Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List

Shanon Cook from Spotify gives the Top 5 trending videos this week.
6:14 | 10/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List
-- the most viral songs the weak -- -- top five -- and we've got Emporia joining me with today's top five must buy songs from Spotify Shannon cook spot -- trend. Expert I -- -- -- -- pay to get a title like that try and expert lots. Thank you could not have. I probably can't this riding your coattails so a fun week this -- -- this. Find -- list this week different as always but -- -- repeats that different positions. -- -- -- So cut kicking off number five which was number one last week it is it's the chain gang of 1974 and they're hit sleepwalking. -- -- That is not behind it and like the name. -- Eyes that eating poisoning name East Hampton -- hate it and this is the song right off his new album coming out. Also like I think as a real eighties field day definitely had -- look at the kind of -- -- Grand Theft Auto -- as well -- of that in the retro 23 years back yeah nice treacherous you can go for thirty years. Before -- -- -- electronic rock -- Bad to grant I love this on blackout -- today. An increase in -- Believe it or not. -- -- -- -- The -- on its -- -- acoustic. Its music CNN tonight I doubt it's the cows in the Chelsea. -- -- It's very natural but it really great -- a really great Q and Jimmy Fallon is a big fan of these guys he had them on -- He had been back last week and we can't find conference out of -- that it's on track. Skin gently. -- immediately say they have been upon. It is kind of collect all the trends sort of truth can trickle through from what one particular list and then it gets picked up in the broader spectrum of things like development and never return your phone call this -- up a grant. We just like you are obviously with -- all the time I call you every -- and I. It. That restraint orders given to art smack in the middle of this one isn't our favorite -- this that fox. I'd say the. Never tomorrow -- -- -- it's no pony up more than a hundred million. Views on the eighteenth. And -- brother -- brother from -- there. Median they do a lot of silly videos like. It's actually this video has fallen some pretty funny ideas is actually one out there of elvis'. Sitting and watching the music NEA and reacting to music. You think someone else. One in the late this latest details on what doesn't boxing greats -- isn't it reasonable. That that -- that that we'll look like Kathy Griffin's. I don't. I've seen pictures that's that's that's -- mean the Clinton. -- she's asking is in -- all the rest recently. Well what does the box well and now in YouTube you can actually find lots of different fox schools they have a lot of different -- that payment gets that there has been involved hasn't it. Smoking after he graphics like we. Yeah. -- -- -- Beverage analyst at sonic you know actually in 1971 grades. -- lose this one by bad things. Only giving away like this song. Actually as the losing -- on an hourly. Six breaking. Really great. And sad story behind. Aware of and that their fat fingers of British -- and that was to have around in the sixties early seventies The Beatles actually sign them to their label. And two of them and this went on -- commit suicide. -- very tragic stories surrounding the -- There's their music has linked a little bit this song as -- as being used -- -- it was used in the meeting it is -- in 2006. And let's had a very distinctive feel it's edited very distinctive tone to it and it's the graphics sound finance baby blue the -- -- coolest one of the main character is. A breaking bad was the blues heat Chris to comment Friday that the song is appropriate in several ways Bruins -- an inappropriate. Venue anyway. Number one on the list this is straight off the Hunger Games on track at last the cart despite CS featuring weekend. And get. CNN news. Do people really. Easy for just about every week -- Pyongyang. -- -- -- And Shakira. Effect is a humorous -- online about it CF hasn't -- and then the very definitely -- but as well as being a great songwriter she's a fantastic vocalist in her ride her and her singing inside out loans placed on CNN live a couple of times. Really great thing I love this movement -- movement and it. Obviously you can tonight to Hunger Games all the better for you convinced popularity can -- there guys general purpose Spotify has come alive thanks for being with -- and --

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{"id":20522257,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List","duration":"6:14","description":"Shanon Cook from Spotify gives the Top 5 trending videos this week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-songs-list-20522257","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}