Steve Bannon Says Media Should 'Keep Its Mouth Shut'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the tension between the news media and the White House.
4:51 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Steve Bannon Says Media Should 'Keep Its Mouth Shut'
Now they trot teams wore on the media continues they're apt to get us. And Jake Tapper from CNN he took some time out of his shell out to issue this thoughtful measured response watch. A reminder that the president's top ages told the New York Times that the press should keep its mouth shot. I don't I started applying to have apparently Steve Bannon who is working with Tron business advisor. Says that the press should keep its mouth shot. And OK and lifted now it's not a blaze is about president never gets around to reading the constitution. He'll see that freedom of speech is the very First Amendment it's the first one has not. 23 of four bodies it's not nineteen its numero oh yeah I'd. The founding fathers made it number one because everything follows from there it and you squelch the media and people's freedom to speak. You have a dictatorship. Would also up form of check them out. Since the media has always played a role of informing the public because a democracy is based on the voice of each individual the way they hear about the topics what's being legislated is through the news media. So that. At the mummy want to squelch that are shut them up. You're talking you wanna tell them what they should hear that's propaganda that's not me yeah I'd expect sort of classic because if you think about 78% of trump statements that the live fact checked or in the campaign were faux wolf totally fall seven. Sunday. Only 4% were completely true conservative but not at 11% were mostly true at and this is a book out out of the lawyers playbook re up travelers pay but rather because when the facts aren't on your side you attack the fact giver it's called cross examination of so you immediately start. Testing the person that is speaking to start saying they're dishonest they were a liar both did you lie about this did you like about that that is what the trump administration I think. It doing there can really say that I think that is not the first time this has happened so there was a communications director for President Obama in 2009 Anita Dunn who also. Said that the media was going to be opposition at least certain parts of it so we have we have heard this before but. I really think that does not enter into a yeah there's there's always opposition to the media from the White House that I've lived long enough to see that I've never heard anybody say shot op. Net. And three. Frustration people there's a whole segment of the country that has been watching. Eight years of an Obama presidency were a lot of those things that President Obama and his administration and we're not challenged by the media and the need it looked like example is a IRS targeting conservative groups and got the whole story about cleaning the YouTube video. Barack Obama coming out of saying if you like your doctor or your health care plan you can keep your doctor and you help to kind of comfort isn't a fellow all covered me cal law was pushed through by deceit. They'd like to people they said if you like your plan your doctor you can keep and their costs are gonna go down and that's how they got public support for the outlawed and that's why not law passed they did see people witnessed the media asking those questions and I think it just say they admired it was a very sniper a lot of about the bottom line has been Gaza but Gaza have a sick of antibiotic I think this is a time don't immunity up the investigation I'm Ben Ghazi that would happen until they investigate. You don't think you know. They think this rule five for hours and hours and hours and an email you not only want to I'm want beating heart might. Things I do think that this is a time for the media to be in respective its highs. You cannot make a mistake right now he's gonna tweeted out writes I think it's very important. For the media to double check look where talkies so much about fake news these days. Let's get back to the way in which he used to do journalism. Which is to have two sources for every story and. Front lines just like lawyers are on the front lines Gretchen and I think we are we. And not do well I saw the media. Talking about everybody they're good people out there are good journalists out there doing their job. Every 2008 but a team of journalists land in Wasilla Alaska to thought they were digging for stuff on Sarah Palin. Let us stop the without any open on President Obama that demanded questioning. They didn't care about each. Eating in I have over eight year yeah I Danny cannot get a diet can be. Hamper bag. Steve band doesn't tell you the shot up to tell me to shut kids got a lot of what you keep talking. But the point appointment I understand the anger of the people. The people who are saying it has been an and he says yeah immediate I don't write. Of the Democratic Party and you don't like he's angry at any media is the opposition. To add to that white rice say that the truth is the opposition. Immediately and allied with one Larry. My.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the tension between the news media and the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45093861","title":"Steve Bannon Says Media Should 'Keep Its Mouth Shut'","url":"/Entertainment/video/steve-bannon-media-mouth-shut-45093861"}