Looking at How Special Ops Views Women in Combat

"The View" co-hosts discuss gender and diversity of people serving in the military.
5:19 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Looking at How Special Ops Views Women in Combat
A military just some made the historic decision to allow women in all areas of combat. But apparently 85% of male special ops forces are against it. The reasons range from unwanted sexual tension to having to deal would PMS in combat. Can't think coming up say sandwich I love our armed forces and I love the military do wonderful things stressed that this is a little sexist it set a one of the job our purpose in life you did not go out do we do kill in all it's to nurture. Okay I'm sorry what I. I IC we are coming from and I agree that a lot of the reasons were very sexist. But at this is a decision that doesn't just impact you as a woman it impacts everybody here triplets and I worked in sports for ten years as a male dominated industry. My first boss told me. Women don't belong sports and you only make it if you show your breasts that's basically what he's had to leave it I didn't actually cause I don't have a need to shop. I don't have any dish out but listen I I think woman a proven were perfectly capable we can do anything we put our mind to. When you look at this particular situation and in combat some of the reasons were perfectly logical tonight listening as something OK I deployed with the female combat cameramen. And we had to medevac her out for a yeast infection because that takes away from the mission. You talk about medical issues he also confessed can wait they talk about foreign partners they don't respect female soldiers. And you think about our partnerships are not what eminent war ample I say I think somebody sent some of them you have to consider that they also brought up take hygiene we shower once a week will lead to medical issues bring a baby white. Like that there's there is completely my I don't know why did not I don't have is what about let male pattern. Well this could signal or something to the enemy. Why and here's why your argument may not hold up. Masada is always had women that it via Israeli army has always had women and no one has ever disrespect and now the anti Al lot yeah combat I don't they fight alongside the man I'm sorry. If you are soldier and you believe that you can go do that job like everybody else you should have the opportunity as well. It gets pregnant she'll leave the teen. Some ball what are the ones going oh my goodness I have to have sex with you right now that I got three hits on the one inside the right Dina and I I totally understand I think a lot of these reasons were sexist but some of them were very logical to me and I think to you have to think about. You're not just making a decision for yourself you're making a decision for. For all of sick every bananas and women will get attracted to each other that happened at the police department I read by now I don't buy that found that I don't think it's possible that have an all female. You know. That's because it happens all they show I don't know about unrealistic. Unrealistic Internet and a man want to join the women there's an Eminem's not harm crop. Say that's not our but the fact that you'd think you're going to be sexually attracted to somebody not happen is not our problem that's your problem that means you need to gold gets us out. We'd done yes you know you need to gold did some luck if you if I'm so a lower rating you can't concentrate on special ops job. They said they alluded to that they said we can't train romantic or sexual relationships out of people which. I don't even if they need to be set and there is a female units in another country that's fighting and killing. The kind of the courage and doing wonderful numbers right now all female all wheel than. Yeah. I supported him to hand combat like they used to werewolf want to rub what took. I mean these things people dropping bombs on countries where still you know there's an award now if if if a woman can't do their job would. It's not upset anybody to say she can't comment because I might be attracted to her that is not on that's not a reasonable to me only but hey that's what whenever a woman wants to get into a male dominated field they get the same reasons. He just got PM that's what still the one that vacuuming big east what was now that. And yeah. I totally get it and I'm kind of told where this kind of happened. Hi I'm kind of torn but I'm not saying I see a little bit of the logic because she's not just making a decision for herself. And IBC. And and I think what do you you know these animals he isn't real have also gotten well for herself would you accept and everyone out well now it's not what I'm doing it they. Are making that decision to be affected she's not doing anything but our job right and that's not on and that. To be pissed and outlets she can do her job she not attracted to. The reality is some of those men probably won't treat. Those women with respect that they disease or aboriginal art and real high do not like that and now I'm not a long and spot it's not far. Some and we had to train people might get special forces and you know this isn't I mean this isn't major combat you you just want the best unit. That's going out there that can protect and serve and if there's that internal conflict are we then. I think again I Haggans Villa also have internal conflicts with the colors of our skin and other issues that are happening in the military and sexual preference and quite honestly. If you want to kick. Some bad guys if you want a woman went PMS not a.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss gender and diversity of people serving in the military.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35779706","title":"Looking at How Special Ops Views Women in Combat","url":"/Entertainment/video/special-ops-views-women-combat-35779706"}