Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi on changing the formula for 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Hemsworth and Waititi appear on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about finding a new rhythm for the film.
18:08 | 11/03/17

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Transcript for Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi on changing the formula for 'Thor: Ragnarok'
So careful of the world you. Two and thus for a then the day you owe you and me. Minister good you can. Books to Jerusalem to the Bertha rescue innocence. It's what you always want. It's to get help. When it can't help nah not as it's great works every time humiliating gentlemen I'm. I'm not sitting here. And out right. I'm. A classic but still ahead. This minimum of groups note. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers in this popcorn would tell you what's happening at the movies and there is no one of them. Except for four. They're just this so anybody else that opening against them this week minus we'll just go home or wait for ward these streaming release. And if anything he. It is my lectured today. To welcome the director. Of the war wracked up. Hike. Like to do. And the guy who plays storm cell Chris him so well. Thank you guys we have spent how many months making this me. And its long. We shall for months and you've been editing for sentencing news here. Eight. Program seems like the picnic time like cheese and more. Yes OK he's been you know traveling all over the world now promote it still. Tinged. And if if if it hides and now accounts and next week that we have sick excuse this is one of the there's. Is there leg has grown hostility or a board of animosity overseeing each of them. You. Mountain people what. It is focus on the animosity between us he country's New Zealand and Australia do. Much like the greats atom animosities in America and Canada oh yeah. And we resent lot of vigorous who's gonna bridging the gap between. Pink and orange mongers. Think of this film is is. Peaceful pension. And all of this burns thing about it because cinematic life I mean immediately not believe any. Notes are. It's just what it's for this a little buzzer that goes liar liar pants on five do you know my outlook shares opened and he just sort of yeah yeah that that's it. But the whole robberies vice on the football rugby which. What is this water supplies in which isn't it. Circulated through friends of that is not. It might not and does he get asthma cases. Blossom now love and you can still it was the last thing I saw from them and be with a love story but. Behind the scenes that bombs going. It was look at it to troubled front of the bar at whistler. Obviously give me this is character and so was talk of that and that's why this movie is so funny and we both got together and said. That's this is wreck everything in this redo it Wednesday Bratton re regular writer who wrecked and inventive when down. Also give it somewhat evil was so pleased with that I want our blood characteristics Holland's nothing but his point and are cold and forgets god something different needed to from the wrecked that we need. You know and I've loved every director Edward worked with and every experience is a step to this but it was like. Now we got to reinvent that we have nobody listened to it and talk economy in and to sit yet it's so much room that you haven't explored. I've been doing a good at comedy in up films and more you read what this is fondle him we're this and he's denied three of my favorite films that flew the settlement halt and and I was like that's the guardian. And we just it was a good. Wild some experiment in and Aston and hired on the whim of wit the cleanup shouldn't Florida's since this little recipes should never worked but. Sometimes you know make crazy terrorists and and and it paid off. Yet Lebanon fist and then I mean Sangamo looked income Coleman before he's not the coolest thing in the and in the thinking you know and it's a hero that you know I want them you know follow on the bench someone from the use unity in sealock he's Chiming. And displacement Crist himself. It doesn't let him in with Christmas and it's just hitting it. But it does say it it was more also. These hottest thing to dues system. The yourself turbulence in its Montes ago hog on the sort of musicality a bit ordered an authority or old knowing sort of go of these and the thing that's what the hammer. Without I had an annual pentagon when wounded ones that you go to kind of planes brought them. And I responded distribute Bakken and they're doing gotten. And it was incredibly live grinding to stick on a I denied justice that have been talking kept signs that it's gonna work and ought to roll the thought that's got to destroy it. So there's seventy versions of this dome theater. Talk. Yeah well I'm care of them curiously it's really happy knowledge of not even a missed. I don't know what does that say New Zealand air the other found video of the north that there comes on the slim and their painters and those go back to it was good bet to the fees in anti but it says it is critical. Thank past instances. Critically not what is next horizontal stripes and cops crossed processed him. Nobody an open exit me. You don't see movies where there's a lot of money at stake where people say uncle walked the tight. And I fall off. OK you know we're all friends here especially with the yen but my background in and expected to have a tight leash you know and Agile little leash. To stop me from Illinois and yeah just like you know they had so much trust and say. Full credit to them to do that we have. You do model goes what's the right in films now everyone in here and I do think decisions. Aren't the wrought people. And let them bring to the flume will this fuels what a thoughtful review totem coming in. Muscle to Moran's this system I don't know we've apology because you have summed awful. And I've ever done it happens on some draws that led to give them my throat and gentlemen and and it it was the best form nothing that's why there's so successful as they they keep changing tent and surprising the audience and you know making. Choices. The they're very very. And predictable. Wouldn't just haven't cast like the winnable not jobs. And everybody looked like they were just taking it off the same Latin at this thing. Cate Blanchett really yeah. It's just. So nobly she did with the flick believe quote she wants an up now look at the positive at the moment you still can't and it's as though it's okay Jeff Goldblum. The minimizing yeah. Crazy in my one school and Jeff president played he has a from event to our visions of himself with Clinton filmed. And quote what number they we go indicating he didn't problem does the best so just go down and not a record in those lessons. But you know he talks about loving your movies and he's right a total hunting and did he ever seen for the will be increasingly impose those. Most this is right there at odds with an. Do it I love the eagle good reviews Vietnam. All these bills in the known. So what was this historic meeting between it to you when didn't well what what well setting meeting ever had ultimate Christmas present yeah. This is it here hasn't kept silent but the kappa odds in his film. I was and the Allman also and a lawyer with the sticking with. An Odyssey a tough. I think boy boy boy and I am Amazon says and I hadn't and it just I'm still hadn't come out. So it was cut and a group exists in the cola the dorktones and of the meetings. He answered the phone and its Yucca who have disliked what sort of awkward for us tonight. We books for the Seneca fireman. It's. Undergoes lucky coffee below you here but he ordinary at an end. Became friends and then when he's nine kind of from the short list of directives and a cold talk and we play this. We both agreed to limited knowledge of and that it works for it for itself. I would not feel betterment in the job you know of my in via talents. Ability. And again and might in yeah. What was that first day on the act rules that we know about this drunken meeting that. That can call attack that that was very sweet but very well and are now Republicans are they really did that and then suddenly were best friends which is great in the that's. A dozen things people open. Just wish we'll have to support them. But when you're actually behind that set. Why. Was that first day. Who's the. Others ceremony just as in Australia and ands. We actually had a regret opening ceremony with the local aboriginal tribe. And coming in kind of blessing. The Stanton blessing production incident to salute. Kickoff the the whole sheet and it Yunnan and really good way you know and and that kind of sit the time favor thing really we you know it it. The crew neighbor was involved it was then it's the accomplice a good bonding time and from then on off Ritalin rootless families and others they issue a news stalked through through month yet. You go to John and you do you currently in the academic salmon and did some stuff as well and yet it was just. Then if nothing speak with Hollywood films you guess that is kind of common in this in. That's that is not in a stop this is a continent to work and live on executing rule. It was court and its quietly anywhere in your appearance stressed we just played music performance. It's a I'm. The radar just doing whatever. Just let musical that elements on them during my performance that saw the look the valuable it's being cited this thing. The it is evident the at. Here. And end. We we're really lift the line Woburn Australia's if mistreated and ignited them but. They wanted to control us but the route from from America. Kevin came down but in the last week of shooting and it was to it changing and we behind a city that is have to fake it for him. None of play but not much. To him getting Christmas that if them. Once among the daughter and the Kevin turned up against. This is happy if senator have been. What's what's going this is the last thing to shooting on what this can happen again note. We don't want any of that all we hear now. Now is a bad how much. You do that you started with the script. How much with him prop. Which is a difficult thing to do on a big movie. And yet and it happened and yet. Again one of the list is one that is to it was a surprise when suddenly it infamous Imus of the but I think about it Clinton won't have to write to see. When it's not good right we can you can try it a dozen times that the man you just and then trade him to a sudden think when you when your timing for target. And on the hit the bulls you'd just be fields restricted at two dollars in the box and we just look I mean every diabetic. Talkers and talk was what. This drug has on. Yet we ought to ten that would both in Madrid the scene and then outside that say that that's that. Cross that all the lines rustling and stated in the just choose the points that who would Bothell for a story and so you know for the audience's understanding of what's happening. And then say that what most violent know how you get between them is the end here from on the line is up to you. Am ability things that. 1520 times this is something really different and my fair suffers knocking Chris you know just ripping off each other thing. And you know the same in this sitting on the street. You know he's going going to come as anything you just using me to get to the whole move to threaten and do you concede like. The vitality vivid let's listen to each other and I would only this limits the end it's actually. Just like it's very real and funny and and you can tell that I can tell another audience can the the actors and the filmmakers having a good. Omnia what I have read about this young boy from the make a wish foundation again on the sand and what he gave you a line. Darcy revised is looking at Evers most of its. It is he's there visiting. And he's writing this he's that's Hartford token and in between the set up some hikes and and he's lied knows more about this universe the mob we in of us and we didn't and I was like. Nazis is is is pretty knowledgeable sources and they decided that it signed should said this that. And and and he said to me you should say we know each other he's a friend from work. Yeah. About the hope you know it comes out and other out of immunity but sure you know W one you know. It's the best movies. Such temptation hits and pleasant is it red from work yes that's right kids who reservist premier. He's one. You're both. Even though it's it's a little scared sometimes to think of it fathers then are your kids old enough yet to see. From an audit mono not to see it. Indigenous. About whom opposite some of the ability that they don't even incite violence and well five roach you spot he's used editing what would in the seventh in the vicinity of camp lives that it is a variety. City. Has become numb though only area they may that he might and others are having nothing this stiffness and suck and monarchs but one of them more it's on. He's like. Full sort of like action Kia doesn't since two brides. Everything in and and loves awful Lawrence of bureaus. The other two life. Her care. How old are that might Trimble is at three in mud who's fought. Amid at their new rewrote doubt in my house on the mile the doors to. Those are competition this undergo and other alleged that position it's not the tomato has always penalties for the three Euro none but you don't Monica trying to get the cool factor realities they can't really take that he's different and they will. They will when they grow and I think Arafat Moses when I go to work this to fought amongst them yet you know me to let that dream. I can't collect samples one by someone who busted but until going to be cool. I'm just doesn't negate and then my kid's game after. All of that he's not. Even does it image editing recently my daughters dead on a plane. Spoken with. And with a photo as a drive in the mind among minority youth and the cat's in the critical in this as soon. Didn't book blue moon. When we come in homes and a don't know where. You get together. But. He has to watch out this is the first time in the show's history where I always end that way asking begging people to thing we did at what you just did it. We do it before there is no prompt. It would to want to send us. I'm looking kinda went easy because you have very much told the tell you watched on his work and think anything that increases besides whom he fits into the stock. Guys are valid in Australia but when fox tells US via so nothing in the past. There's not all of those all of them all of them what vision of things that mean at least it. We do not think that mullah as. Did you feel that have an intern in death will those XE world winner Russell that. Actually I'm in the political cause is that. They have a gun on them. You. He uses funny is a fluid. Good luck in on I'd seen him in and oust made the funniest thing union films and is still listings. And almost shocked. And being exploited in more and other films being enough of really lucky but I had this with the crew Whitman and we'll wasn't just allowing him to be funny here. But yet. A full list you did it. So congratulation. Thing you make something really special I don't have Matthews saying. But as we say goodbye let's do it together as taxes and that's as it McRae. It's it's. Live the when income and homes don't know what. And again. He will not get in the war wracked Iraq this is. It's it's what nightly is the son playing at the debt through both ominous what you. And giving into it doesn't matter how was Rihanna you know it's still wet again and to any thank you guys thank you thank you Chris thank detective. That was that was lot of fun.

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{"id":50887122,"title":"Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi on changing the formula for 'Thor: Ragnarok'","duration":"18:08","description":"Hemsworth and Waititi appear on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about finding a new rhythm for the film. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-chris-hemsworth-director-taika-waititi-changing-formula-50887122","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}