Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs of The Week

Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" makes it into the top 5.
5:14 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs of The Week
They're the most viral song for the weak -- -- top five list and we've got Emporia joining me. With the top five must -- songs and Spotify Shannon cook -- -- trend expert always. Ready and willing and able to make -- cool but keep in our play less time I do and I can't execute execute it you can't. Commenting -- like this is Mike. -- that we -- how can. These people. But we're live quietly got hit a couple of army little bit of everything this week everything but the kitchen sink in today's list -- spiritual -- -- -- listen -- -- -- -- local -- players -- sexy -- electronic dance with a -- of -- -- -- -- the top -- -- fingers played despite their name they're not seeing the client. Say I feared the time is coming -- the CDJ's very very popular here in. Eleventh here they. The bombing -- The -- festival audiences like feed him. I'll take on the music and -- -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna take the show on the road next -- in Miami on right. I mean as opposed to here for any deal to get a shot like that that this we're having. -- and they weren't happy we have cloudiness and at night Villa as ours that's fine and -- raising their very best. In the most debate. Legally possibly -- before the list -- With one now this is Tony Branson's youngest sister obviously -- run for the family Braxton family values always -- anyone's list. The estate market. Can't same I was. Anthrax. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In reality TV -- in front of family values -- -- -- -- -- with her husband maintain our hands. Isn't album coming out until -- baby on the way. Some beautiful voice but not -- -- like -- Now with -- -- -- -- just comical that way kind of. Disseminate any kind of infighting in the family is -- silly Frist has seen that two different people would have different sounding voice that's. Let -- they have the same last name aren't they -- Five our number three coming in is falling in reverse alone -- a great -- Now this is -- heavy metal bands they're set to release their second album. Their independence scratching their heads and would this song because. They combined heavy metal riff -- the lead singer Ronnie residents actually does a little bit keep calm things through -- And he dressed the criticism that he's been getting -- by saying look I fell in love with hip hop before a -- in love with heavy metal. This is what we're doing we're managing the styles -- than it terrified -- the thought I would immensely. -- now that he -- long enough to the lyrics you understand clearly why you don't want that we had to have probably like Reagan just in case some knows he. But it's great though it's entertaining nonetheless. Partner fertility I carry my -- -- hash tag beautiful -- hip hop. Little sexy R&B Mariah obviously looking fantastic as -- -- I'm -- -- music video just wouldn't be humanitarian needs to begin with better -- -- in ten different directions can. And they're wearing next enough and this isn't great song accidentally you know what's funny and she always gets blamed Hughes gets -- the eve of the biggest -- -- -- -- -- she's really generous in this song she doesn't actually stopped singing answer than any second the -- -- seconds is -- -- -- Miguel so it. -- kind of. -- ice storm which has always been hot on Spotify. I found him -- about a two months the three months ago love that even that's very very yes I am. Greatly accelerate the hottest very sedan near his soul iron -- and the two of them actually -- -- -- this song together our eyes to see the diva status 92 delay made. -- -- -- Number one -- the list lord royals she has been repeatedly on the list and -- good reason that you made it number one. I'm so glad she finally released a video yeah. Her for five weeks we've just been looking at this on scans into ES in his these sixteen year old -- and now we actually see their isn't musician behind this great music for she's become quite an international phenomenon she's only sixteen inches from musing on. And she's managed to do this without any permission and without revealing anything about -- It is how she's. Bubbled up but is here -- love -- very Mack of Morgan Lewis fresh. Should I get it Nathan's very -- guard artillery haven't missed a lot of us top five vote top five most viral -- this week Shannon cook thank you so much -- Kingston.

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{"id":19178700,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs of The Week","duration":"5:14","description":"Mariah Carey's \"#Beautiful\" makes it into the top 5.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-songs-week-19178700","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}