Sinead O'Connor Is 'No Longer Listed as Missing or Endangered,' Police Say

Police had been searching for her since yesterday.
1:21 | 05/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sinead O'Connor Is 'No Longer Listed as Missing or Endangered,' Police Say
We'll shift Connor is a singer songwriter whose lyrics controversial statements and shaped head made her famous around the world. But this afternoon police in Illinois put out an alert that they were searching for her. After receiving a concerned call about her whereabouts sandy Kenyon here with the very latest sandy. Dave chained O'Connor has been found safe after police in suburban Chicago issued a will being check and we're looking for. O'Connor was seen leaving for a bicycle ride at 6 AM yesterday morning in the upscale neighborhood of will met Illinois about fifteen miles north of Chicago. Then she failed to return this according to local police who released a statement saying. A caller expressed concern for the singers will be. O'Connor has a history of mental challenges the singer canceled the two and 2012. Claiming she had suffered a quote very serious breakdown in. Just last November posted what appeared to be a suicide threat on her FaceBook page the performer claimed she was going to overdose. But O'Connor was later found safe in her native Ireland and so it is today. NATO Connor found safe late this afternoon. It's unclear why she was in will map and there's no official word on her exact condition now as soon as we learn any new information. We'll pass that along.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"Police had been searching for her since yesterday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39153174","title":"Sinead O'Connor Is 'No Longer Listed as Missing or Endangered,' Police Say","url":"/Entertainment/video/sinead-oconnor-longer-listed-missing-endangered-police-39153174"}