Simone Missick discusses her role in the upcoming drama 'Jinn'

The actress discussed the end of "Luke Cage" and what's next for Misty Knight.
23:44 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Simone Missick discusses her role in the upcoming drama 'Jinn'
It can't finance ABC Brady well and I'm once again super excited because I have a very talented young woman. Getting across to me she's very beautiful she's she's amazing. Wonderful. Have you on the only some romantic Harry you don't. Harry in very nice to see you again and V. Now he adds and today we're talking about this film a very important now very hard hitting film a film that we need right now in this time. Old Jane. And now it hits theaters as well it's gone oh in tune on demanded all that good stuff you got that plenty of ways to check it out please check it out today. I'll become an 1115 and then it goes into on demand and digital HD on November 16 point yes I mean. I tuned all that good play anyways check it out is due this wonderful woman in cluster he I want to jump into this film because. As I mention it it's if we need right now and I am gonna give a little bit of the backdrop to analogy would be able of course fill in the blanks here. It it's about. A young girl whose very care free who. Is is learning to exist in this case where her mother has a new found religion that she's very adamant about and is very important to her. And she still trying to figure hurt the young girls her that her identity identity in the midst of all it. And you play these wonderful young actresses mob there. And talk a little bit about your role of the mother's name is G yes and she is a whether or meet meet and an era in meant meteorologist at you can feel what his low ever there were bent at. A meteorologist. Talk a little bit about your role. Obviously as Jed. And what attracted you to this since they narrative. Why wasn't occupation. You how do you ever see let human meteorologist. Steve fee and now it was this though I Lee. Lou is a on air camera personality. And a woman who is searching. Or are leaks in the world and either woman who's constantly. Reinventing herself. And in this moment that we see her. The wave that it's been. A relationship with her daughter Liz before this moment her best brand. It's very interesting because it is a time both of these women's lives are they are gearing out who they are. And as a seventeen year old girl have such a huge change. Happening in your house old. It relieved it's a strain on their relations and so it was just. I'm thing that I think we've never seen. Women of color do in. The black list from the period in America and in the film is not something that we relieves lower. Especially within the African American immunity. And so it was just an honor to be able all the story which is partly biographical. I Nigel movement whose right in. And you know before we delve more into this this this role in your character. What was your experience with Islam what did you know about it. On an end Howell. Essentially did you have to educate yourself if if that needed to hacked into do you prepare for this role. I had a hand tremendous honor of workshop in a play maybe or years prior to this project. In the character was Muslim living in Iraq with art black. And so I had ten all of this research of Islam during that time. And being able to or having to bid on learns a in order to age aid because this is a woman who is just finding. Religion so everything is new so are the audience you get to go through all of the new newness of are discovering Islam. And for me that was. You know it's it's a beautiful thing I a numbered it's Sheehan of the UN arms when he areas and well. And so some of that same excitement and passion and sense of belonging. Comfort at I know that I found. When I converted christianity is the same. Emotional journey the AG eight. In the same way that her immunity her family her job everyone is looking Ehrlich a listens. Half that your choosing I had some of the same reactions from the people that I knew. You know an art in America we live in a pro dom into our country and so it's not. Something that is. You don't normally ball. In the same way that they do when someone Islam but there's still the same. Need for people to kind of. Adjust and you are now and so that was this wonderful element of this or did you hear. In a powerful one as well didn't really show that you know. This is something that is very much ar to Ers and let's talk about that element of how this becomes a part of who jade is in how of that. As a result affects her daughter in very deep way om and only give too much away because of course. I want to go out and watch this and NCA it. But you know. The climate that we're in again you know there is a Lotto and in fact a better way of seeing ignorant about the religion people just don't know. Really what it means an end and in what the beliefs are. And I know you said that this was partly are autobiographical. On did you feel a certain. Wait for. You know just an eggs extent of saying okay this is somebody's gory now. I need to have this conversation and to say make sure I do this and it and give this just as. What was that conversation like with the director. And eagle a shorter version of that if you you know just in the sense of do you feel there was a certain man Gator thing that you had to be able to accomplish in this role. I think for myself I felt a responsibility. You betrayed. This woman and her story honestly. And Nigel and I did have a chance to rock and leave before we started filming 'cause this was currently hearse orient. As she was sharing something that was so in me she gave me a lot of back ground information on how she created this air fares. When it was issues and get I'm cross on screen. The fact is. You know we are living in a Iman of Islam phobia especially in our country. And to label in higher religion. This is millions and millions of all of the world. As one comes out of featuring he's all. And it's wrong and it's it's something that continues to divide us. In this country and globally Morin more every day and so Nigel a really wanted to. Share with people the beauty and the love and the community that she grew up. And in some of the things it's about word are some of the moment that we see in the filmed is multi tells things like smell. A prayer. Than rituals that they act is all on prom. A very loving lays the knee and neck with creator in a way they. It's very. Devout how. And in it there is no hatred in that. And so I felt a responsibility. In you know show this woman who is very much like we all are someone who is searching. And find something that is that missing. Enacting that we all. Identify with at whether it. A lifestyle change or help change or a change of religion. All of these things are things that we do to better ourselves. As human being on this journey that we all might. And there was a responsibility to. Show moved black Muslim community but also Muslim. As people who were just like math ain't been left it Riley loved me majoring in grieve. All the same. And so yeah I'm honored to be able to I'll just. Small portion of new and you know as you guys check it out it's after me do it just listen and keeping that. Did you find this to be one of your more challenging roles you've an array of stuff from you know. Action to weigh denied and he'll you know tapping into something like this I would deem to be. Not an easy feat show how. Would you say this would. When he moved I say that. This. It challenging part about this RJ with the amount of I'm. I had to hew to. You know independent films. In to have smaller budget. Murders shooting schedules and you just have less crimes are at that at the time that we are filming in. Even tire issues with maybe I did he day. And hour with there was. Babies seven of those days if that. At the same time I was filming back in New York. I had to fly in now in order to shoot so we've minimally but shoot we literally shot Al. All of my work in a matter of needs and so. Unlike you know bigger budget project or EB shows were you. We visit the character that episode and you maybe I'm these out of this episode in. Raft that story this was a much asked eight. And say you had to. Com the work repaired there is no elect and his. Figured out on the day late and now you have to know where where you are in this. This part of the story in in this woman's life and so I would say that that was challenging. But not. Anymore and then any other project because everyone came with their a in work opposite. Lori Renee who is of a nominal young actors he's absolutely beautiful in this role. And she takes are crafts though seriously that. You know you hear about younger act introduced in Latin are we doing today in his own way who knows what they did the night or in Delhi was always. Mayor Brady aimed. And then I get to work my husband. Who is you know my best acting partner in so it's almost like cheating in terms of working really. Up a more about that I find that so gray I mean you would think that. Working with a south Oracle's family member might be a little inner being because in my head I don't know. What I am always curious about that I mean do you feel like you know they say iron sharpens iron do you feel like he helps you to be your best. You know I am still might guess where they tears mining. Not a 100%. This project was maybe. Ward on camera job that we attend together. And the Ers teacher now. Every. Urgent that we do together it's a different phase of her relations. That we played fiance is we've my boyfriend and girlfriend. We played mortal enemies in Luke cage season to that he with our groups and I was misty neck and in this weekly ex husband and wife. And so. He is my my favorite acting partner but by that I insure that iron and oh. I know that I can trust use. Yeah you know. It's so funny people don't. Maybe they do know that you know with acting you've you've got it's a partnership and even their some people who were Alfred. And I give union. And save in all of it from my my car reached my shack. And then you know you have a yeah it's like you're acting opposite of a brick wall. And biggest into the camera turns around them they've got the waterworks crying nearly all of emotion and passion he let we're I don't sat. With my husband he comes in he brings it every single time. We just had the opportunity to work together on his shows CBS's. A mes story. The new show on CBS on access and deeply husband and wife Mary thank. It it's easier every time doesn't matter what we're doing in the we act together every day. I love that isn't it it's great to hear that you know it just makes you smile bigger Breyer because of the fact that you happen. Natural effortless chemistry rarely had been hey area and air row I think that it was behaving and at Heinz history and lending needs. Yes I do have to delve into what you just mentioned as human league board enemies because I was and am still a huge fan of Luke cage. Yeah and first question. You know every. He has been so great it and you work with such an amazing cast. You know had used pop to them since even news of the cancellation and let what has that conversation than Mike and everybody has been saying or would move being an. You know I spoke tail and all that good stuff so what has been deemed resounding. SoundBite from them I mean you know I got to work with like he says some amazing actors I'm of whom have been. In this industry for one. EO Rossini might old there all of these amazing. People who have been working and all of us were so I've been in. And I think it'd definitely hit a marvelous art than a hit other's. There is this understanding in this disputed nothing. And you know I am honored to have been able to miss. Roof or different. Season you know with Luke agencies who won and you and it's been. Defenders and so when I signed up to lead this woman I didn't know what was what was gonna happen how many seasons of the show we were gonna have how many different. Joe's they were gonna put me on in so it was. Definitely and tremendous blessing and I'm I wish that we were able to give ends a different kind of Indian in this story by. You know everything happens we the oath and in. Well alone in believing that Aries if it isn't it would be another adoration of the air here's somewhere else. Will have. Well that's what people are patiently waiting on a double forming it into that adoration. You don't. I know there's been a lot of conversation and when I am he pretty much saying you know heaters there is division there was an a planned. Do you are you aware of what that season three of the cage was going to look like heat even in Russia's. Yeah. Yes I mean I can most certainly say that chair and I sat down and we sat down after eaten. In rap he onto your scene unit off when. We went to dinner and I was like okay. This is what I need from his need for us it's the her arm reborn. As we just destroyed. At the end of its knees and you. And so that was definitely on the dock and then more of she is and should. You know we knew Lou origins or at least that these once he's in his father's. A little bit more of who he was as a man. We did see these beautiful story with Mariah and Alfre Woodard a daughter. How she came to be who she lives as militia death. Watch on greens I was like. Press this is this he's back story that's what we're. Looking forward to buy it. The villains that he wanted to in news. Characters that he went to bring we're really writing. And he's leaf it means of Ers it says grow I have not. And the chance read them yet. If you know it's it's one of those things where. Who knows. How bees characters will ever com. In if they Willard they won't let you know fans will be enabled live on effort you know. When he six episode on naturally on each. And then you know this iteration. Which I'm sure you've heard many times what it will what the fans want weather started to drag and or you know I air. First off. Obviously. You're definitely willing and able and I am assuming that have gat but I act. Brantley and and in that you know what would be the take no you know for the heat it was hopefully you know the regal birth of arm and it was the back story. Would you like to see that go into that potentially. Would you like to be something completely different. I think. Jessica Hanik who plays Colleen wing and this were able to find such delicious. Relationship where when I was on iron this it was. Really a British have developed a love her that. Mainly to issues such knee. Wonderful act her. Eight with our all of the spent each species doing them herself. Spends hours in the Dojo burning the right rare is absolutely amazed. And so I think that whoever. Weeks on the show if there was ever to be one. Would need to play up on the fact that these are used strong women come from different backgrounds. Who. Are able to address. Issues that are that affect women and women of Eleanor I mean you know one of the amazing things about just Joan. Was that this is a superhero who's a woman who a whole other set of issues and it. A daredevil and iron as we age it asked. And that was the thing that really drew audiences in to her story he's. You mean with rate ESE. Abusive relationship. All of these things. Our intrinsic to their email Erie. And so I think any woman who handles story. Dark as the rag and would have our rich minefield. Of with Muriel navigate when it goes through women experiencing the same thing with it being women. I mean act. That would be ideal if we can get that and I hope that's gonna happen in some way shape or form. Now just. Still. It's a gulp of you know we signed an added I'm whole night you know I I just can't take much more back up alone. Now I don't did the defenders is always goes to be winds. Mini series they're yet. Just outlets to India and build likes to defend island New York have some big hitting Aaron. Aren't well you know I can talk about does all of they have lowers blood you know that the film Portman really talk. About the film Jan and I I think it's excellent and I think that people do need to see this. I I just went askew. If anything what would you hope and I think at that you know and in our conversation here. Is that ultimate take away for you all we're gonna tune in because this could be. In some way shape or form a little too cool a teaching tool for those who. Media or new new convert your meteor or are talking about faith in their homes and really know all you know this ace because of unfortunately the ignorance and has been you'd about certain religions. That you know they don't really know how to open up a conversation actually let me what do you O would be the tickle you do it so. Into seeing this film is not one thing. We look at in this oh. This woman converting to Islam and out. Of an impact makes on we heard he Summers wife or daughters I've. It's also story. Young girl. Finding hearse. And I think that that is something that so many did with male or female old or young. Black white Latino. Native American Asian it is coming of age story about. Girl living in Los Angeles. And that things she hath EO. Things it. Young people. Deal with every single day social media. And how to exist within that how to participate and not allow for it in change who you are or EU law. The Emmy. Actuality you know this is a girl who his ex lowering. She is as a woman and I think we can all think about what timeless ourselves we were seventy. And trying to figure ourselves out I mean when I think about who I was at 17 and who I am now I'm thankful that. I had people around me who allowed me grow but Matt. Heart of this film is watching. These two women trying to give themselves and figure out there I didn't and remained in. I think that if you are someone whose periods about. It's common and what religion represent in this is an added. Only to see because it's not again it's not. You know. Spitting down in Spain this is what it is you should read this. It's just showing people living and living a life and I think it soaks nationally such a special home and not one and acting that it. And really changed you have. People have seen readings and a late New York. Axis and one day. And had people come up and tell me how in Morton. Was homeless on and so I just hope people don't. It hot. Off by now this is owned by Islam and then immediately shut down because I think the ad is way you know people who are. Areas. And misrepresent in this eat what a tale which opened your arms in your mind. And so it's like. You know breaking bat was a peek inside of a teacher living Albuquerque and cook in drugs in the in the basement. This is as slice and on trade and the world that maybe you've never seen growth. Debuted at least act in ain't you. Of course you guys needs this is a filmed ornaments. Content now. November 15 and it hit. Green near you know abandon. On November 6 mean thank you so much YouTube moment they once again here ABC radio Candace YM signing off. And for the count the woman she checked out of found and we want to see more. There finding I oh.

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