Susan Williams Discusses Robin Williams' Final Days and What Took His Life

Joy Behar and Paula Faris chat with Williams' widow about his struggle with Lewy body dementia.
9:12 | 11/04/15

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Transcript for Susan Williams Discusses Robin Williams' Final Days and What Took His Life
Earlier this week joy and I sat down with Robin Williams widow Suze and to shed light on his tragic final days. And told us why the media it was wrong about why he committed suicide. Take a look. It's been a year since his death IX here still wearing your wedding ring everybody's. I'm doing okay you know it's been a long long year and but I'm doing okay it's it's made me stronger walking through things and it's been a year and creating. And it's been a year and really trying to get to the bottom what killed my husband you just celebrated its fourth anniversary with with Robin yet. Haven't suspended this year well. What seemed right to do was just down. Just to go to Hawaii and and the reason was that was the last place that we were together we've gone with family and back at christmastime. So about eight months before he left eyes. And so I just went there I'm sorry there is a fun. I'm it's touching to see him as a you know no one can believe that he's gone and he was so. Incredibly. You know talented and touch people such a way I can just imagine how it is to personally lose someone like that it. And for all intents and purposes sees it you can turn newlyweds you were married barely. Three years you were telling us earlier that when you first met rob Kennedy guys for dating you made him a special gift. Oh we were together seven years and at the beginning at that time by early 2008 when we are falling in love we're friends at first and then we're final on the night. I would go watch him on the brought porn theater he'd go on stage and it was his favorite place to go play and he would work on immaterial he would just be free there. And what I CI. You know as it my background in a designer and artist I. And actually want to put an image on this like what image would it be what it or wouldn't he will when he would be. And you know what is Robin Williams what. All these characteristics that are amazing about him where he's joyful he's fast and he's strong. And which a sharp west. A hummingbird with armor on it. And I started to paying it for him as a surprise and so it's an image of him as a hummingbird you see is blue eyes he's got armor on. And he's protecting show vol which is love represents love behind him and I'm back then in the background tiny hummingbird. And down. And he's just he's protecting. And what I said its own he right away and named it which was hilarious he said. Surface water gate at a name if not now you mentioned did the autopsy results everyone thought that he died from suicide from depression but that was in the case though he robbed did not die from depression. Rob in. Had a deadly disease and it's called Lou body dementia. He had one of the worst cases they've ever seen had you heard of it before an autopsy no because it's only. It's only discovered an autopsy. Right now there's over million people who have it that we know. It's one of the most complex diseases. To diagnose associated with parkinson's yes and this is what I've discovered have been doing this all year long to understand. This question what if my husband dies something. What killed Robin clinically he had parkinson's. Which means the physical. Okay but have pathologically. The pathology wise diffuse Willie body dementia. LBD is Toby Lee are essentially diffuse because it was everywhere every brain tissue sample OK the coroner for the county coroner had to take. It was so diffuse it was beyond hit. Comprehension so what he did he wanted to be us and the whole brain to UCSF where pathologists there to look at it instead he took a tissue samples from every part of robins spring and sent to Atlanta. Everywhere I sent one of the worst cases they've ever seen in my house symptoms okayed a standing still any symptoms before it like when you before you die we what did you say they won't Paris I think the symptoms present themselves it's like a complete parade of symptoms every month it was like something male. And it it was almost like chasing a laughable because there's at least fifteen analysts believe we're up when they Wear out and you never really solve what cost it. And following you throughout was incredibly high levels of course on his brain and my name we even had a brain scan which was you know eighty as a tumor all of to a Terry. So we investigated. Everything throughout the year. He was. He was struggling. Because they were just it was painful it was there were delusions there was anxiety that was off the charts. But has had depression was. I'm very small piece of that pie yup he is a symptom pie was ecstatic much how worse how it was horrible must have for the struggles. For him. This is where I just know you know when I when I stood up and spoke at the service I'm. I said how brave my husband lives. Because. He was incredibly brave at that point we knew that he was he a depression. He was totally clean sober ride away totally clean sober I just want to say that around he had eight years over in July 11 and ends. Never had a problem with you know. What he had a problem with was. The anxiety that was huge one that article one innocent yes very S home market and also sensitivity to medications witnessed. Is something common that people heavily by an image are very sensitive indications so as we're trying to adjust those. When he did start on anti depressants in it was either able or me. I'm. Trying to get those correlated with the parkinson's medication which she wasn't diagnosed with fat until end of and have. Me yes and give me this a couple months before it died right it was not that long. And when we did when we found out after chase analyst at in this mystery of what is going mind. You know. In February he sent. To me. We want to go to friend's birthday party you know I mean we were doing in the midst of this. Chasing his lack of all things like feeling like where pinball machine where some. The thing about Wi bodies of five minutes you might be good and your lucid and he's a genius. And then ten minutes later there could be something I delusion starting to happen but looking. And I'm so this particular date we wanted to go to our friends partying and each is cutting and I. And he just said. There's something terribly wrong with an accent and all I knew the risks but wouldn't get the bottom. And everything just by the last month it was like the dam broke for him you know this he had essentially what we found out. I found out in this past year is it was as if Robin had cancer throughout every organ of his body and you know I would think that. What you're describing it would be very difficult to tip to. And the marriage. What did you have difficulties in the match casino just this is a perfect time to dispel any at the let me rumors that a floating around out of what problems do it now I was happy to. There were no issues in the marriage. You know the troubles we had as we are fighting a deadly disease. And where in the trenches together fighting this thing. And it was very scary it was very scary. We were both scared it was is safe. We -- it in the theater together watching a nightmare but for different viewpoints. And trying to understand what was going on India and the sounds like a terrible times and it went it went very end again you know it also it brought us closer. I mean we were doing it because it's not a straight decline like alzheimer's. When you're able to do round was still bike riding you know and where he was aren't out yet it likely yeah I don't know. I mean he had had called lord did in his left arm he had travelers who starting get a shuffling gait. It that there were rapidity with which ruling bodies can happening it doesn't always but generally they say I think it's five T. It's around five years of life span any heat hardy had it for what you know. He didn't how much longer how do you remember your husband and how do you want everyone else remember legacy. Raanan. For having used his magical. I want people who know. That he was a brave and noble warrior. And fought to the end like all the soldiers that he helped that was robbing. There was no giving up in this battle this was not a give up I'm depressed I'm in a room alone and I'm not here. This was a nanny who had amazing life. I watched him through those years happy. Joyful. And that he's he he ended up contracting. A disease that kills you and there is no cure a brilliant talent and brought joy and left it to everyone and that's how I will remember yeah. He did not think that's how people are exactly he did not give up now and I know you have a break new mission had been shedding light on everybody to mention Susan. Thank you so much for joining us today.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Joy Behar and Paula Faris chat with Williams' widow about his struggle with Lewy body dementia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"34971386","title":"Susan Williams Discusses Robin Williams' Final Days and What Took His Life","url":"/Entertainment/video/susan-williams-discusses-robin-williams-final-days-life-34971386"}