How 'Stranger Things' star's role as Eleven changed her life

Brown appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about season 2 of the Netflix series 'Stranger Things.'
18:10 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for How 'Stranger Things' star's role as Eleven changed her life
Great look. How about. I get off early tonight and I'm buys a bunch of candy we consider running if and we watched scary movie together. House effort compromise. Comp compromise. CEO whom promise. Compromise. We that you were for the today. Yeah. Is something that's cutting between slick halfway happy. I. Sign if one French for fifty. Yet. Should. Yes. I promise. They have been. Out. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's pop and in the culture and there's not that popped me you'll lose now. Like stranger things you know wouldn't we had to wait. We had strange things one and the jets had to wait till they did it began to find out. For me what's happening with the land and and here's 11% off Billy Bobby Brown you're here that's. Who adds that Republicans really get multi that's it that we know that we have no more to set. Or. But in that time between the first and this war which anybody can be watched now on the fix that. What happened to your life. It's definitely chance I think my schedule of the low bid via. I mean news and day from people every day. It's really something when one. Anything you know adults. It's about strangest things eleven really helped me as a pots and this. I think business Naimi pen to ballot and then you some matches. In and I had. I'm so thankful for some things and home. Means having such a fun time filming it and it being a parliament citing it's something that now an avid regretful even. Not wanting to happen because it's. Definitely you know transform my career with the two not every now and now we're finding out that eleven has British acts. That's. That's why she doesn't at this age and I again I I had not season without seeing them at 42 lines I've done but. Less that. About its new lines and done and this season I have outlined its X rational Atlanta. Not as much you know it's like hair and nasty things that and it's more again eleven just very Houston used using have faced express and nations and it's pretty cool. You know it's funny it's nuts isn't it we caught stranger things too is if it were movie and we've gone to the sequel yet you to do. But it separates you from the ball and. Now this could be a little bit of relief that they were all pain in the butt the I have no idea what went on turn that it. You're pretty much on your own. Having to deal with them give us the treatment that he. What are these guys who. Yet I thought. You know I think that where we're really really we. And when I went. Would have picked. Heater in the I need to break. Up to what it means. You know I'd ever brought. To you should do. Stranger things to do with me C Everett from them for awhile. Wasn't yet. And I. No fun season was so much fun it would experience. What it was too went in apple three teenage boys. Which. Don't Kinney foot is looking you do you know I feel like this. You know. Crazy and I'm not I was only got innocent until it was definitely hide it at some planes to an end to be with you know. Would everyone but. I lunch and and I learned. At Butler to current and and and you know. Mr. group and UConn and like he and I and I feel like an haven't always been kind of outside at. I'd say he came into the record now is the fast you know. I was site. That changed into animal event and what's so amazing because I have a golf beside me and the boy and then and then have Sadie. I know and I best friends with the then went as well. Inside like this. He was caught in the ups and different for him I'm all of that CN I think sent. Last coming with the boys they wouldn't and their fantastic and I love them them. But I think what was so amazing and one of the great experiences. With having the opportunity to wasn't at all active. Because I've been filming with the boys and months that I wanted to film with somebody that you know had been doing this for our rating on time and understood. Every single scene and helped and made it amazing and powerful and so that's unit David Hobbs every. Really make that happen and I fairly or hundreds of riot he thinks somebody can be the I thought he's heard Larry and eat and he's. Caught McKay it is. Him so complex an amazing and I just to watch him milk just on the screen but fortunately. Helpless and units. On the one accidents in and seeing with him it means everything says he makes everything so much more powerful. And I think it was a really great experience filming with him once. You come to do what you do before you even get to two stranger things obviously we hear the accent. What I heard that you spent most of you are growing up period in Orlando fire. Yet so I don't toxin. I was full and Spain and then and then of course we'll line. I forced me faint avenue that and I means to London when I was when it's fully resolved. And I got my British ice and that and then I moved to land. And I love that I've lived in the S cents cents on and off but. When I was in London time I'm staying in London and I got strange things to that's. I mean I was in London when I got it says. No what I got it but when I got new additions made. And then and then I don't feel addition taped music and in addition to this on tape I auditioned for it and then it's sad. To ally and within the death by the economies that I went bad that was two of the boys that was then and then this the boy. Adam Dunn and you know I had a great connection with younger boy but. I really found something with and it was good because you had the decency. Back to be some chemistry going and I. I think in the Heather and Kathy Vienna. That you've really come by thinking that. You know I'm grateful that we have a great relationship sickness I mean. I don't wanna just be kissing someone I really don't like that in effect and that's a good thing take all through La that you know. Yeah it really it right I think agree on an instant the sense of but I'm in terms of this you act when it's it's not you know land day. Died you Keener indecent welders who was. The only time that you said to you parents. You know I wanna do this. I think you say I wanna do this I said. Can you take need to look at what to. He did early today that his land day. And it is not gonna be the placement in this. A packed aboard the bag and threw for minded. Three is and a tiny we didn't well I was you know I've we just went. It that way out so I'm ready. I'm ready accidentally restating of my talent like when and if those at the hateful and you know and I thought day jobs and that. And then you know adjusting jumps like but what's critical national. TV show and I got the phone on TV ship corn traders on beat him up. And that is like my big brawl we need to look back in the for that we etching draped it. We filmed. And then we. And then we went back to London this week and then we didn't we did adding any jobs being sent. When I landed and that's what I do this and it had become totally back yet to be just I just we didn't really have many jobs I mean I was just that bill to go see my family and spent time and the I really didn't think have a getting what she would have to that. Bradley yeah adds though that has he seemed poised and confident you know I think. Do you have that are nervous when your vision for job or is something you can take. Pretty much down the middle and cash. When politicians for job hiding then happens. I think it's just because I'm doing one of its normal but anything outside. Finally. A fun live light and speed that's what I that really matters when I'm performing them for me from the event madness. Content they went right. And that was so when I'm. When that's. The only time I get out of this when I might not now that let you know when I have to do. Something with Mike because I feel like I don't like to be like eight days he's been so much. So I get Huntsman in this means there's what it's based upon fact. And they really did town great I think there's a new times that mean something. Well you pound weight cope with being that you can do it yet. I just kinda just CNN I just I kind of got its staff my hat like coming come out my head in just think about. Yet the scene in a whole perspective and I feel like that's the one thing I do is to think about a scene. And then go out of the book giving you the crazy thing you can do in that scene and then do you know and then if it doesn't want that the let me usually does you know because I just think. As it would if we have what if eleven did. Since hedging their thinking. You know I don't when he humanize and she's not humans not half that he's not unit. Go everything unknowable bell you know teenage cell has psychology human eyes yet she still has to be weighed. Act out cost and I I don't think that's what means so much that she has such a complicated. Way of thinking and said it's not like I've got a ton on the tapped its I have to. I went and and I then how to you know so I think II can't be human so that's why it's not this is because I don't know how I do that. But eggs do. I work. In the you can do. You do that's there now yeah that's it to me you can make a band yes. Do that and make us who the its use by. But I think one I just came up the idea Enid I would do that sat with the death of Robinson's on the evening in Bangkok Thailand and we just agreed that would be eleventh that I need how I was like as an addition Ramon I was just doing and I like what about it. And then that okay at this child had been seen yet it was so freaking. Night but often season one I had done right. A lot of comic cons and meet in fact the fat to fly pain they can do in Staten. Did that I'd do it patents and then he's into doing this. So when it like I'm not doing different well this is actually eleven actually try terrorists it united and not like that yet so when aid to come back to my Stan be like was that's not a fad and that to me. On hammer like what's happening yes. Let's do it. When predictions that yet. They read Newton and that it had. And then the minister. Of that's right. And fat cat knows you would annoy me and that's what is that they put out for the believe it's like a bomb on blood like an ethnic Nuba OPEC. And they think. And hold that. I won't say. And the like is becoming an island yes. And they love them acted. It had did it sometimes I'll feel it coming and nothing comes in the tech and low and but sometimes it did steep only. It's me being. Always the energy has act with that left all of dripping out of her now. All we do that scene and then we go to lunch and then the make but has the match in that position is and then how I ended and into driving had a I mean look at into that honestly. Wow we'll just another reason you've got your enemy. Which was well desire financially it will what does that do you when you get I don't know who gave you. The news that she would nominate it had that. It's an eyelid and all that in mind has been diligent. I I was sitting down and I was like I I don't know one in the late I didn't buy that is going to let me dates. And it definitely twelve about it like. Since like since Gary you know what I don't an omen and then have to balance that and just eight. As from England's Alan sequence times that of a Caribbean it's going to be like. Sorry kid you know Matt bad luck next time with my. Right. Are. Active. That's. And then you know. We my dad and I was like it and that's I'd go onto the video and I like okay the nomination late so like. Home goods and I don't yet think and I think he's you know. And I think that we know them by like which delayed them we'll Manama mall being secretly. Nominated for an eye I don't think I'd rather just plain and yet but he didn't like he peaked at. A my. Hey my again if there but Patton is not an excellent. And then he had the cool from my public since that sad you know that I am the nominee and I was site. I would and I'd islands and shot I've written it in the island's and I dissents screaming human moments like. Three to mop in the I didn't want to. Giving nice of them they do love that. Still profit and then you know idyllic but in the place I haven't it in my life Malays. Goes off and like I thought this segment nothing. It's me at that went. And who did you call for a outside of your family blown news when Stan. Well my Anthony met him in the in the and I am old. Michael Huff is huge if they aren't in the evening and I pulled my different conferences bring excitement. Hold. I plan on them. And certainly it's it was it was really fun. Isn't it ray day and the night my grandmother a big Nat I'd been nominated and that what. Well the good. And was nominated and you know I was not it you know at best playing at the job. Mean unlike. And that it was really bad. Out what her age. Why. Yeah forty due to play Cuba. Well you are just to complete the life you know it's so great care it's. Be rat you at the as well Portland and can never expressed their stuff way you. Figure holding an all yeah but you this is the first time. That you don't know when and saw. It's all away an alleged hate them you should let it. That. And then had to keep you got it. How long outlet and I'll look at you done that. They're. And you go yeah yeah. You can do three. We don't care we have all day and night but. What you everything you're doing is the right figured that we. And you you'll come back and you have it five years from now to be shelved wards. Of the assailants so bored with. One after another I can't possibly do. Oh. But keep doing like you'd been so great to. To get any.

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{"duration":"18:10","description":"Brown appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about season 2 of the Netflix series 'Stranger Things.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50964401","title":"How 'Stranger Things' star's role as Eleven changed her life","url":"/Entertainment/video/stranger-things-star-millie-bobby-brown-role-eleven-50964401"}