More Fallout from Sony Hack Attack

Hackers promise more Sony data will be leaked in the coming days.
6:24 | 12/15/14

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Transcript for More Fallout from Sony Hack Attack
Ever became convinced her of the storm like this. No I can't definitely say I'd no good ramifications of the stormy I don't know if the acting on we have because of Barbara reed have been we're not I know that. It has been the center of a lot of media attention lately it is weird 'cause we want to make a really funny entertaining movie. And the movie itself was very silly and it wasn't meant to be controversial in any way it was really just meant to be. Entertaining I mean it's supposed to it's you were politics and globe whom relations and American. Policy in celebrity culture. And this one element of it clearly does drawn a lot of focus. That is actor Seth Rogen in a piece it's airing tomorrow on Good Morning America. On the perceived defect to his movie the interview may have had on the massive hack attack on Sony to speculation being. The movie's depiction of North Korea and its leader Kim Jung on lead in fact to those attacks. However when I'm Dan Cutler in New York so with more on these Sony hack saga. Is ABC's John Ehrlichman. From Los Angeles and John there's been a lot of speculation about all of this about a the sensitive information that's been coming outlet that details this trove of data event or. What do we know about the latest from his guardians of. Peace. Whether they're staying busy Dan we get we definitely know that I mean you're absolutely right the last few remarkable weeks all sorts of information that's come out. From Social Security numbers to salary data for current and former employees and of course what has probably received the most attention being. All these emails a lot of them come in from Soviet says Sony studio heads. Talking about some talent that star in these films would they like who don't they like what projects do they like what projects don't they like. And then today even more data coming out some specifically directed the film you were just highlighting near the interview. And some of the uneasiness there was internally about going ahead with the project like this we we do know that there was an expected meeting. Between staff today and ahead of the stony Sony film studio. But as for what happens next it's still very unclear on where this will go certainly there have been threats from this group. That we will see. More action taken by Christmas Day when this film is set to be released if the film is not withheld brought aces anthrax only in fact is asking some media organizations at the New York Times and some others not to report on stolen information. What we heard about this. Well certainly this is a strategy and you're talking about a company that is in crisis mode right now and so one strategies since much of this information has been released. Through journalists to in many places have received some of the Stanton able to put it on line. The strategy now is what's target media outlets and say hey don't do that you're dealing in stolen. Information. The challenge for Sony is twofold first of all proving that can be difficult. Especially when you're talking about information sometimes a different story than property. You know stolen information stolen property. It can be difficult landscape and then I think the other part of that which we've already seen today is some. Outlets who are barking back if you will saying although I'm it is within our right to be. Putting this information out there. And so I think that'll be a challenge for sorted ultimately prove but maybe it ends up being a stall tactic in what has been an incredibly damaging. Developing story for both the company and company and employee is an obviously the people who were dealing with Sony on a day in day out basis. Will specifically about some of these emails Aaron Sorkin in fact was a topic of many of these between Sony producers there. If fact slammed the media and op Ed in Sunday's New York Times claiming this is what he said. As a screenwriter Hollywood about craze about Americans calling other Americans on American. Selector so that every news outlet that did the bidding of the guardians of peace he is morally treasonous and spectacularly dishonorable. He goes on to say that that has been what his stance is that what's been the Hollywood media reaction to that. Thought I think a lot of people are frustrated. I mean certainly will be interesting to watch that full interview that Seth Rogen has. Obviously a lot of information has been put out their personal information that is typical for anybody to deal within maybe by the way this reminder to everyone to be curable what you're saying. In emails I don't know necessarily if Aaron Sorkin regrets and emails he sent T action was pretty forthcoming about saying hey. I said that I like this actor better than that actor a lot of that was accurate. However I just don't think that the journalists who've been covering this story should be. A putting all this information out there at the end of the day however I think that Aaron Sorkin will still find himself on that same. Line of this argument as Sony in saying hey you shouldn't be putting that information out there there are going to be a lot of journalists out there are gonna say hold on we should have the opportunity to go and put these stories out. At the end of the day the biggest question remaining is. When will Sony have a handle on what's going on and the release of more information we still don't have many indications. That would Telus that Sony is. Is is is getting over the hump with the story an and lastly guardians of peace has worn in fat and yeah Christmas gift. Come in the form of more hacked information what do we know what speculation on what in fact that could be. There there is speculation there's there's no doubt about that it's difficult however I think for us to speculate. And even to think about what could be that next. Shoe dropped when you've had as we said earlier the Social Security numbers the emails the salary information that's already out there. And I BC they have talked about this film. And there on there there then not why diseases film releases one of the key. Tactics that they're taking so what will definitely see what happens. All right John Ehrlichman from our bureau in Los Angeles John thanks much preachers that things. You can give up at the start real time like downloading the ABC news out and start the store for exclusive updates on the go. For now from Dan that's learn New York.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Hackers promise more Sony data will be leaked in the coming days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27620968","title":"More Fallout from Sony Hack Attack","url":"/Entertainment/video/sony-hack-fallout-information-leaked-seth-rogen-discusses-27620968"}