her friends did to me. You're so successful. What year did you graduate this is a public that means that old tow if you will. Based frontier you date young because you you what a lot younger. And you actually I. Like the energy and vitality of young people I think they keep you young but again I don't mind dating someone who's older but I think that's a sort of and. Total U. The holidays. Good morning almost thirty I don't go he's thirty idea. That. Did anything wrong with I think age is nothing but a number and you know what at a certain point W look at me and many have did they have kids when they're in their 80s and I am and that's ransacked grade do you say to try. How sorry I do not because I've added it's like it sucks. And enjoy your data. Over the line sperm yeah I think. All of us here have younger men and could mean yeah I'm the tutoring your cougar but Jenna die gag. And you really cougar. Young girl from last time you pick him up and vitality. You don't. I when I was nineteen I data accept the Mitchell before I dated 35 year olds and now I'm dating a 24 year old blind date I don't like today but I date based on personality if I need you I clicked with you and I don't see aid. So its vitality like I'd I'd a I think it's just like for me I clicked with so few people when I need someone and I feel lucky to have that. I don't really it's weird in this relationship I don't always feel like they'll older more stable one he's kind of my rock a lot of the time and I've been on hand I don't like babe what do you think about testimony. So I don't see you it and he's. He can talk about anything we can talk for hours in fact even more mature than a lot of the guys that I data that a whale older than him this summer despite her Guerrero yeah. I. Everything yeah. Yeah but it did not feel when this girl she's 24 now he's 56 or thirty is will be 86 she's only going to be watt 54. That's me on six I. LA LA out Harris it out yet. Size because Europe who want to ask that I'm literally a cougar. Here you nightmare so when do you see him off to camp I mean does that work out. If you think cabbies can't rub it did not unlike me not everybody went yeah did say hello do and he said. Yeah.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss dating and relationships with younger people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42647771","title":"Sean Penn Reportedly Seen Kissing 24-Year-Old","url":"/Entertainment/video/sean-penn-reportedly-kissing-24-year-42647771"}