Shooting in Baton Rouge Leaves 3 Police Dead

"The View" co-hosts react to the news of the deadly Baton Rouge shooting.
9:01 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Shooting in Baton Rouge Leaves 3 Police Dead
Ten days after the tragedy in Dallas another lunatic and that room shot six police officers killing 3 am. Thoughts and prayers idol. Go out to the families and friends and everything cool and everyone was impacted by this but what does that what does this gonna take because. Is it just crazy people coming out doing it because it clearly. It wasn't about race because he gunned down officer Carla so what what's happening. Didn't know we was shooting it did he realize when he was doing. That would I don't know now and I think it's difficult to make sense of crazy. I mean a hat hat how do you make cents. Of all of the violence that we are are seen day in and day out it's almost becoming routine for our country when I don't like is that this it's trending. Kind of thing you know they use that phrase its train day. The same with these. Ice is attacks you know I think miscellaneous. It's like it's a deal giving all identical I can't pick off track and it just sort of picks up steam like that it's pretty scary stuff we'll -- it's what you said though it's crazy just like. The shooting in Orlando where they they're looking for a cause they're going out looking causes not finding them whether it's. Oh yet if prices are Ole yet everything you know its blacklist Matt. It's all just crazy looking for a home in record rain get me and I think the relationship now race aside between police and community that's really the issue here there's that there's an issue with. The way authority is coming out in these communities got a lot of people you have to face the fact a lot of people feel that. The police is an on their side for what ever reason that's not to say that that's true that's not to say you know there aren't bad actors in the community ample signs but. Saw these conversations in order for this to stop it's not going to be from President Obama. It's not going to be from politicians I think this is going to be at the dinner table in communities where parents and can't sit at these conversations. About what it means to be a police officer about what it means to be an African American is. And you're not talking the rational yes you know there's a wig and these are people will do this are not rational people gap they think they're rational but they are not rational people apparatus. The conversation I mean the conversations. Are happening we can see it. Police officers young nine 7% of police officers are great people and accurate tests. Makes them as angry as it makes us no police officer. Ever wants to be represented as in Kellan that's not their job their job is to make sure that people and whatever neighborhood to say and that I think that you know a lot that was a lot of what we have to look at and say you know the other day. Yesterday in on Donald Trump said you know that he doesn't think the president. Is doing enough. 'cause his body language slash and O'Donnell don't. I don't like is apparently the president's body language bothers Donald he thinks that some citing people. Yeah Donald it's what what incites people. As you know is. You have a and making some of the statements you've may. Yes he nobody needs to be starring the pop right now you don't need to be sharing it with Obama you don't even use the nobody needs to be started African pie right now. And I didn't love himself so watch what. Point order I can't today while could decide what I don't know any kind of six days by George Wallace who was a racist. By candidate in those days use that it's really like what they call a dog whistle way you. You saying to to me how people. Watch out for the other. Yep I think it's it's it's I think that the president has done a really good job of walking what is a tight rope. Because we're talking about yes violence against police which is horrible what we're also talking about police violence against black meant. I so so he's walking back there on mount airy I'm some talk about violent I think we need to call it what it is because what when you when you talk about how this whole being sort of started this recent epidemic. It started with the murder of Alton sterling it started with the murder answer he still it has deal. Yet but this is an honest again this is this as I said last week will say again in 1974. Richard Pryor. Did a whole piece about the acts the fact that. He was nervous driving in his car because when he got pulled Albee he had to say to the point I am putting my hand it in my pocket. To get by while. Drags oh this has been going on for a while but this is meeting was hot against pat in America. That lets just violence what they knew think it's about the cops when you think it's about. People call it violence is happening and I'm. Part of the problem is that there is no. There seems to be no one who says okay. There is an issue let's start with the fact that there was an inch. There is a kind of a perfect storm going on with all these automatic weapons out they have now. These military level weapons that a lot of nut cases have and used to be just the police has it that the extreme extreme methods now others have them. So I would be very scared at five over a policeman right out because of that book that steering around fat. Assault right there regularly they like to create they have in that's been one of the common denominator is that we don't talk about enough because if you look at the weapon of choice for these mass murderers or that they are that is right there they are type fifteen. And that's one of the weapons that issue there had is that terrifying where did he get back. And so you know I I know that the Cleveland Police Department has asked for the conventions work for the governor of Ohio to do something about the open carry laws because under key rate again I must be it's not AP he acknowledged that listen they need to take it they can bad tennis balls from the combat tomatoes from the convention floor they can ban all sorts of space for the conduct you know what'd you -- can't. All they people who not only was not at all these politicians. Are more pro let's get these guns keep the guns opened carry let's bite bigger bigger bigger. Did not allowed of the Republican Convention why would they scant out exactly what it might actually try. The comets have got a college classroom that's okay do you know but not at this precious convention. Okay. Taken note if that happened here's this status not. Whenever there's something that happens like S whenever there's such a shooting or heads you know new town we talk about mental health for about ten seconds. And then we believe that we talk about guns for a little while and and I think there's a problem in this country with how we deal with people with mental health problems were legitimately. Crazy because those people will get their hands on a weapon one way or not even my way didn't you and I ended diet exactly what I don't saying lanes have to be able when you talk about background checks you have to be able to have background checks for people. That have mental illness you have to know that. So we have that but they get. Background check and crazy like a back problem with mental health is lot of people you have to know you have a problem yet to seek help out often times until. Health when you go looking for a doctor your pain out of pocket because you're trying to find a good therapy. This is assuming these people have resource is and that there ever been a lot of times there are records some of these shooters there are records in their past it say. This person should have been out of land along the and the how and why are currently hot potato with this now we now you and took about mental I don't know why can't we also talk about bill and we can just pop and a and we gotta talk about how a lot of it is just plain old wage and give somebody who's in a ridge of guns guns shoot it. But crazy Pete there are crazy people there are evil people there are people like in this case that a good handle out and say I want to go after police. So in some cases you have to deal the case by case isn't what we didn't take everyone's gone away you have every parent I. And out like a. Now you don't want to take everybody not outweigh what you do want acknowledgment from and are right that there is an issue. App I am an NRA does not saying that's. Write it now. That there are guns in the hands of some people they shouldn't be it got hands out and if you can't have that if you can't have that conversation. How would not talk about it. Thing out if we can't you don't listen I believe. If the people who came out and had anything to say about anything that happens was saved this is a horrific thing this should never be happening. Where police officers wouldn't we we never want to see this weird that bit. They've people who do this so we never want to see this but never the conversation never starts at them. It never starts with. It's always liked what you guys are you should be worried about black on black probably should be worried about this the bottom line is simply this we have a huge issue in the country will be huge issue in the country and it affects all of us. Because if you get caught in the cross as of one of these amp. That's not you. So we have to pay attention.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the news of the deadly Baton Rouge shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40668390","title":"Shooting in Baton Rouge Leaves 3 Police Dead","url":"/Entertainment/video/shooting-baton-rouge-leaves-police-dead-40668390"}