'Shark Tank' Fight: Sharks Turn on Each Other

Act 4: From Mark Cuban to Barbara Corcoran, the sharks reveal how they really feel about each other.
6:39 | 05/03/14

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Transcript for 'Shark Tank' Fight: Sharks Turn on Each Other
Kevin, if you even try to make money from this, I will beat the living crap out of you. [ laughs ] Shark fight, shark fight. Narrator: Perhaps the most entertaining part of "Shark tank" is when the sharks turn on each other. You don't know how to run a company. You don't know how to pre-empt a company. Sure I do. You don't know how to compete. You don't know how to sell. You don't know how to create a profit. Did all that already. You want -- you want it all handed to you. It's like a gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Do not screw with Mr. Wonderful. Wow! They're rude. You're driving me crazy. Is that an insult? What's wrong with you?! You're a real Oh! The sharks were fighting, and that's for real. No offense, daymond, I don't need you. You know, I-it's almost like a family, where you get more annoyed with your family because you're around them so much than you do with other people. What is the age bracket of -- of the -- of the cougar you're talking about? Give me the dental market. 30 to 55. So, Barbara, you used to be a cougar. Do I ever get insulted? It's nothing personal, Robert. Oh, it is personal, Cuban. Okay, it is. It is, but I don't care. I always say I'm not in business for emotional gratification. I'm in business to make money. That's what my family's for -- emotional gratification, um, and my dog. You know, ABC's a great family channel. If you would see half or hear half the things we are really saying to each other, then, you know, you'd have to cover your ears. It's a big mistake to With me on this one. Are you -- are you threatening me? Are you saying you're gonna go out? No, I'm just saying there's two ways this can go. It's real money at stake. It's big egos at stake. And that's when the shark tank gets a little crazy -- egos. There's been times after deals when we stop. Where are you going? There's a fair amount of tension in there, and it takes a while. We need a break. We need a break. Narrator: And better than getting a good investment -- besting the other sharks. That was awesome, mark. No, it wasn't. Yes, it was. You're just a sore loser. Sometimes, you know, we get caught up just like in an auction... I think I'm gonna match Baltimore's offer. ...Where I'm going after a deal and I think that I'm, you know, really sticking it to another shark, and then I realize that I just spent, you know, a half a million dollars on a rubber ducky. Narrator: And in the shark tank, for men and women, the blood runs equally cold. You know what? I am gonna write you a check. Check? Yes, I am, bigmouth. Let's go. Pipe down, little man. Let's go. But that doesn't mean lady sharks stick together. Take the time they fought over a company called rufflebutts. Why don't you start, Barbara? No, because she's gonna come in under me and outdo me. Might say, "I'm thinking," and she'd say, "You're not just thinking. You're purposely, strategically waiting." It's always better to go last, and you know it. Speak up, my friend. Well, she just got exhausted from waiting, so she bid first, and then I outbid her. Can't believe she took that. Horrible deal. Narrator: But sometimes the blood in the water isn't from the sharks. Don't like that deal. You have an offer? No. That's on the table, great. Anyone else? Narrator: Sometimes it's the entrepreneurs who bite back. People come in overconfident. Offer's a million dollars for 10%. What?! Are you guys out of your minds? People come in arrogant. People come in rude. That means you get to stop talking, right? Some of the worst are graduates from business schools that have never run a business that come out and are so arrogant, you just want to get an electric cattle prod and whack 'em right there. Narrator: One of the most stubborn entrepreneurs to ever enter the tank... Hi. I'm Jeff Cohen, C.E.O. Of voyage-air guitar. That's not all they do. They don't just look good. They don't just sound good. They fold in half. In season one, Cohen was offered a half million dollars for a deal that included licensing his idea to other companies. So, answer a question for me. Why do I need you to license the guitar? My whole company that sold for $3.2 billion was all licensing. Did -- did you say $3.2 with a "B"? Cohen, already a self-made millionaire, still wasn't impressed. I'm gonna have to decline, but I hope we have an opportunity to work together down the road on this project or on others. There is no tomorrow. You're dead to me when you say no to my deal. You're dead. You're gone. I don't even know who you are. You're a vapor. When he started spouting off about "You're dead to me" and "You're a disgrace to humanity"... That is a human tragedy, and he's teaching his son that. It's a crime. He should be arrested. ...I was stunned by what he said, and it was so outrageous... That it was hard to take it seriously. Narrator: But turns out he wasn't dead to Kevin after all. Give me some blues in "E." A guitar player himself, Kevin arranged a deal to license the hinge to fender guitars, but between them, the waters do remain a bit choppy. The path and how we got there was traumatic because you wouldn't listen, but now here we are. It happened because I didn't listen to you exactly the way you wanted me to do it. As long as he -- he admits he's wrong and I'm right, then we get along great. Narrator: And coming up... I hate that guy. Narrator: What made Barbara Corcoran so angry? That almost made me think about quitting "Shark tank" that day. Narrator: And who made millions to become "Shark tank's" most sucl ssfuentrepreneur of all time? But first, what do the sharks really think of mark Cuban? Mike, you have to quit your job. Okay. You have to tell me now. I'm not gonna get into a bidding war. We're in! Then I quit my job! Mark is too -- too cocky. You don't need Kevin. You'd rather work with me. Sometimes I want to actually take him off his seat and slap him around a little bit, but I won't do that. He'd probably sue me. Sorry, Barbara. I don't need you on this one. I'm going alone. Mark is another know-it-all. He's just very pushy. He's just a very pushy guy. I'll give you $100,000 for 40%. Mark... Man: Well -- ...we haven't heard from you yet. Whoa, what am I -- chopped liver?! Man: Exactly. It's funny 'cause mark is worth more than the rest of us combined, and that pisses me off. I'll come down to 30% if you say yes right now. I hate to admit this, but mark's made me a better businessperson. I'm a very aggressive, competitive guy. When I met Cuban, I said, "Whoa. There's another level of competitiveness." You're turning down almost a quarter of a million dollars from mark Cuban?! Unbelievable! $200,000 for 20%.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"Act 4: From Mark Cuban to Barbara Corcoran, the sharks reveal how they really feel about each other.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23577248","title":"'Shark Tank' Fight: Sharks Turn on Each Other","url":"/Entertainment/video/shark-tank-fight-sharks-turn-23577248"}