Stacey Dash Says Do Away with BET Awards, Black History Month

"The View" co-hosts discuss the realities of race in America.
7:03 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Stacey Dash Says Do Away with BET Awards, Black History Month
And to some Fox News contribute there. Stacey dash just weighed in on the Oscar boycott it as she claims it's not just the academy who needs to be racially inclusive and take a look. We have to make up our minds either we want to have segregation or integration and if we don't want segregation and we need to get rid of channels like BET. And the BET awards and the image awards where your only awarded if you're black. If away the other way around it we would be up in arms as a double standard. And so if you say there shouldn't be a BET chain now I don't think so not just like this shouldn't be a Black History Month. You know it where Americans sharing that's it. Well there we hit you have to. Like his gimmick this white history month as every other lots of. So Black History Month is vets is spotlight. You know. The history and it's important I think you know I think it's the height of hypocrisy that Stacey dash. Would say that there should be no BET which she had a recurring role on the ET show. Gave. Her one. She was approved banner at the NAACP. Fear awards yes I am talking to you miss dash she's graced the cover of jets. Friday. Heart and soul smooth. Trying like. Really State's debt and I just think it's incredible that she would give up whatever value she had in the first place to pander. To an audience that is sort of angry and scared of people that don't look like them currency is. Obviously you to be angry and o'clock angry at your kids adopt David Nazi like Julia for the dollar when you compromise your values. For money. You know you are I I. I was say this I don't justify I do I think she missed the point I think it's great to celebrate our differences and what made us unique. My family and Flint they go to our lady of Lebanon maronite church. You know you have organizations for black journalists and Hispanic journalists. I think it's great to celebrate those unique bet that uniqueness and the difference is. But it does I think you have to look racial tensions are at an all time high in last twenty years. You have to look is it subconsciously. What are we realize it or not creating. A divided amongst us and pitting one group against and that no hassle I don't know it's not and the bottom line is the reason. There isn't a Black History Month is because. As far as I remember when I was in school I don't know nothing about his day I was to taught about my history and so we have fat. Awareness and for the people if they do you send information in their history but you just sent an awareness and my question is this subconsciously. I'm in his. And where we're not a millionaire question as valid badly it's just a question I conduct. I'm gonna cause a pleasant and what do you know about black history. I know I what I what I learned in school and what I had taken upon myself what's the what what are you know aside from there was slaves what. What how much do you know how much we taught at school about black I mean what what I what I know about black history I was taught in school I also took it upon myself to learn right I've got okay see you. Let me just answer my own question tea Washington that's what. Now everyone knows about Booker T. Washington we're saying is is not taught right Asia this is not how I found strangled. As it pertains to America means not American history. Holds all of us and she's writing that yes we are all Americans but we are not all treated black American I get them one in the ET is because networks. Wouldn't take. A lot of the shows that have an all black cat and the trial yes I don't always went to went ABC has done it you know. There are black is there Russ Jennings yes and it's one. I know I'm playing LA yeah I'm seeing that I not agreeing with her I don't know I doesn't want Larry I was his enemies and did not know it's my mustering any earning up. It's already stirred that's wired and that's why we have. Make is that beach he has an audience and this is a moneymaking industry right and that going to admit demographic which is African American mostly on shore. And that's that's having money and they get ironic don't be NS TIL holidays I am saying we're talking need for a city with the roles are reversed and I turned on the T eat and I'm white and could never write you off. Yeah. Lonely now. A on the TV and didn't see any character or person that I resonate with you know make them I want my Brothers get a and I remember there was a time early on when neighbor putting it one gay character that was always flamboyant who is the best friend with a girl I and my brother would say it was really hard for him because he sent to a frustrating I'm not like that guy picked up an idol Heidi Allen can -- watch and so with I worry just a white person sitting at home and everything was black. I would if the roles reversed I would look for her he'd like to relate to our arts and it's really typical type and the growing up. As a person of color when you don't have those images in front of you it's it was very typical slow for me. And I and I wanna say this about BT not being inclusive because I think that was part of her point Stacey dash was saying well you can only get an NAACP image award. If you're black that's that is not that is true not true accent got out one and 2011 Sandra Bullock's been nominated Justin Timberlake Angelina Josie is now I don't know. You don't know what I'm talking about that makes it hard to have this current assets yet really does she know and sell. Stereo typing. It's not something anybody in America really wants to deal went OK but unfortunately. We have it and so we have to. Clinton networks aside you know lap time for women you know now there's a lot of time a black women. Then there's a lot of time Asian women as like hair all its needs marketing when Katherine ever while you see. Is one thing and you know that you would describing I think a lot he's angry people's worst nightmares turn on the TV and not see a map. Cannot see black people yes. Do you miss sixty cents a moment and you all know what I'm talking and that's just yet I'm not listening I see white lace and I mean let's not. We have now they're everywhere. It's a point where we just say I see people and it went and don't see that that many with children helping children just see people they did you know male they have the U we teach kids haven't haven't. Believe me every lot easier for everybody but it will only mean that we have six or seven channels. I think that would be all right elegant right at.

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{"id":36426070,"title":"Stacey Dash Says Do Away with BET Awards, Black History Month","duration":"7:03","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the realities of race in America. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/stacey-dash-bet-awards-black-history-month-36426070","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}