Singer, songwriter Erika Ender on new album and writing for other artists

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews 'Despacito' co-writer Erika Ender.
4:17 | 09/18/17

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Transcript for Singer, songwriter Erika Ender on new album and writing for other artists
And it's here live from the cat cats and I know. You get to understanding name of fairness but I'm gonna be on it but you know I. This is the power of you're wrong you can feel every word that you think even if you don't. Yeah because you write in English. Spanish put together and yeah do you make sure that those words. Those unconvinced and I think. That there is a spirit every song has the spirit and I try to stick to it now and right that their right lyrics to those at salute to that reality. So an at the end of the feeling it's whatever we'll do we reconnect at the end. You know that your song that is pat you need your success your career you're clearly an incredible finger and laugh. Is it. It does it feel different because often you hear other people thinking we're right when you're singing and now that the ever had a conflict with that I was a little girl and I always wanted to sing whatever I needed to express. And then I wanna to write for other artists whatever they needed to express because normally we and composers writers we're translators. A feelings rank and whomever can not express it as well but can Yunel. Communicated singing it well. That's that's when we get in and and try to make. Something could tour. For that I love doing that since I was out of pure hell I always wanted there anyway I always like to do this it's that with a little girls. I guess to dedicate this day be loud place like my dear Eric Anders thank you for reassigned. And the signature of Triad or at bundle and Alan famous people in manor at. It was always something that I have in my mind I know how you mentioned the many ways in which party made history of the youngest and that he ever didn't and our very own. I am doing it and I Olympic sixteen. And Carol L where he it was when I had. 28283. Years. I think you didn't know that this with something to do. It's admission you know it's that's at first it was that the way of expressing myself and that was telling and then I saw that I katic had a talent. And I fit in a very humble way and my mom has a very spiritual person always tell me that this talent you have to use it. To ticket. And that's why I'm here. Because yes that there was in the UN assignment the social did. And I try to do as much as I can do music dubious that's responsible as I can. Because whenever I sit down to write a song I -- elect him. Writing. And someone else the soundtrack. Now the center if someone else's life. And down I think that's that's an amazing gift to and I try to do it as responsible as possible and to you know take care of every nine. Of everything and always connect with leaner child. Which is the purest thing we have the purest feelings we have inside me in order to connect with others and I think that that's been. A constant. Throughout my career and them and so happy that nowadays I can steal. You know walking. Through the stats. Looking for immune activation than and trying to. Expand its much also doing get through music. You certainly racked up the accolades in the process well we should mention Ana Marie is going to get this right. You're the only Hispanic female songwriter that's ever reach number one on billboard's hot 100 chart. With the Spanish language song and when I was researching by the way came across this back. That it's the last Spanish to top the billboard 100 you know this and I am twenty years and before that was Lama. Yeah Y nineteen think it it talks along just in the last when he had no idea but I think that Latinos are opening new doors. Always always and we hadn't where such a rich culture we have so many wonderful things and I think that. The fact that the world is getting global more and more each time that we have Internet social Meehan as social media and everything. You get to listen to what ever you want from your house from your cell phone. And and people are opening sing you to new sounds yes and you languages as well so I think that everything has to do with it.

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{"id":49939031,"title":"Singer, songwriter Erika Ender on new album and writing for other artists ","duration":"4:17","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews 'Despacito' co-writer Erika Ender.","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-songwriter-erika-ender-album-writing-artists-49939031","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}