Significance of 'Rogue One' in the Star Wars Universe

ABC News' Charli James and Michael Rothman talk with fans about the new film's place in 'Star Wars' lore.
4:43 | 12/16/16

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Transcript for Significance of 'Rogue One' in the Star Wars Universe
The good listen to US. About the tag. Has our story right because. That's kind of an Internet name means I'm trying to add on like route lot. Thought I am title. But then upstart like Laurie will be there and brands and. This great so we didn't do you'll answer here that this thing though no one has the first in the scandal. And so it's with a true dot diehards dollars stand behind there really liked their own story. Then bill so. Read more seven but there outlined story so we'll keep you going to know about what's coming up next. Working upon. Like his upbringing that's cold and that will be done soon and then go in can't remember. Yeah I'm. Put dog lovers know. It's almost similar to when we had before the prequel we had to. 56. Everyone want to know about dark background and we got to know. Here is that these are great so wrote one. The rebels got planned to blow up the death star for that could be. CEO it is keynote streaming are evident in the yellow green guy that we we never know when an explosion on. My car hit them in the. Did George Lucas yeah. The effects supervisor. Eight the first duty John know how to ideologue. Or whenever he would work. It was his project and yet he didn't produces milk don't like it is like baby. How long I'm not. Yeah I think my. Today that they the thing about being. Yeah. About who we do about the death though that. The thing and then you united in their great lesson. It's going to be so let's start awards for our fans and they should when I think we kind of that a little. Like Stanley these are always like the back. I was but the funny terrible look like when I hear rock and the girl all these dogs and one guy for the guys you meant to be read. I know what happened that other network guys left behind the death. That we're light although Blake story that you gave vehemently I wonder how this happened. The iconic. For decades now and may not have her wild yeah. Now didn't do they really. Plus on the night fronts that are going on. Keep an infant and I want to hear their saturation point where it on Wednesday night. Too many feel it. No I don't see month it is that. How long it absolutely but the road once that the scale and we are so different feel like beat me just. I think they'll bills compared to on the marble marble steps backwards over saturating and it. Speaking to defeat Portland easily different formulas of this glamour. Okay nobody handed me as well the ABC news. Got to. Who. Yeah. Yeah. Spots. Spain and street. And watching everything it's. Going they're gonna live on long. Com. In any thing and I think that. Caring children. Relationships in the van bond that continent like no other blocked marvel I love marble look I look. He's still on all these movies I don't think. Debut as much as Star Wars you feel like fathers take their son. See it and now you know with the empowerment is really at the forefront. It's really in me the. This the story you'll get act and how great you know.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Michael Rothman talk with fans about the new film's place in 'Star Wars' lore. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44239549","title":"Significance of 'Rogue One' in the Star Wars Universe","url":"/Entertainment/video/significance-rogue-star-wars-universe-44239549"}