The Story Behind Comic-Con's Best 'The Hulk' Costume

ABC News' Michael Rothman, Charli James and Walt Hickey talk with the man behind the giant green mask.
13:45 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for The Story Behind Comic-Con's Best 'The Hulk' Costume
Having lunch lady Laura and back here in New York comic on and I believe that we've found the biggest attraction at comic on today and I don't think it's. A row I think this is just ignite leaner now and so it looks. It looks all mayhem. But a lot of paving the shape. Of a lot of hours there's an outline. Air picnics and then we really just wanted to kind of bring you a little bit of him taking pictures on its line of given parents not to act out. In the deep velvety can look in there that's supposed. Her perfect. The pants are perfectly. The fact is. He kind of see him I don't wanna ruin the illusion that you can seem a little bit in the neck. This is a fantastic cast him. It's very similar to last year the nine and a half that's all Iron Man. Ironically the whole post soon there's this is built to stop the whole every month every month not that he was somehow affiliated. And now I am not happen and build the mountain. I think that's what we're seeing here again as well let let's hitting its effects sixteen hours to build lasting here yeah. What we incidents were all just sitting here watching him Carlisle that now we get in here and just let you watch him grow up. It's a long. And ask you very serious important question now. This whole. The begins last year told us there. And a light but then and again. Story but the science Nance immediately in the comic books and obviously we'll be let's turn our in the films list tonight it would pretty. Muscles get Madeleine Levy in talk about this I give them the whole basic thing they were. There it's available so I am back to normal rothmans I think now. I case and I just it's just couldn't help but notice that the well it's. Watson and Tim. Outlander waiting for the perfect timing of bringing go into the sciences there and oh gold it's can open this in his past it's really really want ones. Ending in Stan Stevens has more often times unaffiliated and even between companies and it stated and that's really come a god it's here before the ban. Sometimes in the situation and they mean people are coming up it is really great scene. Beauty and it. But then again it started out and the beginning and obviously it's you know a little more on the boat's accident. Vote in this analysis and is posted this on. Opponents guys go NN. Maybe it an act some questions. They often you know that's been made in my house. In your house okay and help on something like this take it. While this is my first wife looked at me for months on and off. My name's Tim. Am do you have any sort of professional costs stemming back out of this is amazing. Well no actually all of board old unemployed and in dollar comics and I've got into it and you know maybe I'm Bob material and make them. We're just part form mine. Let her out Allen Nate out it's an eighth. Okay thank you well home basically it made out of home home. Com the out of out of aside is. Final. And Dustin Moseley patted method and paint it. Below it looks about seven feet tall and I'll tell you yourself are you standing on something how does this work. Well actually I'm sixty pole. And home I'm. Compacts. Elevated expensive and part of my hair makes it look like make seven through. Two. Have you ever built possibly as the voice. My first one. 04 month offers one. I was bored unemployed. You know. Mine. You've got a new career with a credible. Also I think the year the biggest attraction act comic on right now I'm seeing. You know Thursday you know and it's my first Hartford's north Saturday. Gonna rate to block it did Saturday tickets but I got Friday and Sunday ticket so hopefully thankful for that you know. It's not on this on having at a vineyard Saturday night you. It hasn't been. Through it with good gonna rain now my arm but that did. Probably. But that would Internet everybody might. You know to get the costumes here. I thought up parked on 49. And 49 sixth avenue and I walked at all over here. In the suitor like on your backers is carrying it got started on my back with multiple decent arm it was actually. Through. Com. If two pieces but I'll go apartment. Applicable Bartlett's though. Target on my back. And sent him view we've been watching people are just a steady line of people waiting to take pictures with it whenever and some of the fast reaction like our kids freaking out. I'm no accident that fifty everybody else would break happened. You know that the margin and then you know I enjoyed an effective united they had a lot like you know. And it's up and up through the air freight. You don't become an not a cop to mourn and outside. Announcement that the Braves don't you pick that did most of it aboard lot of women the girl blue drove them out right bill at this. He's dead at seventy at all how much does it weigh in out. Roughly. I'm thing about eighty pounds. 89 pounds of foam. You okay and there you. Waters did they get into. After government that among us picked up but thought god. Yeah and on the wooded. I'm going through Protestant was part if you very much to do what the UK and everybody. I. All on this constant total probably. Probably about maybe 500 dollars. That's not that. How are you had anyone told you about last year's it was a nine and a half foot tall folk but. Well thought out off the cuff the president and he he did good you deferred well I don't talk body. Got the name it is let's fight but he golf. Richard Matsch who wins you are well ahead of the plug on. Obviously thought I don't know I don't know if he built up and you look accountant who's threatens though I think he has the public and. Lake unit does turn around Britain do maybe a couple of them. Yeah. Parade. Thank you eat is fat. And mate thing. Well this is definitely not often seen today my client lifeguard bar has been really rains are the rest of sonic not really amazing work. I'm Prasad that you don't have any sort of like. Rounding up to making. It big thing. It. Where they want the village scandal he's he's taking apart and I. We. One and chanting Allah will eventually shed their outer characters in the early stages of their life. I'll find anything to eat there really is a man named. Helping NN. Ruining the magic. Ethnic communities minutes to consider any. Yeah and I go go go back. You've earned a break you. The bread I like music. On Paul much a must write hydrant. Not. All I'm kind of used to it I'm just more awkward moment always they like this in his position here. It might be quite get up. Off that in the moral right vapors. Oh. All right laborers and then hold on. Signs you're an epic that February. Better man than me my friend. We're. God. Road yeah. Lending to Oakland and. Hell yeah I'm. Really pick it up super girl I think Lamar. And I pick up so it has to be aware it and hot and work despite having had gotten out. Had it where it's. Not connected here it was slightly softened up and down me this way. My bitching here is not well souls and I want them to the tickets is that the I gotta be real careful. You know civil victory. You're experiencing like engineering airline I mean I think it's going to go home you know pursue atomic laser. I think glass windows arises a dinner to build nuclear you know call the Rio hotel. You know ran out Helen had toppled the glass. You know other enact. You message on a plan that would be recall how real battle plans you know lies not mine Foreman is to be angry because he's that might have read blueprints I can't get. And he's getting so I thought we we have different stuff that you please. Now that you weren't looking up patterns of mind. Don't know how you look at the whole got so we didn't maariv variations like you have. You don't darker green lighted green knows the united some of these dogs and big or small those aren't so how to fix something. Consulate in mind everybody insured. Also. I think we've we futures and or something like in the crowds on the play. The main thing. I mean yeah happening are almost anybody could result board. On board you know Al's board. All over the place at a recent kitchen. That's got me everywhere. What else. Yeah it's the ultimate purpose politely seven days because of this because of that yes because you know CBS. Let's keep in mind. He's doing a project question minded blue casino's ready you know it's like being clean all the obstacles may have happened without the need to pieces. You know actually help you with these harbors created this little small seed Washington that would be stated in our opinion. An easy thing at me adding. Up a lot it sounds like it costs and it does he think now about that now she looks about you know let's. Now storm somewhere that she'd like with eyes looked. I won't walk in the house. And those aren't peak at Lincoln look at the eyes where you can't do that that's a word you but does that there's bigger rise. And other brought to act as sole arbiter of the garage out so they don't work something else you know my we. We need to get in it we knew Barbara. Actually like several months. On Nagano the odds hopefully oxygen treatment things you know could not get the space what they. Stock. And he has them I don't know what yet we don't know something challenge. Nodding one a man or the whole bunch Stoll on the war anybody that's you know some. But like you wouldn't you know masculine soul. When something that almost anybody can get into that anybody can get in this you know mostly about problem six war they can get us through. Maybe it. Had no winning it. But Thursday it was hard getting tickets is very very talented and I want it was Saturday the service let me. I think get a process you know somebody actually what the sticker from the team that we go to victims not display this. Not gonna. It went on the war more nice costs abducted. You know I don't judge anybody got a. It doesn't black to a. And I think about five minutes living you're sick of and yes yeah. On an all four months ago doesn't take over the the heads in the kitchen. Home and stuff like. I'm Robin him. It's amazing lack thanks for talking with us appreciate at least you get air in both art and dance just probably the most amazing cost him. You're gonna act on honor and his spotters now. We have a little bit aren't coming out today from comic on picked up power ranger elements that confidence in an interview saying let's. The leg pain lots of yes black hiring few real life. Elena coming up and the little men on the continent and I think he thinks this.

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{"duration":"13:45","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman, Charli James and Walt Hickey talk with the man behind the giant green mask.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42630274","title":"The Story Behind Comic-Con's Best 'The Hulk' Costume","url":"/Entertainment/video/story-comic-cons-best-hulk-costume-42630274"}