Singer Wrabel on the message behind his song "The Village"

Singer and songwriter Wrabel discusses his new song about a transgender teen's struggle.
6:04 | 10/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Singer Wrabel on the message behind his song "The Village"
Music writing your music. One of the songs on this album that you just recently put out. Have some sort of political undertones. To talk to us about why you decided to do that then you I'm sunk. I wrote this on its of the village. And it was inspired by these two kids I'm Matt I went in my first store last year. And a I'm epidemic outside backstage door and was kind of distract period to transcripts and I was just struck by how. They were very simply themselves and they were so like. Comfortable and confident in my supportive of each out there and I met families and cement friends. And it just released stop mean I was like me I did not have that when I was there aids from and I'm still like so uncomfortable. Ahead. And so. That day after federal protections for trans students have taken public schools I was talking and one of them and kind of hearing like. Outside the headlines just like what it was actually like in school that Soviet Hansgen public school and awful and ultimately it's the who to my best friends and Afghanistan I don't. I'm always writing songs this labor and heartening that matter and museums. And like a one and trying to. Write a song from and if they're the only two people here in the world and grade that was really the point and a and and so we did it name and eroded for the Hammond. And it's definitely duty to put this. Really. So. What's the response to it spin. My eight. I have spent. Literal hours crying over their response it's been so amazing its spin. Who like almost every show you on this storm on now I've had someone come up to me. After the show in here think you sound thing Kiefer media thank you for years saying in here like this story. And people on line like on every where you can send the message and getting. It can't read them. And like meg Graham on ire like sending screen shots of people's comments back and four at this has been crazy to see. People. Unity put us on and I want to thank cool song like butter and jam. Whatever you yeah and it's none of that it's it's like people. Saying I am from this town in this day man. My dad's passed there and this is my story and you know this staring up articles likes. Their whole lives via and there like if you ever in part. Wide open when it comes that song N. I try to cut as much as I myself and it but it's been like that the the most rewarding and kind him my favorite thing. Ever and that and a. Well we all just want to be comfortable except you deal. All the normal things granted it snarled and I don't normal bill that. Oh yeah and it's but he's talented. I certainly don't but. These people. Writings he's day that song makes me feel something yeah. It's. What I tell my preamble to sort of pull from it take conveyed that feeling to you paint. I mean I grew up insurers like evangelical church regret day. I think cannot. 23 Mimi. And a lot of that was 'cause I didn't think it was semi couldn't reconcile. By accident. At these two things. Easier to old. I was. That they'd all like these things don't like. It's no good and I came out into this church in LA that. Whereas when I met this guy we've got together and start dating and then where pastors and it was really. Hard. To. As a phallic you know people are gonna accept your not accept you but then when you add on to it like now retirement god. Room. Accepting you are not accepting you know it was like oh. Well. I think yeah I was reading it was really having news in this dramatic and I think. Kind of tried to pull from that and that song and and to relate to. You know we all go through different things. I'm in and out of vitality BT cute family. That. The feelings are usually similar. The circumstance might be completely different but the feelings like I'm a loan program rejected him weird or. I'm on one to Adam on lovable or whatever they are. I feel like our law usually. The same so what's your message for people with this. That there's nothing wrong view that's what I'm screaming in the chorus yeah the it's it's there's nothing wrong with the you know it's. I think we're in a time now when. I'm not a fan of the us vs them mentality that it it feels like. It's just there now and it feels like it's loud and clear bomb and I don't say that and I don't know how eyes I say that in a way of like there's just nothing wrong with the and just to Simon Says there is. Doesn't of that truth capital T truths and Allen can tally is best known as a right to do.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Singer and songwriter Wrabel discusses his new song about a transgender teen's struggle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50749103","title":"Singer Wrabel on the message behind his song \"The Village\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-wrabel-message-song-village-50749103"}