Stars of 'Stan & Ollie' talk iconic roles

Golden Globe nominee John C. Reilly and co-star Steve Coogan talk about their portrayal of the famous duo.
2:44 | 12/21/18

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Transcript for Stars of 'Stan & Ollie' talk iconic roles
Laurel and Hardy went of the greatest comedy teams of all time but their personal and business relationship. It wasn't all laughs and ABC's Jason Nathanson and the new film Stan and Ollie tells you a Laurel and Hardy story you probably don't know. Standard and all stars John C. Reilly as Oliver Hardy and Steve Coogan and stand moral and it senators not on the height of their fame is the biggest comedy duo in the world but on their comeback tour over a dozen years after breaking up. I was hard for me to believe. Actually. That have been behind the scenes story of cuts that the kid growing up with them. I just thought I'd sure like a lot of people they're just always together. Of any partnership with they're the hardest to pull. Part hasn't made. It's in the beginning of the film and through flashbacks we see how they were pulled apart director Jon S Baird says there's a lot of sadness behind the humor. When Roscoe the skeptic like trying to the end of world I'm never usually happens you know which gets you gets sent so many scripts in the bidding quality. That it is reciprocity in a site put myself. If it can make me trying to such a shock to me who isn't Laure Manaudou fun. Much and what we can do with an audience you know but before he could tell this story he had to physically transform his actors into Laurel and Hardy which wasn't so hard for Coogan. I had a chin and some is that some teeth stuck in the bottom mentor and but it was strange he grew apart last has to Jones right hide from Lebanon Pakistan the right height but not the right wait at least not for John C. Reilly. It was all prof FedEx for you. Yes it was operas that are and is in order to gain the weight that you had a game to be to look exactly like over RD. You would not have been healthy subdued. Saw the we'll. Move in. But while he may not have gain in the way he was actually scaring away in the 300 pound man in his specially made suit something that was so strenuous. You're required air conditioning he puts so much and through an induced he was under so much pressure over the suit that we hot to build. A water Colonia plugged and this suit and poke around to come of them seriously Kennedy could have written them himself at college lucky. Spent my life for the hollow man who hides behind this type Brett. That dedication earned John C. Reilly a Golden Globe nomination for the role for best actor in a comedy something hopes brings more attention to the legacy of Laurel and Hardy. They died in a place. Would that was a little forgotten you know and so this is that this is a great affirmation of but what they gave the world you know as a way to acknowledge them. Stand and Ali is in theaters December 28. Jason includes an ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Golden Globe nominee John C. Reilly and co-star Steve Coogan talk about their portrayal of the famous duo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59943966","title":"Stars of 'Stan & Ollie' talk iconic roles","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-stan-ollie-talk-iconic-roles-59943966"}