"Switched At Birth" Season 2

Gilles Marini & Vanessa talk new dramas in this ABC Family series.
6:02 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for "Switched At Birth" Season 2
It's a parent's nightmare having their newborn child switched at birth and not finding out about it. Until later in life and the children are teens that is the premise behind ABC family's series switched at birth that's -- the two families learn to live together. To help their two daughters the show's beginning its second season and joining us now via satellite to -- stars geo marine and Vanessa -- thank you guys so much for being with us today. -- I want to start -- -- the end of last season you saw major court victory a sudden influx of cash because of that victory so -- the store pick up for you now. Well it's it's simple and complicated and if he's crazy. My character went five million dollars against the the hospital that -- the kids. And next thing you know that -- -- of the season is the fact that the woman comes into the that did it to room trial. And ask for and Juno and she's pregnant so to being of the second season is the fact that my character had a thing in goma and is a baby on the way. -- shocker. -- not so shocking -- -- there obviously. Right. A lot of things going to be shift around and and the girls -- not reading on -- -- that so much. Be -- Russia India and what about a bit of a heartbreaker out there have been SI -- I wanna go to because lot of last season seemed to deal with your character -- The character -- Daphne and and how you're dealing with changes in your relationship. What can you tell us about what's ahead for this season. Well -- care survey has always been more difficult to deal with of the -- Switched at -- girls she's she's artistic she's rebellious she's very sarcastic she. -- really do well in schools she's pretty defiant and then Japanese perfect. But -- -- -- plus Q but in -- eyes she's just always competing with this perfect girl. So. My character. Started dating and Daphne that's front and whose death and they fell in love and had. Just this completely magical relationship that you don't find -- -- much less you find at age sixteen. And of course it is not ready for that kind of relationship things happen to like him cheating on her since she went crazy -- -- street artists and she fell in with the wrong crowd she is doing illegal things -- try to run away. This season -- She. Is dot. Not about -- she knows her family loves her she's being a good girl she's studying she's listening to very out of character that -- that no -- That in fact the school thinks that she's cheating. And as the only way she could possibly be doing well in school which frustrates available that and so she makes a stand to say you know what I'm gonna go to the school I'm hearing -- angle with. Daphne and it's -- -- -- hard they aren't all the little loudly it's not like there's going to be prejudice order. A different language constantly happening as you can be a total outsider ever happen. That that the subtleties there I think it's our hope this subtlety I think you'll be treated for that I hear infidelity as an underlying theme throughout the season while the opposite -- for that. Joseph want to ask you about this because your father you've got small children -- thought about what it would be like if something like this actually happened to you. You and your wife how -- My god no. I don't know whether response would be you know it's it's very it's very difficult you know thank god it's it's just to show flies -- working on because as a father. What to do you know it's you learn to fall in -- ways. What we think the child that India and he's not yours and I'm gonna give it away source you know until he won both now. So this is pretty pretty much the situation where. Police found these -- and I think -- can issues acting of the best buy trying to somehow. Doing it in in the right or wrong way but he trying to put everybody together all the time and what's. Perceived as the wealthier family in January is Regina the single mother is not not as healthy and sometimes that haves have not situation where their -- they think they should have had a thing that definitely think they like they did raise this girl they should parent her. This one's biologically and raised her like they're buried. The -- -- it's it's it's very complex on the who knew what in the very intelligent -- and having a great time being part of this from. I'm always curious to find out what the relationship is like off said because finance that this is she'll get a little protective -- -- The question I see guys around -- -- that right now I would just. Somehow win the -- and the guy like what's. It's it's -- but being beaten -- you. Quite be different he lied Q not you my daughter but I have to make sure that you protecting you -- saying that because I mean. -- -- -- I like that -- -- -- Vanessa I think hearing good and we both we both from Italians. Ground so. Yeah I mean my daughter is gone and the very soon being like Vanessa so. It's a scary thought but I hope she will be like you because you assume violence and sweet and and a great actress -- -- -- in the thank you. Wow that is that is very very nice. We endorsement indeed switched at birth -- you're not around and without Anthony week I'm around and -- pretty much when we onset -- and on. And it's just incredible art Smart -- What's scary I just seen nothing in this and and -- -- learning so much things -- 36 years old so. And I can't stand she'll. And -- And I think I. I see a little bit of a -- there but obviously it's great to see that you really do you have that kind of close relationship on camera and off camera switched at birth airs Monday nights and ABC family geo -- and us Amerada thank you so much and continues accessible than you. Thank you. For him thank you.

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{"id":18133844,"title":"\"Switched At Birth\" Season 2","duration":"6:02","description":"Gilles Marini & Vanessa talk new dramas in this ABC Family series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/switched-birth-season-18133844","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}