'Star Wars' and the Power of Costume at the Denver Art Museum

ABC News' Clayton Sandell tours the exhibit that includes real costumes used in the 'Star Wars' films, from Amidala to Yoda.
19:52 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for 'Star Wars' and the Power of Costume at the Denver Art Museum
Hey gang it's Clayton says bill here at ABC news welcome to our stream thanks for clicking on us we're here at the Denver Art Museum today. For something that is totally in my will house have been really looking forward to doing this. This is the Star Wars and the power of costume exhibit. I'm here with the finally a van dyke who sort of put all of this together along with the team here at the Denver Art Museum and workers right now hours starting in the B jet I vs. Since the aryan that this is tell us a little bit about the overall collection what's here what can people see. And what are we looking at right there. So there about what is seventy costumes from all of seven films in the skywalker saga that's. Everything from. New hope to force awake in plus about 300 additional objects concept art and all of that. And then we get some light sabers yes unlike favors exactly concept art models. Anything you can kind of think up and then in here were kind of exploring. Classic good vs evil. And how did it costumes reflect that. So tell us a little bit about your enemies with these these customers were inspired by a semis quite quite well yeah yes the both the -- I am innocent. Inspired by samurai but they have to be kind of blow any because as you know the jet and the declared pretty active then there right they're battling not so that constant had to allow for that movement and. All of these things here. People should know these are re creations these are models of things or that these are the actual screen used Austin's. Right so that's human McGregor is sweat things yeah you're smiling and the slant for. You can't beat that it could say hi this is sort of re creations over the designer's. Workspace yeah. Now we look at it now we're kind of we re created art studio and it's the concept artists would you know really create a world on paper and make the characters on paper so. We've included both a lot of trying to especially of the nab in Queens and a lot of inspiration that they look they looked all over the world for. For inspiration and then also the settings in which they live so. We're looking at and Abu and some of the sketches and some of the inspiration and in fact we're looking through files of inspiration I am at Skywalker Ranch and we found one of our paintings. Thomas Cole painting me in there. That's actually hear the music at dinner anything I'm so there's a connection. So tell us a little bit about that visit because you went this this exhibit has as toward other museums that you went and actually found things that have never been exhibited before. Yeah yeah they exhibition and was about sixty costumes created put together by the Smithsonian and the lives museum for narrative art. And we decided as an art museum we really wanted to emphasize the creative process so we added. All sorts of objects. Concept art models to study get act to show you you know what the creative processes to leave mine through their folders and a they're aware how it Doug anomaly and a fun visit Ilyce it was really fun and a few visit nice we have a few chances to find stuff. And this you live guest is the royalty section. I you know. I'm a fan of the movies I didn't realize how many elaborate costumes or for queen on the dollar that Natalie Portman character but there's a lot she had almost a different costume in every scene and some of them are only on screen for a few seconds and they took months to me what's your favorite in this room in this room I you know what I think it's this one over here. The chapel. Escape parents in the yeah because I liked this story that goes with the drying. The drying as Ian McKay his artist and he was not satisfied so we kind of crumpled up the trying but then that eventually pulled it out and Trace the crumbles. With his with his pen and they became the least. On the dress I really like as an escape them so that's a sentiment yet there okay. And moving economy needs classic. Seeing people here yeah the Tuscan raiders I remember being really scared of this guy yeah somehow felt got to beat up Luke for yeah. Hang opens carry. Amendment. Do you not feature section we added all these because creatures are of course an important component right right and. And of course this this one which has been the subject much. Speculation car don't take a look at this one. The princess lay it slave bikini which I've also heard. Lately sort of re branded as the the Joba the hut killer. The hot slayer. Yes bikini very evidently that's a good re branding for the allies killed them live the cost him that he and determined that I. As the actual this is awesome. Yeah and in return to the that I yeah bank Carrie Fisher and she said is there a little surprising knew where this woman after wearing a kind of modest weight that's right yeah this is a total total depart yes exactly. One of my favorites here we have. Bove a fat who I believe started out as a white storm trooper that's. Back in the day yeah Athens. Conceived it in fact we have a video kind of old video footage. The kind of proto fat yeah what they call it the way I wrote a fat. Yeah and then he added sense and kind of Wiki pelts as well you know his victims. And very different from jingles that his father whose yeah if there is pretty Jane goes pretty pristine. Yeah and you know how do we not his battle lines. Priced as low back. And this is this is great if you haven't seen this this is. The size seventeen. Now we'll key feet worn by Peter Mayhew in Star Wars in 1977 yes I seventeen I forget exactly how tall he was seven foot 217. So. And then you also have what what is this here. This is I'm OK so close to baca has made up fifteen pounds of yak hair on top of like a wool knit. Lindsay yeah those hot. And a not so for the trickles they decided to add this cooling suit underneath because you know in Nam. Remember is that they've got all button more rookies more worn more rookies how. How are these guys got to where. This mesh shirt with cold water running through the to take to keep them cool under all that yak hair looks like an astronaut suit did I trick. And and he said Jack cared so yes this is all yak hair as paglia apprehended him yeah. And by the way well while we're here with two puck I find it I think it's appropriate dimension and wish all you Star Wars fans out there. Happy life day if you remember November 17 1970. These Star Wars holiday special aired one time only there were celebrating the hooky a holiday life they've so I feel like everybody. Very nice if and this is some of the you can actually. Do some of the matter here at some of the act can we wanted people that could everyone wants Apache Bok governor of course he's too fragile things can pan am here to bash student. So you've got everything from the original 77 Star Wars ask you the force a weighted average opens. Last year Eric this is who are these guys this is ray have a tenant Carol Ann and then. They heroes. Of course a weekend. And yes so we're really excited to get these because you know now it's part of the cannon. Brand new yup. And now these are guys there that for me is a kid nobody be the storm trooper right. So you have several versions right here. Storm troopers helped a little bit about the original stormed through. We have that was a difficult one for them to me except well it's kind of like an assembly line and they really had like vacuum packed beings and Phillip bell of the difficult process but that name. Ripped off event for the course a weekend then kind of updated and made a more streamlined their. And again you can see this is from 1983 return of the Jeddah I'm not gonna touch a but I wanted to point out just I mean how how bottled water really this was probably Houston maybe the indoor yeah -- seems isn't a pretty dirty beat up. Yeah. He saw this somewhere on screen for. And no one in married tolerate them know it better. And incidents the newer first quarter from Japan. Updated version they are kind of inspired by apple. What inspired these guys over here is Isabel is of the rebel pilots the lead skywalker. Yeah out. Video not the US Terri inspired these orange jump seats there's an international warnings his I think in the 1960s. Our military would Wear. And so yeah they write off the rack and defend me is you know you that idea again for some weekends so. And and a lot of I mean a lot of Star Wars is based on this idea of service used you know her past sort of recycle so. You have something that's that's real and functional but then they had all of this other sort of used bits and you briefly. Yes the extremely fast turn that I think it will we believe George Lucas ten points to just differed little Knick knack that enemy can't look. Functional but like you don't know exactly what they do like those. Son Elian but honestly don't know what it there wouldn't letter painted silver lake you can see a movie here's. Up and it's really it's kind of fun to just see like little and he. He's now little bits of plumbing that they kind of found. And you know wouldn't zealot cylinders that ever had cook. And I being sick economy here here you go there's the real life inspiration for some of those rebel pilot Costin. US air force jumpsuits in 1961 again in more more bad guys over here behind this. Tennessee the variations from what what are we looking at here. I'm so this is these neckties fighters on one hand from the original trilogy the funds run they empire strikes back and then that Thai fighter pilot from the course awakens. And then of course in trail officer. And what was really interesting to me anyway I was. The different ranks and they have we have a drawing with and a drying where it kind of. Indicates an act outages for explains yeah half net true you have really hard core Star Wars fans can instantly look at just how the ranks of an imperial -- exactly it's. It's not just for show not at all plot went into it in fact I'm John Marlowe Lewis original costume designer was a military has stories photos he kind of. Really thought about all that and you've re created and found some things and it didn't appear on screen here so there's even more that. That that they explain what this is so this week are recreated the costume shop which is where once there hasn't concept drying his. Is finalized and approved today bringing to the cost and shot and have to make every dimension that I. So we fat around with this costume is known it's peacock and brown and Garrett but it wasn't on the original checklists. And it's because it was deleted from revenge of us we found all this ancillary material for it. Where you know they're testing out different embroidery patterns at different. Threads and colors and testing out what to do with the fabric which kind of goes from red to blue. They're an underground include cash and so is all of this works put into cost him that never made it and who designed this bistro and and a lot of the queen on the ballot BS so Trisha biggar isn't it designer are the prequel thinks she is incredible and just level of. Book really were a whole new look to stall or rerouted. Absolutely just elegance and attention to detail it must be fun to bring fans something and it. You know you people who thought they do everything are gonna find something do yeah didn't know. And in fact. The folks that the Lucas museum narrative art found stuffed that they didn't know they have good because we asked them to look for certain things an aide Doug through really deep and found some that's never been on view of of Kenya. This is really cool because you've got a great story about. BB eight here. With some of the it was so what you're talking about earlier some of the concept drawings that people can see here says coming a little bit about what pisses. Yeah this is and original route Macquarie to drawings are concept drives for. 'cause like a roller ball on the bottom as either about from 1975. And not because you really want and Archie DG overall role but the technology wasn't variant they can figure out how to make it work but JJ Abrams went back and Saugus drying. At when he was developing force awakens and said he wanted to mediate to be around so BBA kind of. Made it happen if did direct connection between between this rob Macquarie drawing and BB eight today yet okay they can make it work for deviate. Now this is really call this something you don't get to see very often it's C three PO deconstruct didn't hear. Tulsa little bit about what all of this is I mean. Yeah so you. So Anthony Daniels of the actors played C three PO from the beginning and in every film cents down and so for every film NASA where this kind of war. Black school you know what an easy way body suit. Which makes it give the illusion real that there is actually. Not a person and they are right or about because he and then he wears his girdle on top of it. For his belly that shows the liar I also at the joint C shows a rise and many have to put all these pieces on and you know kind of try to move. But essentially that girl is just a piece of cloth left wires blunder stitched onto an F. And if you look closely at it so hard just like ribbons yeah you know you can I had you know crafts store but it works on it absolutely as well like I thought it was a robot yes sir exactly. And Lazard. These are great these are some of the more or the prequel Constance Jared. Aliens and beings from from the from the senate yak Tenet trying to show the diversity of the galaxies through these costumes. Some really beautiful lines and Mon Moffett is there is I guess can make an appearance in Iraq Andrea. That's right she shows up again in problem yes so. People can see that's the closest we got to the road one costume I think. India and it might mean some of these are just extremely elaborate and layered and colorful and texture mean. We'll asserted this this fabrics really great because this is win helped the teen was really kind of to reveal that but like bats and at a public dean Coston is amazing yeah that is terrific amount of leaders in. Amazing and ask away. I know I. Look it just looks happy it's. And you think about from a had Ramadan like some of those headdress yes how hazardous. And these are more. I'm an oh Kostis again we're just gonna kind of move through here quickly but them. And our fashion section in the fastest thing. GAAP and a lot of these Viet the a lot of these of the one that been seen before yeah. You know some. Have but any instance some of the detail on them is just incredible and from the stories behind him as a well. India and there's a great story that I'd love for you to tell us about. This particular wedding dress. Wasn't the original wedding dress but that planning is right. Yet right so they had designed this a bunch of other wedding dresses in fact you can see some of those designs and art studio. And then Trisha biggar found this antique Italian lace bedspread and she said this is perfect so they redesigned. The dress based on that fat vintage fabric that she found. That there wasn't quite enough of it so they had to kind of arms hands and not certain you know they did they spent so much time on this thing and then on and the night before they were shooting the wedding scene Trisha biggar herself. Thought you know it's not quite Pattinson she spent all night just hand. Early on those little details on had a negative at this tiny pearls stitched all over this this dress which started as a bed. An amazing thing and he said it's not on camera very long not very aren't just you know I don't know all the time but it's my out of a minute I think of course. And then of course let's let's take a walk around here is the real quickened and look at one of my favorites here now. Yoga. Tell us a little bit about what went into his custom and what we're looking in here. Well I don't know if you know this but originally note I was supposed to be played by a monkey. But then they decided that didn't quite work so they made the putt that with the great Stuart reborn. And on they actually the cost him. Has splitter on the end tennis slits in the back. Sort of the puppeteer frank could actually work it that's where frank has actually put his hand yes. And it during its. Yes so that's an actual cost him but worn by a puppet rather than monkey very hazard delete content military coup and what material is this even. That's funny and it's you know Aldridge that I costumes though it looked as just a look like very very rough anyway you know burlap are all Biden most of them are made from silk sort of that has a different effect on screen in effect they want it says you know. All their right way. All right and still for our own grand finale here. Absolutely iconic villain Darth Vader tell us what went into the design is constantly and more world world. Yeah how well Darth Nader was originally eating you know. George Lucas one and his helmet to would remind him of the San RI yes so we just had a camera exhibition here so we're very familiar this tape. But also what was really cool to me is they prototype this costumes on Malo. And heat protective with motorcycle jacket. German helmets and gas mask and a monk's case. And then they said that this not happen did the DNA of the right exactly but good and some bad. And then they needed incidents beautiful thing and the actor who wore this David processes like 65 yeah man have to really. It was tough getting him into the yeah as tough getting him in and same with Hayden Christensen in the prequel they had says follow this very rigorous step by step process Graham I think it was thirteen or fourteen stats. Each and we actually recorded it for you from their moonlit. And yet each little component had to go on foot kind of demystified similar. Where you a Star Wars fan before he started oh yes I the original sound when I was pretty a Kent secures I was and yeah. And I have three older brother so we just threw out an expletive it. To me totally and but this has made me even more that span out of everything in here if you had to pick one or running water here absolute favorite. Can you can you do I can think too because I have my favorite character Erica you know console and Shealy a minute let's make them one million my favorite so. I would want them but also the peacock around Daryn for mom and I think it's just gorgeous and I love the story behind it. So tell people who know how long do they have to see this exhibit so I'm Star Wars in the park costume is at the Denver Art Museum from now until April 2 April so I seventy. He's the guy you gotta check it out soon I should mention that. Star Wars Lucas film of course are part of ABC's parent company Disney style hall part of the family but colorful succumb to take a look at the exhibit here at the Denver museum through April. Thank you for clicking on this we'll see you next time and happy life today. Still at it.

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