Stars of 'Hardcore Pawn' Revealed

Les, Seth & Ashley take us beyond the pawn.
5:50 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Stars of 'Hardcore Pawn' Revealed
Since its series debut in 2010 on -- TV hardcore pawn has taken viewers on a wild ride through the cloning industry based -- -- Detroit. Family on business American jewelry and loan. Let's go along this kid sent an -- built themselves. An empire in here to take us behind upon we've got actually -- and of course less welcome all of you -- -- and less finished and you come from a long line of Contra. Very long live my grandfather my mom and dad were both in the business that was my turn their generation and brought them into the business and how hungry when you make of Christiane I've made my first sale at seven years old there was a ten dollar hydraulic Jack was my first million dollar deal -- -- is -- -- great and you are not. I was hooked immediately after that -- So obviously wanted. Bring it forward to the newer generation keep the family business -- it was an obvious choice for you well obviously I would love my children and it but I would have never expected it and then she came at a very young agents that followed in -- footsteps Wilson. So was this voluntary -- are you doing it for your dad how much like the upon -- is my life to let Iraq make every Saturday at the little girl. Come home on weekends from Calais it's like you all on jewelry on about it was from me. And Vienna and I want no part of the business so -- down like a lot of work like athletes so -- -- at different career path a stunning -- Submission premed. -- senior year column of like going in the business knowing what his stuff. -- have the end of that decision. It looks like you guys never looked back and people have a lot of questions about them on industry. What makes -- thing. Great to -- lot on your end of the business. What are you looking like -- jewelry his his got the most value so. 90% of our business that we do -- the part business is -- 10% as electronics televisions computers anything electronic. -- Granola I think China cat looking yourself a great work looking covered that ensures that you never know what -- lot of time. Looking injury accidents and bring it means upon us -- us -- here -- -- you never know we -- charged. Where treasures in the maybe you know a lot of people may be skeptical about the punish you have an established name and establish shop that people may feel like they could be taken advantage of so how do you protectors Yasser. Here's -- thing as -- -- that go along with palm -- were highly regulated so. By the federal government and by the -- -- -- only by the charges -- amount of interest -- merchandise for a certain period time. You know people call your local pawn -- it's a great alternative people don't have traditional forms of credit -- where people going now. The punch up. -- interesting stuff now we have a producer here. Who wants you to check coming at this is a -- -- but apparently. Owned and played on by the lead singer Blues Traveler and even got a photograph to prove -- if you saw something -- well you don't hear. The thing you needed certified you -- he's got a picture of of this guy presenting him this harmonica but that doesn't prove that this is the actual -- Monica. What you should do when you have something make sure that it certified make sure you have documentation to go along with it. When you bring an item in the documentation is really important when you're looking for something like this you know this is a nice -- it's a beautiful -- I've gone through us and sold -- thousands of them in my career. This piece if he has the right documentation that certification would be with anywhere from 75250. Dollars depending on when he received it and who plated. And again photograph that. Not -- managed a little. If me and I mean what if he had more than one of these harmonic is what if it was a -- given to someone else. So as as an end -- if I -- to sell at -- someone else they would want to see the documentation. Proving beyond a shadow of -- doubt that this is the one that still work money they'll misunderstand me. Are you not get raised just yet -- -- Increase -- value as well okay the signatures are good. Now you are also in the book business you've got a -- you got a TV show and and with. The product right now have the best selling New York Times best seller called business was of from upon -- Talks about my journey of being a pawn broker and it also talks about business -- that'll teach you how to negotiate how to get the best deals. You know it'll take you through it ambivalence amount of ideas. Really -- whether your employer and employee. I would recommend getting the book. I what's the most unusual thing as -- everything comes in particular from me personally I'm -- sports fanatics so a customer came in with in 1968. Detroit -- World Series ring so to me you know I keep my curiosity idea Malone on the merchandise he came back picking up. And he came in it and we treatments work. The island in the -- -- why not okay. That. School you know the mine and my mind but asked. Him -- been in this business since you're seven you got -- -- got well that's. The best thing did. That I purchase was actually on the show doctor death Jack Kevorkian. Was an assisted suicide. -- in Detroit we bought. His van. That was used in assisted suicides and during that deal the guy waters six figure number it was going to be the 40020 -- as -- noted down to. We flip the -- for 20000 dollars. And fortunately. We want so we we we actually have his van in the shop is -- Most people think everything's up for most people don't survive and even on anything come back pick up their stuff. Five if you didn't see what most people even say -- that we look at about national averages 85% come back again it yeah isn't happy and yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- While we want to thank our family upon brokers for stopping by good luck with he's an eight by the way harder for. One -- -- -- December 17 thanks for him he's been. This.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Les, Seth & Ashley take us beyond the pawn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20809723","title":"Stars of 'Hardcore Pawn' Revealed","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-hardcore-pawn-revealed-20809723"}