'Searching for Sugar Man': Trailer

A forgotten Detroit musician turns out to be a hero in South Africa in this Oscar-nominated documentary.
1:52 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for 'Searching for Sugar Man': Trailer
If -- there is an air of intrigue and mystery around the closest -- around the autism known as Rodriguez. We thought it was like inner city -- he was just wandering spirit -- -- city. I'm Erik -- history and memory care in America six. And it's travels sending bullets bullet -- -- in this jihadist this -- -- -- but actually came to South Africa but it's great series -- The community of us other victims he was the subject to all line up everybody and his business and that's -- can't pistons ahead. This evening there is well positioned to Paul talked they'll tell you that they were influenced poetry his but -- news. It was on -- -- and we. Thought god this kid -- -- A lot of people had different versions of the story she's sixteen self reliant on stage -- died -- -- -- again. Also makes good story. Find out how -- yeah. Tell us he was doing was wrong to sort of looking quite deep into the lyrics medical Indian. And we -- it is very close -- Ernie did elect a new construction or he was really -- or anyone else on -- -- mission a lot of things. Perhaps not materially. -- -- -- You can normal criminal -- -- in the next day exercise -- and I got to go on tour and that's why is that -- because this. This is feeling good nutrients including those who actually seems so. The best --

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{"id":18566613,"title":"'Searching for Sugar Man': Trailer","duration":"1:52","description":"A forgotten Detroit musician turns out to be a hero in South Africa in this Oscar-nominated documentary.","url":"/Entertainment/video/searching-sugar-man-trailer-18566613","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}