SiriusXM Founder Talks Giving Back to Her Community, Transgender Journey

Martine Rothblatt spoke to Whoopi Goldberg about her life and family.
5:45 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for SiriusXM Founder Talks Giving Back to Her Community, Transgender Journey
I had heard about my team and be in Iraq black have to sing them on Morgan Freeman's Nat geo series. Story and got. I really want to meet these folks can Smart team is it transgender woman who was named when highest paid CEOs which created a robot with artificial intelligence. In her wife's image but the role Platt I thought the robot was the story. No dollar and that we didn't even get to scratch the surface of their remarkable journey. Nikola. Have you ever wondered just how much one person can do in a lifetime. Well. I've found an answer a few rules Vermont and I went to meet my teen and Dino Rotblat the you know fumble. A couple at the forefront of. Innovations of the laurel. Let me go over there are not as. Between the solar panel. And the wind a 100%. Of the electricity. And the following pump the well water and everything comes from the send your optic network completely off the grid but actually you can bet that we help the grid to strike more energy than we need to and we put it back into the period to help everybody else in the community. That this is one of the reasons I wanted to talk because there seems to be enemies instead of giving spirit so other people how to get to how did you know that you could. And that you should we just like giving in helping hand. Changing world quietly when. Born and raised as Monroe's plan gives the son of middle class parents who instilled faith and a strong World Bank. My team as she would later become as we learned early on that the only way you fail is by not trying. I had a NASA engineer and it. This passage in here captured all these questions apparently. Why is this satellite dish as big as a whole house because for receiving a little tiny TV signal from Jupiter. I said what if the signal was very very powerful and how sick of the satellite dish to be a smallish house. And I said why aren't there any B satellites sounds like bad things that nobody has made it can't have a slight touch. Our team that's what you're attitude made a beeline although it back to Los Angeles. Enrolled at UCLA. Majored in communications studies in Cuba expert on satellites. Graduated. Started serious except. Except that my whole life from natural. That nut shell turned out to be Sirius XM radio. A company that now has over thirty million subscribers. But his professional success was overshadowed. I am very personal secret. During this whole time I'm groaning like two people in my head repeat I'm running the Martin Beck everybody sees. And I'm running them martini that nobody sees. I have never really understood. The best word for the Huntsville high brick WP the bar he talks about you know when you're black in America you have to run a double consciousness. You have to run like who you are. And how you think the other people are are receiving yeah and it's taxing the to use or run. When it's justice. I'm not going to do this anymore. Thank you cited in stages through them. We were laying in bed when they have now I explained to her I said look I really feel like I'm actually a woman. And I would like to it's possible to change yourself from a male to a female your body. He's happiness is essential to me I told her right deficit of just makes you uncomfortable. I won't do you know won't do this transition. She says I felt what was your soul marking what the gender is it's irrelevant to me. And for the first time in my line food parcel how to individuals who actually can become line won't unified in the design kitchen. If he does get this period I don't. Yeah vertical vertigo harvest farm. Officially ending buildings in poor neighborhoods and EDO and all these things and you could she turn these into urban farms have you carved out. For a five minutes to put this that's it sorry Steve I kind of Ingraham show Megan and I know he's talked this budget. Do things he does that do work. I'm the maker you're the communicators treatments together we can lift up the world. Let's sites. 'cause you going to do one thing you're going to want to see one thing that you've heard about that. But then you sit with these folks and you know the story just is and this was just a scratch the surface because. There's more when we come in on one wing about a channel all my got an Arab mother. To think that are playing here the mind and the heart shows that capacity of someone to make a difference if they put their mind took but the part that really left me. Was the beauty of their hearts the fact that she said that what was the most moving part is the sizzle of resonate that icann to CD and I mean the whole thing I mean everything. And that was what kind of knock me out I mean I was. I was gob smacked by them because they do there's nobody knows it Dylan. You know big goal when they do this thing because this is what will they want to make it back at. Coming home town they just get a managing cause thick hat. You know and and they know that they can do these things and so they do them not just for their family but for other functional say there's more.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Martine Rothblatt spoke to Whoopi Goldberg about her life and family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41095490","title":"SiriusXM Founder Talks Giving Back to Her Community, Transgender Journey","url":"/Entertainment/video/siriusxm-founder-talks-giving-back-community-transgender-journey-41095490"}