SWV: What a Comeback!

Sisters with Voices returns to the stage and takes on reality TV.
14:27 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for SWV: What a Comeback!
The little girl -- That -- SWB. Sisters with voices of course there with what -- massive hits that would go -- to become. A classic after selling some fifteen million records. They suddenly broke up but the ladies. They're back together. All thanks to -- we TV reality show asked that he be reunited which we've seen Thursday nights and they are in the studio with us today thank you got some. An -- Emily Lyons. Show -- Clemens and of course -- -- Todd Johnson George. Ladies. First off it is a pleasure that you've stopped in here but I've got some questions for you first up what happened. To break out that. Expect to give -- -- -- historically. We were hunted. Evidently. -- happy kid because you -- you were going strong you're going along and then all of a sudden. Disappeared -- to plan -- last place and we needed to grow we had a separate problem. Well that -- thing cleanups. Now. What was it mean what was it with the stress of being on the road -- -- time was to pressure celebrity was it -- -- your own personal explorations. Quality and there are about how did you -- -- -- -- very stressful means it is so do we do is very tense -- -- very young acknowledges and I -- he asked for us everything we didn't have the proper guidance to people to -- You know what we're watching that clip of -- and and you've got brazile over so young -- you all are still young now so -- -- Yeah. But the reality is those that would you do get that degree of success it's him though. -- fine guidance to keep yourself on the street. Her you have to glioma an -- limited use the -- Certainly after the fall apart to come back together. I'm RS sounds crazy Brent Barrett aren't working I know you have -- to have gone and we were so grateful to be able to have -- again. In many people aren't. They don't have that benefit but we we do it with taking advantage and have less and. -- is a live in the public's in the public eye. You disappeared but what about privately what about the personal relations. What happened there -- ridiculous that the U. He had everything to hand it totally disappeared we just totally normal about cells from each of -- hole SW V Brandon. We there was great wings -- one the issue was it -- And. Spot from any -- and go down the heat then add the numbers back up at it every answer that question you were not having more questions to ask the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think because -- -- -- your tight. -- family tight as sisters fight and sometimes sisters. He can be the most immediate issue yeah but can -- them oftentimes the most divisive the most difficult to overcome was the one thing then it really was kind of like. That's it is the catalysts were done. One of the big things that there was a lot of separation she was singled out and it would. Pushing us that a bad people -- cleaning we where we would like. We didn't count and it if did some cause a lot of animosity because what all the -- all the groups that we should have been treated at the -- but we never had it. And we never had people around us to create an environment keep its -- And I easy assistants now -- again that you vetted to get as he grew you know from beginning -- -- with a listing you loud and you know taking solo -- -- -- a bit like that because -- a great quote. It was what you're -- that kind of direction or even a kind of formula -- which are successful schools and you did you think about how it's gonna jeopardize. The impact of your relationship to but the content. Well yeah I mean and I. Know that you let 88 and by the hype -- really needed it her if you -- What would -- went about. Trappings that come along with the kind of success because we see. The chart toppers that you had and we instantly think you guys are off millionaires have -- a great time making it. Haven't you found him into Israel and legs -- you strip club I am. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey I'm planning to begin with yeah anything like that -- -- -- now we're just crazy yet high life. Beckett let the but it wasn't all giving the benefit in the success of having that kind of financial stability. Reserved a rough time we have had people -- -- -- -- That assailant Anthony hit who -- we. I would just so happy to be. On the role -- -- so happy to be out of school like -- and why. Am mrs. -- we round. Glad we have an app teaches like today and how we -- totally -- bulls now they have behind the music they have all these great shows that expose what we went through back then. So we didn't have those teachings -- it. So we trust in people you have -- -- I have accountants the they haven't we had parents like mom mom was -- Levy's mother passed away shortly after. There was no one minute protective. Mom was there she -- -- of the business but you know she was working and so she didn't really know like that militia cover. Picked up on it comes. Only certain now that you have the wisdom. Age in the wisdom of that success that you can look bad enough that you've gone back. -- reunited clearly -- -- talking get along break out act act act enjoyed a second wave of success but -- -- hadn't gone back and -- they sought retribution for those that wrong you but it. And -- yeah. Sitting -- yeah. Now at one point I act play the blame game I believe it counted -- blame everybody for -- is going through my little transition. But I -- relax okay how can. It is my fault because I didn't take the -- -- -- -- and figure it out and find out on my own soul. -- -- that the year communism. Do believe in comments on -- they're paying for it now. You can -- it comes -- This. A couple of -- took a very very different direction going up and gospel. Is and in is it now coming back into the reunification. -- Not at this season. Have now if you do you -- still -- -- still exploring gospel. I think. Yeah -- -- up one mean at a cost of charge I'd go to church but you know I want to seeing FWB. I'm be a -- IV music's Alan Gottesman outlook R&B music and -- being. They let me be me and I -- -- seeing we have appreciated not tolerated. -- -- -- Should be up and and wealthy should be simplest option when she didn't you learn things and she should be able to do that without criticism couldn't. With -- don't have. No -- criticized. At this second unit -- -- -- matters. Yeah. So. I want to know because this this reality shows obviously. As reality television can be strengthened relationship so when you first reunited what was that life and -- and and and brought cameras into the whole situation. Guy who had reunited in old yeah and -- -- and chose what twenty. Well yeah yeah so by how we started filming we've already -- and -- you know five it was it was great because I think all of us -- the stage and we miss me in on -- -- together and laugh and you don't you know sometimes you. Is forget who put your hand in the beginning. And -- -- does -- we love those fans man. How did that how have they changed how would you fan page is extremely vocal. Social media cop. -- -- -- -- It anyway and interacting with the fans as if that hasn't really only one that effect and how is -- we have note that the identity and we'll be aliens eligible and you go whereas I thought I think I'm mad about you. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- him. -- -- and they had been called back I'll do not at me. -- or what looked like yeah love them now not all. And I'm amazed and -- the ones on the computer is it criticism for your work now is that if you -- But the show -- -- Yeah street you know I think anyone you know give -- the area Indians of what they think you are -- -- don't know and -- -- want you to be my way also. That's what position because you know back. When -- -- hitting your stride in the ninety's we didn't have that kind of -- track and has the kind of immediacy fact that when you first started getting that was -- like. Bit of. You don't know I don't know him that reaction at its heart is difficult to handle it -- -- -- -- I think people forget is that. Yes we're on -- yes we do whatever we do on television but were also human. What normal emotions and reactions Obama on the street and someone came to me and and they were disrespectful. Handle it right there right and you you can't criticize -- for protecting and defending myself but celebrities. Aren't just criticized. For the ball and when they are becoming defensive. It would be it. Wish me and let me -- -- -- threat luckily. How is the State's department. -- on tour I mean it's an old news a relentless schedule and -- and right now. A content what a great. You're putting more effort into it that's what I want. Equipment -- my leg. You look at what you -- Bobby Brown did not everyone. It looked a little. And and a line. It took to bring it back. It's not for one -- that you can see his you've with the move. But how proud she is like -- is quiet -- And that was the inspiration now what was it with inspiration than in and it is still missing. New addition was like a huge inspiration and -- still and we that -- -- like. Little old but they and enlighten the kids -- -- -- who. Deputy. About -- This thing you know legal support -- man is like the first round we have with. We Catholic college -- Oh yes. Yes I well I think you're out of like so many other people that are new -- beds. Held that they're transport and knows what's coming up this season. Gone -- and has some good that envelope I'm yet. And yet as the as the tease me. He's in -- -- in this and I'm so we don't crazy. AMP. Be in extremely emotional. I'm always you know these three men don't know that you think I'm usually on the dip -- -- -- we read. Is a lot of crying in this season I know for myself I find out something about my daughter that was really bad. -- -- the deal is so it shows me -- -- you know people get to see me from a different perspective as a parent. You know and I don't think people -- -- Soledad avenue before because I'm just -- crazy and they like crazy leaving the institute's funny -- -- Tom way. -- -- -- Gateways observer of what was that prohibits cameras offices too -- now how can anyone that we did not that we will we let them and we let them it. -- Florio. This is a little this is a little bit you letting them yet -- is this -- -- we. I read the begins an album black -- just the last thing we need you back. Okay he got back is. Yeah okay I'll get is not -- Why you don't -- singling you I was so what that he's a lot of -- there are three of us and FWB but I carried this group. If I -- constantly living -- and not -- Jim what are. It is not an equal share or it's gotta be divided among three ladies three -- however -- -- very vocal about it. So what -- -- aside from aside from the show with what -- you have on it. Man with a world and we work time it's happened and actually get to take a month -- because we have been working. That when I think and stuff it. Yeah. Well well well deserved well heard we're gonna -- forward to it is yes that you be reunited on we TV Thursday night -- Cocoa -- thank you so much. And we got to say this is the best show all week the united -- and that that little yeah. -- --

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